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Optimus nodded and Miko felt Wheeljack shift her frame around until he was carrying her bridal style towards the still swirling Ground Bridge. She knew that she was in trouble, she knew that she had to tell the others what she had discovered but right now as she felt her frame become heavy and her optics began to close, she just wanted to take a nap, surround by people who cared about her and loved her, for who she was.

The Ground Bridge swirling energy engulfed them and Miko couldn't help but shudder as she felt the energy crackly over her armour. For some reason, it felt just like the first time she went through the Ground Bridge when she had been human, she had felt back then like she was going to lose her lunch three times over.

Wheeljack gave her a comforting squeeze as the Ground Bridge control room came into view, and it was the most beautiful thing Miko had ever seen, even with the scary looking wrench throwing medic who looked like he was about to blow a energon vessel or pound her into next year.

"Do you have any idea how worried we were Miko" growled Ratchet, his optics seeming to turn to a dark blue color with angry, "We had thought that the Decepticons had taken you captive and that you would be at their mercy-"

"That is enough old friend; she is in need of medical attention. We shall get to all of that later, when she has recovered from her ordeal." Said Optimus, raising a servo to cut off Ratchet's rant.

Ratchet let out a huff of hot air but nodded, jerking his helm to the medical berth beside him as he looked over to Wheeljack. Wheeljack made his way to the berth and gently laid Miko down, his optics betraying his concern and worry that he felt for the little Wrecker.

Miko left out a hiss as she was laid down, her back for some reason felt tense; guess she had put herself through more slag than she had originally thought.

"Miko, I am going to put you into stasis so that I can ensure there are no injuries or complications." Said Ratchet as he typed something into his computer, "When you awake you can give us you report on what the SLAG YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE DOING BY DOING SOMETHING SO IDIOTIC!"

"Give me a break Ratchet; I went through an emotional breakdown earlier. I really don't need you yelling at me on how I'm not like Jack or Raf and how useless I am" Miko snapped back, her patience at an all-time thin line.

"Wha? What in the world do you mean?" asked Ratchet softly, a confused tone in his voice.

"I know why Optimus trusted Jack with the key to Vector Sigma and why you trust Raf with the controls to the Ground Bridge but why you guys don't trust me with anything. Jack and Raf found out about you guys at the same time but I found out after, you guys don't want around. You make it pretty obvious." Miko said quietly, not meeting that gaze of the other Autobots.

"Miko, that is not true. Yes there are times when you can be….." Arcee began, making Miko look at her with an raised eyebrow, "Difficult to be around and when you don't listen to our orders drive us crazy but we never thought, not even for a moment, that we didn't want you around."

"It is true, you may not have Jack's strength or Rafael's intelligent but when it comes to improvising and keeping your spirit up, you surpass us." Said Optimus as his optics locked with Miko's. "You try with all you might and you fail but it's through your failures that you learn your strengths. And you do disobey our orders but because you feel like it is necessary to do so. And sometimes, there are times when soldiers have to disobey their superior officer for the good of all."

Miko didn't say anything as she mulled over Optimus's words. There were times when she did things because she wasn't happy with the outcome or with the possible outcome but she just did those things instinctively; she was a spontaneous person, she didn't think of the possible consequences. But if what Optimus was saying was true, then there was more to her than meets the eye.

"Thanks." Miko said quietly as Ratchet started the procedure to put her into stasis.

Just as the Miko felt herself begin to slip away, everything that she had to tell Optimus came rushing back. "Wait." She croaked, "There's something I have to tell you guys."

"It can wait when you wake up." Said June as she patted Miko's helm gently in a motherly way.

"No, it can't" said Miko as she shook her helm, trying to shake away the heavy sleepiness that was settling down, "I found some information while I was aboard the ship. I know who attacked Jasper!"

The room went still and cold at this. When they had figured out that Miko had followed them to the Artic and somehow got onto the Nemesis, the last thing they expected her to find was information about who had destroyed Jasper, killing all the citizens and leaving only Jack, Raf, Miko and June transformed.

