TITLE: DAYS Fairy Tale: Eric & Greta: Chapters 1-5

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Once upon a time, in a city far, far away, called Salem lived a young man. This young, handsome, caring, young man was named Eric Brady. He had fallen in love with this young woman. She was so beautiful, she was a model and Eric was employed to take pictures of her. This young woman, Nicole, had a very bad past, and did not tell Eric about this, or that she only wanted to have money. Eric was so blinded by her beauty that he did not see the real Nicole, and he even asked her to marry him. She never said yes, but wore his ring anyway. But the very next day she married her Boss, Lucus, in exchange for a large sum of money, from her now mother-in-law, Kate. This broke the young mans heart into pieces.....

In this same town lived a young lady. She was also very beautiful but also very shy and sweet. She had been scared in a very bad accident, and had lived many years by herself. However, she made some new friends and they helped to remove the scars from her face. This young lady, Greta Von Amberg, wanted to know more about what happened to her mother, Princess Gina. By this time the young man and young lady had become friends, through their own family and friends, Bo, Billie, and Hope.

Eric was hurting from the betrayal and loss of Nicole, and wanted to get away from Salem. Greta wanted to go to France to find out how her mother died. That is when Eric suggested that he would help her find out about her mother. They soon got on a plane, and were heading to the city of love, lights, and romance.

The two went to her mothers many homes, looking for anything they could find. Soon they found a key to a safe deposit box. There they found the deed to a house that Greta did not know about. The two went to this mansion, and after some hassle with the caretaker, Kurt, they were soon exploring. They spent lots of time together, and got to know each other very well. One night, they went to a ball, held in her mother's honor. There at the ball, a man introduced himself to the two, and Greta remembered him from grade school. Nathan had always had a crush on her, and asked Greta to dance. With this new man in Greta's life, Eric became jealous. His emotions for Greta starting to become clearer. Later, Eric found Greta in the Garden outside, and they talk about Nathan. The talk turned into talking about them. They both got very close, and almost kissed, but a glass fell and broke, breaking them apart.

After the ball, they went back to her mothers mansion. Once there, Greta found Eric looking through an old photo album of her as a child, she steals it from him, and runs with him after her. She hides, as he tries to find her, she sneezes, giving away her location. They struggle for the book, and they get very close. Greta backs away shyly, but Eric moves towards her, turns her to face him, and kisses her. It is a long, passionate kiss. After some time, she backs away. Worried he apologizes, but she says that it was okay. She wanted him to kiss her, and admits that it was her first kiss. They begin to talk more, and agree they don't know where it will go from there, and agree to take everything as it comes, and not to plan out their life.

The next day the two return to Salem, Eric not sure where he will work, Greta not sure of where she will live... And That is where our story begins......
Chapter 1

"Please place your tray tables in the upright position and fasten your seat belts as we prepare to land," came the voice of the flight attendant.

Greta fastened her seat belt, and looked next to her to find Eric still asleep. He had fallen asleep halfway through the flight, while they were watching the in-flight movie, and Greta decided not to wake him. He just looked to cute when he was asleep. Every so often, she would catch herself just staring at him. But now she knew she had to wake him up, they were about to land.

"Eric," she said quietly, "Eric, come on, wake up." He just grumbled softly, and shifted in the chair. She smiled, put her hand on his shoulder to lightly shake him, "Eric, Eric. Wake up." She laughed to herself, *Boy he is a sound sleeper,* she thought. "Eric," she said louder as she then used both arms to try and shake him awake. But what she didn't see was the small smile on his face, as she shook him again, his arms came up fast, and pulled her close to him, well as fast as her seat belt would allow. With one had he tickled her side. She screamed slightly in surprise, and tried to get away, but failed miserably, and started giggling uncontrollably as he tickled her. Finally she yelled out, "uncle."

Eric laughed, "That's what you get for waking me up from a good dream." He let her go, and then fastened his seat belt.

She sat up straight, and tried to straighten her hair, and gave him a dirty look, as he just flashed her a smile. "So..., what were you dreaming about," she asked. She swore she could see him change color to a light shade of pink.

"Oh, nothing much," he said.

She looked at him, poked him in the ribs, "Oh, come on, if it was nothing than how could it have been a good dream?" she asked teasing him.

"That's easy," he said, "Because you were in it."

He caught her off guard, she then smiled, and said, "And what was I doing?"

"Well," he thought for minute, leaned over close to her, and said, "Well, among other things, this..." And he kissed her. She leaned into it, his one hand coming up to cares her cheek, her arms came up to pull him closer. The kiss was soft, yet passionate, sweet but demanding, but they both pulled away when they felt the landing gear hit the runway. They both looked at each other, and both blurted out, "We need to talk."

