TITLE: DAYS Fairy Tale: Eric & Greta: Chapters 171-173

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Chapter 171


Greta put the shopping bags in the trunk of her car, and then shut it. She opened her car door and carefully got in. She sighed as her stomach brushed against the steering wheel. She now hated driving, the seat was much further away from the steering wheel then she liked, but if wasn't she wouldn't fit in the drivers seat. She put her seat belt around her, and then rubbed her stomach, only a half month to go. She told herself with a smile.

She turned on the ignition and looked at the clock on the dash. It was only a little after one, and she sighed. "What to do with the rest of my day?" She asked herself. Normally she would be at work, but Eric, Lucas and Victor had basically forced her onto maternity leave. So now she had all day to do whatever she wanted. "What did I used to do before I was in work or school?" She couldn't remember, because she was bored out of her mind. She decided to head home, and unpack her shopping. Tons of new baby stuff to put into the nursery.

The closest bedroom to hers and Eric's was already set. All new baby furniture, and everything you could imagine. Once they found out they were having a girl, the baby showers started, and they soon had everything from family and friends. She already knew this little one was going to be completely spoiled, and Greta smiled knowing that most of the spoiling was going to be my the baby's very happy, and very excited father.

She backed out of the parking space, and headed for the road. She laughed to herself remembering when they had brought the crib home and Eric was trying to figure out how to put it together. The pieces laying all around him in the room, the directions in his hands. Greta just sat in the antique rocking chair that Mrs. Horton had given them, trying not to laugh and say anything. But she couldn't resist. 'Need help?' She had asked him. 'No, no I'm fine.' He had replied, as he turned over the paper in his hands, as if thinking reading them upside down might help. She giggled and looked over at her with a dirty look, and threw the paper over his head, 'It's all greek to me, I swear they wrote it in another language.' She laughed, and started to get up to get the piece of paper. 'Oh, no you don't. Sit back down. I swear I will put this together, if it's the last thing I do!' he said. She had shaken her head at that, and replied, 'Okay, but will that be when she graduates high school or gets married?' He turned to her, 'Why you little..' he said walking over to her, and tickling her sides, which she stopped with a kiss.

Greta smiled at the memory, she had finally talked him into letting John come over and help him with it, since John had put Brady's together a long time ago. She pulled out onto the road with her green light and started to drive home. She looked at the scenery around her, barely any snow, it was strange for the whether to be so unseasonably warm, she thought and then she was taken out of that thought by her cell phone ringing.

She picked it up, and turned it on, "Hello?"


She smiled, "So how's work going?"

A loud sigh came from the other end, {{I'm going to be late tonight. We've been having some problems with the shoot, lighting and camera difficulties, it's just not going right. Hopefully not more than an hour or two though. I just wanted to let you know.}}

"That's okay, I'm heading home now. I'll wait on dinner."

{{No, no, don't wait for me. I can throw something in the microwave or something.}}

Greta sighed, "Okay, I might cook up something, and you can re-heat it later. I'm board out of my mind."

Eric laughed slightly, {{I know, but just think, in a little bit, we won't have any time.}}

Greta grinned, "Sounds wonderful."

{{It does, doesn't it?}} She could almost hear him grinning over the phone. {{Okay, I got to get back to work, so I won't be here too late. Love you.}}

"Love you too." She said and then they ended the phone call, and she put her phone back down. "Okay, so now what am I going to do tonight?" She asked herself, as she turned right onto the next road. "I could call Hope or Sami and see what they are up too." She thought, but her thoughts of what to do that night quickly vanished.

"What the hell?" She asked herself as she saw a car moving to pass another one up in front of her, and it was coming right at her. Greta slowed down, and the car speed up coming at her. The other car that was being passed slowed down, trying to allow the passing car to get back over, but the car kept on going in the wrong lane. Greta knew the car wasn't going to get over, and swerved the car to the side trying to avoid it. But the other car, seemed to slightly move with her, pushing her further off the road, hitting her car in the process and shoving her into the ditch.

Greta was in a whril as the car was spinning, and moving and landed with large crash into the ditch. The passing car that had hit her, just kept on going. All the other cars stopped and ran up to her car, seeing what had happened. A older man got to her car first, and looked in.

She looked up at him through the window, and had enough energy to put the car in park, turn it off, and unlock her door. The man heard the unlock and opened the door. "Ms, are you okay?" He asked her, then noticing she was pregnant, looked over at the others. "Call an ambulance, we have a pregnant woman here!" He yelled, and then leaned down to her. "Are you okay, does anything hurt?"

Greta looked up at him with a slightly dazed look on her face, and then she realized her lap was wet, very wet, "My water broke." She said, then a large contraction rang through her.