"Who was it? Was it the Decepticons after all?" asked Rah, his optics wide with fear.

"No." Miko said, causing the Autobots to look confused at her, "But it's someone who plans to take over the Decepticons. They have spies among the ranks of the drones, with a lieutenant of some sort by the name of 'Nightbird'."

Optimus let out a choked sound that sounded like his engine failed. "'Nightbird'? Are you sure of that name Miko?'

"Yeah, and not only that. Soundwave…I think his little sister is here on Earth But I have never seen a Con like her, she looked like she had an alt. mode that was…organic. Not like you guys and your vehicle alt. mode"

That made all of the Autobots, minus Jack, Raf and June who looked utterly confused and lost, make a sound that was similar to an engine backfiring.

"Oh Primus, just what we needed. That little Diva is here, we are in trouble." Said Bulkhead as he shook his helm.

"Hopefully we don't have to deal with her too often. She hates going on missions without her "big brother" and since he always stays on the ship, we might get lucky." Beeped BumbleBee hopefully.

Miko tried to say something but stasis finally took over and she went still on the berth.

"Before we guess what else, we must let Miko rest and have her tell us exactly what happened when she was on the Nemesis. Till then, I say we either retire to our respected rooms or go out on patrol." Said Ratchet as he got to work, already turning to June and telling what one would do when they had a patient is this position.

"Well, if anyone needs us. We'll be lobbying and catching up after I make sure the Jackhammer has landed safety." Said Wheeljack as he rubbed his servos together, walking towards the Ground Bridge to activate it, "Coming Bulk?"

Bulkhead looked uncertainly from Miko to Optimus who nodded and followed Wheeljack through the Ground Bridge but he was still looking over his shoulder towards Miko when he disappeared.

"BumbleBee and I will be outside on the roof, I have had enough excitement today and I want to rest." Said Raf as he and BumbleBee left the control room and headed towards the elevator that would take them to the roof.

Jack looked over to Ratchet and June who were talking in hush voices and glanced over to Optimus, he looked troubled and when Optimus looked trouble, it was never good.

"Optimus." Jack said, "Let's go over to the training hall."

Optimus nodded and he followed Jack to the training hall but along the way there, he seemed to fidget and Jack could feel the nervous energy rolling off him in waves. Whatever those names meant, it wasn't good.

Jack turned to Optimus when they were inside and asked him blankly, "Who are 'Nightbird' and Soundwave's little sister?"

Optimus locked his optics with Jack before saying in a quiet voice, "Nightbird…..Nightbird was to be Megatron's bonded."

Jack's optics went wide. He never would have thought that Nightbird was supposed to be Megatron's bonded, as in his wife!

"Wait, she was 'to be'? You mean that he didn't choose her or love her? How was it then that…?" Jack asked but trail off, not really sure on how to finish his sentence.

"She was chosen by the Council after I was deemed more worthy to be the new Prime instead of him. They hoped that a femme like Nightbird would be able to curb his aggression and since they were fellow gladiators that they would get along; they had a hope that if he would disappear back into oblivion if he had someone. But Megatron found it insulting that the Council had chosen his bond mate for him and attacked her. Only cycles after that, he lead his first attack on Iacon; which in turn, lead to the war."

It was silent for a few minutes as Jack took in this information. Megatron must have been furious when he wasn't chosen to be the new Prime and the Council must have seen that he would be extremely dangerous if not dealt with so they got him a gladiator femme to be by his side and watch over him and make sure that he didn't cause a rebellion. But it didn't work at out, so that left one question…

"Did she survive the attack?" asked Jack quietly.

Optimus shook his helm slowly, grief clouding his optics. "Nightbird was an experience gladiator like Megatron but while she had speed and agility, he had brute strength and was able to overpower her. He…he pulled her apart, into two pieces and left her to die on her own. I was with her when her spark went to going the Well of Allsparks."