The only thing was, that they didn't have time to talk. They got off the airplane to find a driver waiting for them. John had sent him to the airport to pick them up, because Sami was hurt and was at the hospital. They rushed to get their bags, and out to the car, in a hurry to get to the hospital. It turned out that everything was fine, and Sami would be going home in a few days. It was late by the time they got the news, and John had the driver drop Eric off as this apartment, and Greta off at Mrs. Hortons.

The next morning, Greta woke up and headed down stairs to find Mrs. H. She was surprised to find her in the kitchen talking to Eric.

"Good morning," she said walking into the kitchen, and pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Good morning, Greta. How did you sleep my dear," asked Alice.

"Oh, I slept fine," She looked over at Eric, "What are you doing here so early?"

"Well, I'm going to look for a job, and I was wondering if you might want to help."

"Sure I'd love too, but only if you help me find a place to live." Greta looked over at Alice, "Mrs. Horton, thank you so much for letting me stay here."

"Oh Greta dear, you don't have to leave."

Greta smiled, "I know, but now that I have decided to stay in Salem, I think it would be a good idea to get my own place."

Mrs. Horton smiled, "I totally understand. Just stop by anytime you want too."

Greta leaned over and gave her a large hug, "Thank you, and don't worry, I'll be over a lot." Greta stood up, put her empty mug in the sink, "Now let me go get dressed, and we can get started." With that she went through the door to get ready.

Alice turned back to Eric, eyed him, smiled, then spoke, "So Eric my boy, are you falling in love with Greta?"

Eric choked on his doughnut.....

Chapter 2


The car ride to Salem Place was a quiet one. Greta was thinking about the kiss on the plane, and Eric about his conversation with Mrs. H. Both not sure where to even start. Eric pulled into a parking spot, and they got out of the car.

"Now what?" Eric asked.

"Umm, how about we get a paper and go to Java Cafe to look," Greta suggested. They went and got a paper, then found an empty table, ordered some drinks, and then began looking through their own sections of the ads. After the 5th question from Greta about where something was located, Eric got an idea.

"How about we spice it up a bit?"

Greta choked on her Diet Coke, "What?"

Eric laughed, and pointed at the newspaper, "How about I look for an apartment for you, and you look for a job for me?"

"Ohhh kay, but Eric I have no idea what you want to do."

"You know me enough, just circle stuff you think I'll like." Greta agreed and they exchanged papers.

They both smiled as they circled or crossed off ads. After a little while they were both done and decided to exchange what they found. They left the Cafe, and moved to a bench in the park.

First they looked at apartments for Greta, Eric pointed at the first one, "How about this?"

"Eric, it's a penthouse! You know how expensive that is?"

"But, Greta, you have the money to spend for it. Besides, it's in a nice area and safe. My mother lives in that building."

Great just laughed, "I want something... more normal."

"Okay, how about this one?" She looked at it, frowned, shook her head. "This one?"

"Maybe, but I don't really want a studio."

"Why not?"

"Well, maybe I want to be able to have a messy bedroom." They both laughed. Then looked at the rest of the apartments. And they wrote down a couple of them, to look at. They then went to look at the job listings.

"Okay, how about that?" Greta said with a laugh.

"Pays good," Eric said and continued, "Good area....... GRETA!" he said then looked at her in shock. "It's a strip club!"

Greta just let out a big laugh, "Oh the expression on your face..... it's perfect."

"Why you little...." Greta continued to laugh, "You circled that one on purpose, just to get this response." Eric just shook his head, but smiled. "Shall we go on, I hope you took some of them seriously."

Greta stooped laughing, sat up, and took the paper from him, "Of course I did. See, look at this one."

"Nope, that paper is part of Titan publishing."

"Oh, okay, ummmm, what about this one?" Greta said pointing at an ad.

Eric read the ad, "I don't know, and it's only part time."

"No, it's part time right now, with a possibility of full time."

"Yeah, but what would I be doing at the hospital, take pictures during surgery? I don't think I want to do that."

Greta just rolled her eyes, "Eric did you just stop reading when you saw University Hospital? If you look further in the ad, you will see that it is for Public Relations. Besides, doesn't your sister work for PR?"

Eric looked at the Ad again, "Yeah she does, maybe it would be a good idea. I'll look into it. What else is there?" Eric wrote down two more ads as possibilities.

"Now what?" Greta asked.

"Well, I still need to type up my Resume, so we might as well look for you apartment."

