As he stared at her from across the room, he suddenly realized something: she had always been his. From the very first time she walked through his doors, she was completely his. He sighed and looked away. It depressed him to think of such things. They were all irrelevant. Besides, she was a human. He couldn't. She would grow old and he'd be left alone. As usual.

The curse of being a Time Lord. He could never have a normal life. He couldn't just settle down and live a life with her. Oh, no. He had to keep running. and losing people. Always running and never looking back. No stopping. Just going onwards at full speed.

She suddenly looked up and noticed something was wrong. He wasn't his happy, cheerful self. Oh, no.



"Is something wrong?"


He hated to lie to her. He really did. But he couldn't tell her. It would break her heart. So he just kept it all bottled up inside from day to day, week to week, and month to month. How long had she been with him now? He couldn't remember. It was all irrelevant, anyway. Time was always irrelevant when you were a Time Lord.

He remembered the day he first met her. It was before he regenerated into this daft old face. It was just after the Time War. He'd fount her in a shop, about to be killed by mannequins. How hilarious. Killer mannequins. She was quite pretty though. He couldn't just let her get killed, could he?

But there was always a catch. She was with a boyfriend. Some daft man named Mickey. And so he took her from him. Not because he was jealous, but because he needed her. He needed her so much.

As the days went on, they slowly grew closer. Always with each other and always wanting to be with each other. They never grew tired of one another. No. They loved each other, in every single way. The type of love without shagging, he supposed. They were constantly flirting but neither one of them ever made the first move. Because they both knew deep down, that they couldn't.

They couldn't possibly have anything this good. It would never last. No, they didn't mean that. It would definately last. Years and years together, but it wouldn't be enough. They needed eternity. But they could never spend it together.

He always loved being a Lord of Time. Until he met her. Sure, he loved taking her to ancient Rome and 5 billion years into the future, but he could never have a normal life with her. The life that she deserves. Mickey was better for her anyway, he thought. He should have left her were she was. She was safe and had a wonderful life back on Earth.

They both knew what was coming. They'd be seperated. It would devastate them both. They'd been each others cornerstones for months now. But they couldn't keep going on like this. It had to end. and it would end very soon. It would all end in tears.

The Doctor wiped a stray tear off of his solemn face and hoped to whoever that Rose wasn't paying attention. Oh, she wasn't. Good. He fiddled with the console and asked her where she wanted to go next. It would always be this way. Always running from reality.