Jack felt anger bubble inside him. Megatron had had so much, even if he wasn't made Prime. He was an emblem to the power against the corruption and unfair caste classes, he had a brother like relationship with someone who could become Prime, he had a femme that he could learn to love in time. But he threw that all away for his own ambitions. Truly, Megatron was a fallen angle in a sense.

"'Ravage' that is the designation or 'name' of Soundwave's little sister. She has the alt. mode of that of a large black panther. But before when she came online, she was seen as a freak of nature because of her organic alt. mode and was looked down upon by every single bot that meet her. The only one who didn't turn their backs on her or deny her existence was Soundwave and he looked after her as if she was his own.

"The love and admirations Ravage has for Soundwave is strong but blinding. She would do anything for her older sibling, even if she is to kill a thousand sparklings, she would do it in his name. The hatred that she was forced to endure has made her….dangerous as her grasp on reality seems to loosen or disappear completely at times."

Jack shuddered. He hadn't even met Ravage and he was already dreading meeting her.

"You, out of all of us, must be the most careful around her Jack. Her hatred makes you her prime target." Said Optimus, his optics full of worry and concern as they seem to sear Jack's.

"I don't understand" said Jack, "Why must I be the most careful. You said that she would do anything for her older brother and he is loyal to the Decepticon cause. Why aren't you her prime target?"

"Back before the final battle on Cybertron that caused all Autobots and Decepticons to flee to the stars, she was…attacked, almost massacred basically, by a triple changer. That attack had left her with very deep scars, scars that have not heal. If she finds out that there is a triple changer here on Earth, she will do everything in her power to snuff your spark."

Jack swallowed; he was now very much dreading the first meeting with Ravage now.

"Then let's get to it." Jack squeaked, his voice cracking just like it did when he went through puberty.

Optimus shot him a look and Jack wasn't sure if it was because of his voice or something else, "I mean, if Ravage is going to go all out when she sees me and if Nightbird is somehow alive and is planning to betray Megatron and have the Decepticons undermined from the inside out. I need to have all the moves down pat so, show me what you got Optimus."

Optimus studied Jack, his optics narrowed as he seemed to ponder something greatly before replying, "Very well, let us begin"

Falling into a stance, Jack felt all of his sense sharpening as Optimus charged at him. But as he continued to spar, he felt a cold dread settle into his tanks. He didn't know how or why but something was going to happen. Everything that happened before was preparation; it was now time for the dogs of war to be released.

The half-moon that hung in the sky was the only light as a large Ford truck made its way down the winding country road, its engine echoing over the empty landscape. It made no stops and continued down the road even when signs posted along the side stated that the road would end.

Slowly to a stop when concrete barriers and a 'DEAD END' sign appeared. It scanned the surrounding area; the last thing he needed was someone to spot him and take a picture or even worse, have the Decepticons around and stop him from completely his mission. He had to complete the mission; it was the only way to make sure that everything he cared about would be safe.

Transforming, he looked around. No matter how much time had passed, he would always love the silence in the desert when it was night. There was something peaceful and surreal about it that made him just wait to sit beneath the night sky and watch the moon and stars till they faded and the sun came back again, burning everything with its light.

He let out a sign as he stepped over the barrier and waked on the sand; enjoying, in a way, the small pain of the sand getting into his joints. The pain made him feel almost human again, almost but not quite.

Letting his gaze wander over the horizon as he made his signal was covered, he let the information come back to him. Earlier he had overheard a conversation about MECH and their possible new hideout but without solid evidence, it was too soon to move and make sure that they weren't going to cause any trouble.

But if he was to do this mission right, he had to do it fast. With the others asleep and with no Decepticons in sight, he didn't have a too large window of opportunity to act. Now carefully placing his pedes on the sand so that they didn't make too much noise, he looked around and saw it; large rock formations that were similar to the ones that were outside of Jasper with man-made caves in it. And it was there that had been home to suspicious activity to and fro in the last few days. It seemed MECH had found a new base of operations, a simple and disgracefully insulting one compared to the ones in the past, but a base of operations none the less.