"Okay, let's get going." The two headed for Eric's car. The tension still in the air, as both were thinking to themselves, not wanting to be the one to bring it up.

Three hours later they had looked at all the apartments, and all were either in bad condition, had bad water, rude neighbors, or a number of other things.

"I'm never going to find a place to live," she sighed. "Guess Mrs. Horton will have to put up with me for a little longer."

"I don't think she would mind. But don't worry, you'll find someplace soon."

"Yeah where? Somewhere not to classy but not a dump either. Some place safe and not too expensive. A nice apartment near friends and not on the other side of Salem."

Eric was quiet, thinking to himself as he pulled into Mrs. Horton's driveway. "Eric?"

Eric shook his head, and looked at her, "Yeah?"

"You looked like you were out of it for a minute, what are you thinking?"

"Well, I was thinking.... why don't you just move in with me?"

Chapter 3


"Excuse me?" Greta looked at Eric in shock, *did he just say, what I thought he said?*

"We should move in together," he said again, "I'm living in Carrie's old apartment. Billie and her used to live there together. It has two nice, big bedrooms, it's in a pretty good part of town, close to people you know. Including me," he gave a small wink and smile. "And, besides, I could use someone to help split the rent with."

Greta sat there for a minute, *So not living together, but sort of roommates.* She sighed in a sort of disappointment inwardly, then snapped out of it. Why was she even slightly upset? She'd be living with Eric, seeing him all the time. She smiled, "I'd like that..." then she gave a sarcastic smile, "But I should look at the apartment, you know... see if it meets my approval."

Eric shook his head and laughed, "Well you might want to wait, should go home and get rid of all the pizza boxes and dirty clothes all over." he gave her that look, and she knew he was kidding. He put the car into reverse and backed out of the drive.

"What are you doing?" Greta asked.

"Well you wanted to look at the apartment," he said with a smirk as he put the car into drive after he got on the road.

"I was kidding," she said, "I don't need to."

"No, no. Wouldn't want you to agree to something you haven't had a chance to really look at." His grin gave away the act that he was teasing her. Greta just sat back in the seat, and watched the scenery change from houses to businesses and apartment buildings. She was excited, the fun bickering between her and Eric just now, was an indicator that her life was just about to get a little more interesting.

*As if Paris wasn't?* She thought back to it, that kiss. *That's when it all started. Or did it?* Her mind drifted back to the Ball, and the almost kiss in the Garden. Further back to them dancing, to the Picnic he had planned and them wrestling. The night of the power outage, and her jumping under the covers with him. How he had held her all night. Her mind jumped back and forth to all the different touches and looks. *Was that kiss the start of things? Or did it start long before? *Or to her worst fear, * Has it not started, or will it ever?* She didn't get to answer that question....

"Greta..." Eric waved a hand in front of her face and she jumped.


"We're here," he paused, "Where were you?"


"What were you thinking about? You were quiet for a long time."

"Oh, I was just thinking about Paris."

"Yeah," he smiled, "I find myself thinking about it too." Eric got out of the car before Greta had the opportunity to ask what he meant about that.

Eric came around and opened her door, Greta got out, "Thank you." With that they went into the building and took the elevator up. Eric unlocked the door, but didn't open it. Greta looked at him, "What is it?"

"Just letting it be dramatic." Greta playfully hit him on the shoulder, and she opened the door.

She walked in and looked around, "Not to bad. Could use a little work," she said and laughed.

"Ha ha, want to see your room?" Greta followed him back towards the bedrooms, she turned to the right, "Nope that's my room."

"I can't look?" she said innocently.

"Ummm, well.... it's just that last night I kinda unpacked."


"Well, it's now all over the room," he said sounding kinda embarrassed. Greta just laughed and opened the door to the left. It was very bare, but did have a double bed, and a dresser, along with a nice big closet. Greta walked in, the carpet was a light blue and the walls an off white. *Eric was right, it is a nice, big bedroom.* She went to the window, and looked out. It wasn't a wonderful view, but it was still pretty nice. She jumped slightly as a hand was placed on her shoulder, she turned around to find Eric.

"So, what do you think," he asked, his hand slowly coming off her shoulder.

"It's great," she said walking around the room, "However, I will need to buy some stuff to go in here."

"Why?" he joked, "You don't like the minimalist approach?"

"No, not really," she said shaking her head. "Now all i have to do is pack, which won't take that long, since most of my stuff is still in suit cases. And then I have to tell Mrs. Horton, forward my mail here, and then go shopping." She said with emphasis and joy on shopping.

Eric laughed, "Well I can help you, with most of that. But if the shopping includes... clothes..."

