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(This part is supposed to be writing) Dear Diary,

Mother has told me that I must tread lightly when speaking with any of these Martin children, but she would not tell me as of why. "And make certain that you don't go asking about them either." She has also told me to take care when I am in view of Charlotte Selton, my mother's best friend. She speaks highly of Miss Charlotte, so she *must be a very classy lady. Anyway, we will be staying at Miss Charlotte's plantation home for a bit whilst we wait for this dreadful war to be over. Speaking of which,


Yours Cordially,
Anita Covinten

The red-headed girl put down her pencil and looked up to catch her first glimpse of the plantation that she would call home for the next few months, or so. It was just as she had expected, white, with grand columns supporting the roof of the large, showy front porch. She could see the much smaller homes of the slaves and farmhands partly concealed behind the house, situated among a grove of trees. Further back, there were fields, and beyond this, the forest. Anita smiled to herself. She loved the forest. Her mother would only allow her to go in back home after she had finished her studies, which she positively loathed. Pulling closer, she could see a figure sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair, left of the door.

As they got within hearing distance, the figure sat upright. 'They must have been sleeping.' Anita thought. The figure ran into the house, and a moment later, a woman appeared in the doorway. Once our carriage had stopped, mother climbed out and called to her. The two women embraced, and I was introduced to Miss Charlotte Selton. Our groundskeeper, who has been with us ever since I can remember, who we hired only hours after he was granted his freedom, Phrough Green, stepped down and hoisted our three bags off the roof. He set them down and tipped his hat at Miss Charlotte. Mother, Miss Charlotte, and I each picked up a bag and we headed towards the house.

Once inside, I found it very pleasant, reminding me of a picture that was in one of my old reading books. The figure that was on the porch, a boy about my age in a straw hat and overalls, was standing on the staircase with four other children. He regarded me with an air of not really caring, even though his brothers and sisters-at least I assumed these to be the Martin children-were obviously curious. It was typical of the boys that went to my school. I dropped my bag at my feet and pushed my hair behind my ears. It was always getting in my face, especially when it was humid out, as it was today, when it got all frizzy.

Charlotte called all the children to the bottom of the steps, and began to introduce them, starting with the oldest. The boy from the porch. "Miss Anita, I'd like you to meet Nathan, ..." At that point, the boy, Nathan, took off his hat to reveal long-ish sandy brown-blonde hair and brown (?) eyes. He gave a half smile that revealed a light dusting of freckles, and reached out to shake my hand. I reached out and as our hands touched, he looked me right in the eyes. One by one, the other Martin children did the same thing, and, like Nathan, they all looked into my eyes. They all resembled each other a bit, but what really struck me was the sadness that was held by each of them, only really noticeable when one looked them right in the eye.

After the introductions were over, of which I really remember very little, I'm ashamed to say, beyond Nathan, Miss Charlotte showed my mother and I to our rooms. We each had our own, and though they were smaller than those at home, I did like these much better. Mother's room, which we went to first, had a window overlooking the drive up to the house. The walls were a light pink, Mother's favorite color. There were little accents of different floral prints everywhere. It was rather nice, but I secretly hoped that my room would not have so much pink and so many flowers. After Mother was settled in, Miss Charlotte walked only a door away and across the hall to my room. I was unable to hide my smile when she opened the door, seeing as how I had a view of the forests behind the house. I set my bag on the floor and thanked her for letting us stay with her, as Mother had told me to do earlier. Miss Charlotte said that we were always welcome, and went off about whatever business she had been to before we arrived, after telling me that dinner would be at six.

I now took time to look around my room. It was painted green, my favorite color. Our groundskeeper had taken Green as his last name when he had come to live with us, and it was because I liked it so. Before that, as a slave, he had simply gone as Phrough. It had pictures of landscapes on the walls instead of the flowers in Mother's room. I looked into each of the two small doors leading off of my rooms and found that I had a closet and a small washroom. I put my things away, and then pushed a chair from the desk to the window, where I sat for near on an hour just looking at the trees. I made up all sorts of stories in my head about fairies and elves, and was just beginning one about a lonely wood sprite when there was a knock at my door. "Come in." I called and the door opened, to reveal Nathan, and his littlest sister, whose name I could not remember.

"Charlotte wanted us to come and get you for dinner. Your mother is already downstairs." He said to me. I stood up and went out the door, casting one more look at the woods, and silently vowing to finish the Sprite story later. "You like the woods?" Nathan asked, catching my longing glances. I nodded, slightly embarrassed. The others at my school had teased me once they found out about me going into the forests and making up all the stories. "My sister and I will walk you out there after dinner, if you like."

"I would love to." I nearly shouted with joy at exploring new terrain, but was able to contain myself. Nathan gave me his little half-smile again, and I felt an odd twitch in my stomach. I had never felt this before. It was like someone put a hand on either side of me and gave a short, light squeeze. When it happened, my heart took an extra beat. This new feeling, which was slightly alarming, made me happy, and for some odd reason, left me wishing that dinner would be over before it even began.

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