Activity his night vision to full scope, he saw that there were several guards outside, all equipment with automatic machine guns that had several black market upgrades. Turning his vision upward, he spotted several snipers hiding in small man made holes in the rocks. Impossible to get up to and down without assistance and very uncomfortable to be in for long hours but the view that they gave would make any sniper happy.

Slowly making a wide circle so that he could sneak through the back door, he made careful notes about the guards and how they were positioned. If he was to succeed, notes and a very thought out plan was key. If he made even one mistake, it would cost him dearly. Looking around and making sure there were no guards around when he made it to the back door, a crude opening in the rock that was only wide enough to have his alt. mode go through, and transformed as quietly as he could and drove slowly in.

Tuning his audio receptors till they were as high as they could go but not cause painful backlash, he began to surf through all the encrypted channels that were in the area. Silas needed to keep contact with the other small MECH bases that were in Nevada and beyond and he was going to make sure he got the location of every single one of them.

Stopping before a thick industrial door, he could hear the moving around of equipment and talk of soldiers as they gave out orders and talked among themselves from things such as sports, scandals….and the latest news about the destruction of Jasper. Even though it was no longer his home, he felt anger bubble inside of him as they laughed about some of the conspiracies theories behind its destruction. They would pay, they would pay dearly.

Sending a ping to the computer that he was now connected to, he override the commands and had the door open, much to the surprise of everyone inside. It wasn't until he pulled in and transformed to the shock of everyone that something registered in their minds.

"Wait!" he cried, as he held his arms up in surrender, "I have not come to fight. I am an Autobot. I wish to speak to the one called 'Silas'."

They didn't seem convince as all in the room raised their weapons and locked onto him, ready to fire when a voice cut through their confusion and fear.

"Wait, I think I know this Autobot. Stand down man and go back to your duties while I attend to our….unexpected 'guest'." Said a man whose scars on his face seem to glow under the unnatural light.

The soldiers didn't seem too happy but lowered their weapons and slowly went back to their work. They didn't like or even trust this newcomer who had come out of nowhere but they were not about to disobey an order from their leader.

He turned and saw the man standing by many pieces of equipment; his black eyes were like coal and seem to make the warm desert air feel cold.

"You are looking for me?" he asked, an eyebrow raised as the he kneeled down so that he didn't tower so badly over him.

"Yes, I assume that you are 'Silas', leader of MECH." He said, laying the innocence on thick. He and Silas had meet before but he wasn't ready to let him know that yet, not yet anyway.

"Indeed I am. But what am I ask you are doing here? It is late in the evening and you have no business being here Autobot. So….why have you come all this way to see me?" asked Silas, his eyes searching his own optics for some kind of sign or answer.

"I need to speak with you; I think it is for the benefit for both out kinds. But I must speak to you…alone." He said, casting his gaze for a few seconds to the armed soldiers and guards that were giving his weary looks, even beneath their covered faces.

"I see, very well, let us adjourn outside through the back door. If you could transform." Said Silas as he moved away from the equipment and towards him.

"But sir, you cannot trust him. He could be one of those Decepticons posing as an Autobot. They are machines in disguise after all sir." Cried a solider in concern for his leader and Silas threw him an annoyed look.

"They are robots in disguise solider and as I said before, I know this one. Let me decided for myself what can and cannot be done." Said Silas as he transformed and open the driver door to Silas who climbed in without a second look to his men and allowed the Autobot to drive him out.

"So, tell me Jackson." Said Silas quietly, his eyes falling upon the radio, "Why have you come here? And what happened to you?"

Jack was quiet as he re-emerged under the desert night sky and let out a sigh.

"A great deal has happened Colonel Leland Bishop, but I can assure you that I am here to talk." Said Jack, choosing his words carefully. The last thing he needed was for Silas to get suspicions of him and attempt to flee and have his men attack him.

"Alright, what was it you wish to talk about me? You said that it would benefit both our races. Your new one and old one." Said Silas, an odd joking tone in his voice but Jack ignored it as he parked on a dune not too far from the base but with enough distance that if something went wrong he could always dump Silas on his ass and make a quick getaway.