Greta just laughed, "What you don't want to sit there and wait for me to try on a zillion different outfits, and then ask you how each one looks?"

Eric just groaned, Greta laughed at his expression, "No I don't need to get clothes. I need furniture, sheets, towels, and stuff."

"Well then, we better get started." They left the apartment, Eric locked the door and guided Greta to the Elevator by the small of her back. He couldn't see Greta smile at the contact. The two then went back to Mrs. Horton's, told her all about it, which she just smiled about, knowingly. They packed up all of Greta's things, moved them to Eric's apartment. Made it to the post office just in time to forward any mail. Then went shopping at Salem place.....

Chapter 4


Greta had already bought her sheets, towels, a bath robe, which Eric had greatly teased her about. "Why do you need a bathrobe?" he insisted, "Just use a towel." Greta wasn't listening to him, she knew he was just teasing her. She could tell it in his voice. And Eric was, basically. He didn't want to admit to himself that he was slightly disappointed at not being able to see her in a towel. Her hair wet, water droplets running down.... *Stop it!,* he screamed at himself, *This is sweet innocent Greta you are thinking about.* Greta bought a light blue bathrobe anyway. She also found some curtains, a blanket, a comforter, some throw pillows, hamper, laundry basket, and some hangers. All the necessities that she didn't have, that Mrs. Horton had supplied to her.

Now the two were looking at Furniture, Greta had decided that she wanted a night stand, a chair and side table to read at, a lamp, long mirror, and bookcase. Eric joked that she was definitely not going for the minimalist approach. She lightly hit him in the side with her elbow. That had become common with them now, he would jokingly say something, and she would playfully hit him for it, both of them smiling. Sometimes he would even pretend that she had hurt him, and she would call him a big baby.

They walked into the furniture store, and a salesman asked if they needed any help. Greta replied that she was just looking, but would ask for help if they found anything.

They walked through the store, and passed some paintings. Greta stopped and looked at them. She told him that she might want to get some, otherwise the walls would be pretty plain. Eric agreed, and held up one of some dogs playing poker, "How about this?" Greta just have him a dirty look, "Oh right, you probably want flowers and bows and stuff." He laughed at the new dirty look she gave him.

"No, I just want something.... nice." They looked through some more, even some photography.

"Ummm, how about this?" Eric said holding up a photo print.

Greta turned around ready for another joke, but she stopped as she saw what he was holding. It was a sky view photograph of a city at night, "Paris..." She said walking over to him, looking at the photo. "It's beautiful." She looked up at him, and their eyes met. They held each others gaze for a moment, then Greta looked back at the painting. "I think it's a keeper." After a couple more minutes they fond two more smaller paintings that Greta liked, they gave them to the salesman to hold, while they continued shopping.

They went over to the bedroom furniture, and after some time looking around they found basically everything they were looking for, and that matched the furniture already in the room. The oak furniture was a deep reddish brown color, with a high polish. Greta's favorite was the free standing, swivel, full length oval mirror. It reminded her of one she had as a child. Greta then purchased the furniture, from a very happy salesman.

The man told them that it would be delivered tomorrow afternoon, around two o'clock. Greta got her receipt, and they left the store. They got back to the apartment soon after, and fell on the couch. Greta reached over for one of the bags Eric had, and took out the framed photograph of Paris. It was at least 3 feet wide, and about two long. She still hadn't decided where she would put it. She was looking at it, as she felt Eric look over her shoulder.

"I'm so glad you found this," she said looking at him.

"Me too," he said with a smile and then looked back at the photo.

"Ahhh, now I have to unpack!" Greta screamed, and Eric laughed.

"Just wait till tomorrow, only unpack what you need for tonight." Greta nodded her head in agreement, and stood up, felt slightly dizzy then sat down. "What's wrong?" Eric asked concerned as he put a hand on her shoulder.

"Uhhh, we haven't ate lunch or dinner today have we?" she asked.

Eric looked at her for a moment, then noticed that he actually was really hungry. "Nope, and as I remember, you only had coffee for breakfast." He shook his finger at her, stood up and said, "I'll order a pizza. What do you like?"

"Anything and everything," she said.

He laughed and ordered a large supreme pizza and bread sticks. "Want something to drink?" he asked heading to the kitchen.

Greta stood up, and made her way over to him. "Sure, what do you have?"

He looked in the refrigerator, then closed it. "Water?" They both grinned, "I think I need to go shopping."

Greta corrected him, "No, we need to go shopping, or I can. I do live here now."