"You heard about Jasper, right?" he asked and Silas did a quick nod to confirm. "Well, the news that everyone has been getting were half right. Jasper was destroyed in an explosion, but one caused when large quantities of energon ignited that was somehow placed beneath Jasper. How they got there and what caused it to ignite is still up for debate and investigation."

When Silas didn't say anything, he continued. "It was in that explosion that all of the citizens of Jasper were…killed, with me and three others as survivors but…changed, as you can see."

Silas seemed to take this information and consider it carefully, "Go on." He said.

"I am here to ask you, no that's not the right word. To plead with you that you stop all MECH activity right away. We have gained new information that someone is planning to destroy the Decepticons from the inside out with drones that have been replaced with loyal soldiers to someone who caused the explosion and the transformation of myself and the three other survivors. It is only a matter of time that whoever caused that terrible event will try to recreate the results with other humans and I fear that you and your men might make wonderful test subjects for…for that monster!"

Silas was quiet and Jack held his breath and prayed that Silas would listen to him before something terrible happened.

"I am afraid that I cannot do that. Not only are we the leading party when it comes to Cybertronian technology and biology but we have a wonderful opportunity with you…as our test subject. And I am too close to achieving something of true greatness to stop everything because of the snivelling worrisome brat that believes that he can make the world a better place. Now if that it all, I shall take my leave." And with that, Silas grabbed the door handle to open the door but the sounds of the doors locking and having the door handle not budge did Silas glace over to the radio which seem to be glowing an unnatural red.

"I can here with the offer of peace and hoping to save your lives. But I am afraid I cannot let you go. I cannot let any of you go. You have signed your death warrant Bishop, and that you your men." Said Jack coolly, making Silas grab at the door handle and pull with all his might.

"I am afraid that will not work. Why don't you sit down and relax. Dying isn't so bad, especially when you don't feel anything." He said calmly as a green smoke poured from the air vents and began to fill the cabin.

Silas covered his mouth but Jack chuckled at his attempts, "That won't work either. You see, I have been studying a great deal about Cybertron; from its history to its culture to its sciences. And with many thanks to my friends, no my family, I has access to many chemicals that are harmless and actual beneficial to Cybertronians but down right toxic and lethal to humans and pretty much all organic life in the universe.

"This cocktail of chemicals was used in the crystal gardens that was known as the Helix Garden in the city of Praxus, the sister city to Iacon. Its chemical formula is similar to methane but with a little twist, thanks to a little something called Batrachotoxin*. Did you know thatit only takes approximately 100 micrograms or the equivalent to the weight of two grains of ordinary fine table salt to kill a 150 pound man. This version however can kill you instantly but I diluted it for you so that I could gloat and enjoy this moment, at least for a little while away." There was something in his voice that made Silas go cold but he didn't have time to ponder that as he felt the poisonous gases take its effect.

"You're….a….monster." He wheezed, his throat constricting as his vision went black and every nerve in his body felt like there was molten metal in it.

"Didn't you know? Triple-changers are the worst kind of Cybertronians there are. And me? Well, I decided that I have to do what's right for everyone." Jack said, a smug tone in his voice as Silas's body went into a violent spasm as he fought with all his might to escape and survive. But soon, little by little his movements died down until he was still.

Jack was quiet as he checked Silas's bio readings, they came back negative. He was dead.

Jack smiled as he opened his door and moved his driver's seat so that Silas fell ungracefully from his seat and onto the sand without a second thought. That was done, now to take care of the rest. Roaring his engines to life, he sped backwards to the base and felt anticipation bubble inside of him. It was ShowTime!

Transforming quickly when he got inside, he saw the men give him odd looks when they saw that their leader wasn't back with him. But Jack only grinned a terrible toothy grin as he onlined his weapons and began firing at all the soldiers and guards he saw. The smell of burning flesh and cries of pain and death brought the others from outside in but they too were made ugly black crispy smears on the door. Walking towards the main entrance/exit, Jack couldn't help but chuckle. That had felt invigorating, he now saw why the Decepticons were so blood thirsty and battle hungry; shooting and killing could bring out the worst in many, that was true yes, but it made soldiers out of them.

Walking outside, he spotted the snipers who began to fire on him. Their bullets hardly even registered on his CPU, and he had let his sensitivity in his armour go up. Aiming his weapons at them he couldn't help but sneer. Their spots that had been their havens and ideal locations for sniping that just become their graves.

"Bang." He said as his weapons powered up and fired.

The alarm that signalled that Agent Fowler was here blared and all the Autobots who heard that alarm came to the control room, all wondering why he was coming for a visit now. Ratchet looked over to Optimus who held his gaze and seem to say something unspoken to him and then turned to June who looked up from her notes and stood up.

BumbleBee and Raf came together talking and chatting about something while Miko and the two Wreckers came in, just having been interrupted in a game of lobbying while remember old times. Arcee came in by herself while Jack came in a few seconds after her, seeming tired and worn out for some reason.

"Dude, what's up with you? You look like you got run over a monster truck." Miko said, pointing out Jack's lack of energy and unusual physical state.

"Sorry, I couldn't get to sleep. Something kept me up so I went for a drive, it really didn't help." Jack said as he tried to hide a yawn.

"A drive that required a shower earlier in the morning? Where on Earth did you go?" asked Ratchet, throwing an inspecting look at Jack who uncomfortable shuffled his pedes under Ratchet's prying gaze.

Just as Jack was about to answer, Agent Fowler came in and no one had ever seen him this man or this serious before.

"Agent Fowler, what can I-"began Optimus but was cut off but at Agent Fowler's angry retort.

"What in God's name does your people do Prime!" he yelled with great fury in his voice, making them all jump, "I know that you are at war but for sake of that is still good in this world, never had I thought that any of you would have resorted to this!"

"I do not understand. What has happened?" asked Optimus, confusion in his optics as Agent Fowler stomped towards the human working area carrying files, disks, and USB drives.

"Around 2 in the morning in the Nevada desert about 2 hours from here, an unknown Cybertronian attacked the possible MECH hideout that I talked to you about. All humans lives, included Silas's, were lost in this attack. And not only that, but after having taken care of the MECH, he hacked into every single computers and stole all the information that was in their hard drives and then destroy them as well." Said Agent Fowler as he opened the files and showed them. Picture after picture he showed them that were on the disks and USB drives.

Pictures of burnt rocks, black crispy things that looked like what could have been human bodies and destroyed equipment and computers. They heard Raf whimper and Bee utter a type 'hushing' sound as he took him out of the room. The last picture they saw was of that of Silas's dead body. His skin a terrible hellish red and purple while his eyes were open and glazed over. Foam was around and inside his mouth while his tongue was blue and swollen.

The room was quiet as the Agent Fowler ripped the USB drive from the computer and turn to look at Optimus.

"When I said that when we had enough evidence to stage a Black Ops mission, I didn't mean this kind of Black Ops mission!" roared Agent Fowler, blood vessels budging from the stress and anger that he was feeling.

"Agent Fowler, I can tell you that my men did not do such a thing. We strive to protect life, not take it. Even the lives of those who wish to do us great harm." Rumbled Optimus, his optics narrow with anger but locked steadily on Agent Fowler.

Agent Fowler met his gaze and replied in a quiet voice, "Then how do you justify this Prime?"

Grabbing a USB from his pocket and plugging in into the computer, he loaded the picture that was stored on it and said, "Before all equipment was hacked and destroyed, this picture was taken by a camera and it was digital stored in a satellite before its circuits were fired. Tell me your reason for this?"

As the picture came on, the silence that greeted was defeating. If the pictures of the outcome of the attack wasn't terrible, this was so much worse. There in plain view, his Autobot insignia in plain view of the camera and his silver optics shining and his weapons still smoking from being discharge at full power, was Jack.

Everyone turned to look at Jack and Arcee asked in a quiet torn voice, "Jack, what have you done?"


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