"This is true," he said as he got out two glasses and filled them with water. He then handed one to her, she took it, and drank about half of it. "Thirsty?" he said teasing her, she nodded yes. Then sat the glass down, picked up the two paintings and photo of Paris, and headed to her room. Asking when the Pizza would get there. "In about a half hour," Eric replied following her into the room, first grabbing a hammer and nails.

"We can put nail holes in the wall?" Greta asked.

"Welll... we really aren't supposed to, but as long as you cover them with spackle when you leave..." she laughed, and then tried to decide where she wanted to put the photo. After a few minutes, she confused Eric when she just leaned them against the wall. "What? Just going to put them there?" he asked.

"Nope, I decided, I'm going to wait for the furniture to get here first. Then decide." Eric nodded in agreement and they moved back out to the living room. They sat on the couch, and Eric turned on the TV. They sat there, watching TV, commenting every so often about something, but the quiet was almost unbearable. They still hadn't had the 'talk,' they said they needed after the last kiss, and Greta was beginning to think that Eric had decided they should just be friends. Eric was thinking the same thing in reverse. Both decided they would just wait and see what the other one would do.

They were both glad the silence and awkwardness was broken by the knock of the pizza delivery man.

Chapter 5


Fifteen minutes later the pizza was gone, and seven of the eight bread sticks were too. The two of them laid back on the couch, the boxes between them. "I am so stuffed!" Greta finally moaned out. Eric agreed, he could barely move. That's when Greta started giggling.

"What?" Eric asked with a laugh, her giggling rubbing off on him.

"The way we scarfed down that pizza, I don't think I have been that hungry in a long time."

Eric agreed and he slowly stood up. Gathered the boxes, and put them in the trash. Greta stood up, and took their glasses to the sink. They both yawned and laughed.

"We have had a long day, and tomorrow will be too." Greta agreed. "I think I'm going to get up early, head over to the hospital to talk to Carrie about the job, stop by and see Sami. Then get back here before two, to help with the furniture." Greta tried to tell him he didn't have to, but he insisted.

"Well then, I guess we should get some sleep." Eric agreed with her. "Good night," she said as she opened her door.

"Good night, Greta," he replied as he leaned against his. Slowly he reached for the handle, turned it then walked into his room. She walked into hers, and they both shut the door. That night, they both laid in bed, trying to sleep, but thinking of each other prevented sleep to happen.


The next morning, Greta woke up, and headed into the kitchen. Eric's door was open, and he wasn't there, he wasn't in the apartment for that matter. *He must have already went to the hospital.* With that Greta got dressed and headed for salem place, there was something she wanted to do.


Eric knocked on the door, "Come in." With that he opened the door. "Eric? What are you doing here?" asked Carrie Brady.

"Well two reasons. One, just wanted to see my sister. And two, well I heard there was a job opening for a photographer."

Carrie nodded, and stood up, "Yes there is, so are you saying you want it?"

"That's exactly what I am saying," he said smiling at her.

"Well, I think it can be arranged." She shook his had, "You're hired. However..."

"Yes?" he asked.

"I just need some sample photo's and resume, for records purposes." She explained. He smiled and told her, she would have them on her desk tomorrow. They talked for a few more minutes, and then Eric left to go check on Sami.


Greta walked out of the Electronics store, with gift bag in hand, and almost ran right into Bo. "Hey Greta," he looked at the bag, "Whatcha got there?"

Greta blushed slightly, "It's a present for Eric. He was so helpful to me in Paris, I couldn't have done it without him."

Bo smiled, as they walked through Salem Place. "So, what else happened in Paris, with you and Eric anyway?"

Greta smiled and looked to the ground, "We kissed," she said. Bo grinned, she went on, "But I'm not sure if it meant to him, what it meant to me."

Bo turned her face to look up at him, "Greta, I know Eric. He wouldn't kiss a beautiful woman and not mean it."

Greta smiled, "Well, I'm on my way to the hospital, that's where he left for this morning."

Bo looked confused at how she knew that, she explained that they were roommates and Bo's smile got bigger. "Okay, well I'll let you go find him. I'm sure he will like whatever it is, and I've got to go call Hope." They agreed to talk to each other later, and Greta headed to the Hospital.


Eric just left Sami's room when he heard his name. He turned around to find Nicole. "Yes?" he said slightly irritated at having to see her again.

The pain and anger already starting to bubble over. She went on and on about how happy she was that he was back, and that Sami was okay. She then hugged him.


Greta walked out of the elevator, and turned the corner to Sami's room, when she stopped in her tracks. Right in front of her was Nicole and Eric hugging. She starred for a moment, her feet glued in place. She then turned and left the building, feeling her heart break.....

To Be Continued