Chapter 172


Eric took a few more pictures, and then moved to rearrange the lighting once again, when his cell phone went off. He sighed, and went over to it turning it on. "Hello?"

{{Eric, I'm so glad I got you.}} Roman said.

"Dad, right now's not that great of a time, I have this shoot and it's running..."

Roman cut him off, {{Eric, you need to come to the hospital, right now.}}

Eric's heartbeat all of a sudden went through the roof, and he was already grabbing his coat. "What happened?" He asked panicked.

{{Greta's been in a car accident.}}

"What?" Eric said, it was barely audible, as the sense of dread washed through his form and he felt like he was going to fall over.

{{Wait, Eric calm down. It's okay.}}

"How is it okay?" He screamed into the phone, getting strange looks from the models and Lucas in the room. "Greta's been in an accident, and it's okay? How?" Lucas walked over to him, grabbing the camera from him, and motioned for him to go.

{{Eric, Greta is fine. The baby is fine.}} Roman said trying to calm them down.

"If they are fine, then why are they at the hospital?" He asked as he walked out of the lab and hurried towards the elevators.

{{Well, they are both doing okay, it's just that, well, Greta's in labor.}}


{{Greta's water broke either during or right after the accident.}}

Eric got into the elevator, and the doors shut behind him. And the line went dead. "Damn it!" Eric swore in the small space. He waited, and waited for it to get to the garage, and once there, he called his father back.

"Sorry, elevator. Okay, now what?" He asked.

Roman continued. {{Her water broke, and she's in labor. Her contractions are about 3 minutes apart right now.}}

"Oh my God," he knew that she was going to have the baby anytime now.

{{So, I suggest you get here.}}

"Thanks Dad, tell her I'm coming." He said as he got into his jeep and quickly drove to University Hospital.


It didn't take long and Eric was walking out of the elevator at the hospital, he saw his dad and rushed over. "Where is she?"

Roman took him to the room, "They are just about ready to take her into the delivery room, from what Sami has told me, she's dilated to 9 cm already."

"Sami's with her?" Eric asked.

"Yeah, she was here when they brought her in." Roman said as they walked into the room.

"Greta!" Eric said and rushed over to her, and hugging her tightly.

"Eric," She said, her face flushed, her forehead already slightly damp as she clung to him. "Oh God." She got out, as another contraction gripped her.

Eric pulled away slightly, "Breathe," he told her trying to remember the classes they had taken together.

She turned to give him a look, and through clenched teach said, "You Breathe!"

He looked up at Sami, and she smiled at him. "She went into labor so fast and everything, that she lost the opportunity for the major pain killers."

Eric winced, he knew this wasn't going to be nice. He watched the one monitor next to her, level back off, and watched her as well, and noticed that the contraction had stopped. He grabbed her hand, and kissed it lightly. "I love you," he said softly.

She smiled at him, "I love you too," she said nicely.

Now that she seemed okay again, at least until the next one, he finally asked the question that was on his mind. "So what exactly happened?"

Roman started to explain, "Well from what the police got from the witnesses. This blue car tried to pass this other car, right in front of Greta, and wouldn't get back over to their side of the road, even when they had actually passed the other car. Greta had gotten off the side of the road, but from what the witnesses say, the blue car had actually moved even further over, and looked as if it had deliberately tried to shove her off the road. It even hit her car."

Eric starred at his father in disbelief, "What? Someone did this deliberately?"

"We aren't sure. We have the police out looking for the car. We have the make and color, and know that it has some front damage. Also, some of the witnesses say that they think it was a long, blonde haired woman driving, but weren't totally sure."

He was about to ask another question, when an intake of breath from Greta caught his attention. He let her grip the bed rails, and lightly rubbed her shoulders as she went through another contraction. He gave her encouraging words, until she had stopped him with a hiss. "Why did I agree to this again?" She yelled out.

"Because once this is all over, we are going to have a beautiful baby." He told her, and watched the monitor again as line started to even out again. He looked down at her, watching as tears were forming in her eyes. "Greta?" he asked, leaning down and whipping the tears away.

Sami and Roman looked at each other, and Sami spoke up, "Now that you're here, we'll be out in the waiting room, calling family and stuff." Eric nodded , but kept looking at Greta as the two exited the room.

"Greta what's wrong?" He asked sitting on the side of the bed, and then hugging her to him, rubbing her lower back as he did so.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"For what?"

"Being all emotional, and then mean, and then crying, and then angry...."

He smiled at her, "It's okay. You can yell at me all you want, you can call me any name under the sun, and you know what?"

"What?" She asked looking up at him.

"I know you don't mean it, and I know you love me and this baby." He said moving his hands to her stomach. She smiled at him. He leaned in and kissed her, and then held her again, "You just need to stop scaring me so much. If I get another call or anything saying something is wrong with you, I don't know if I can take it."

"You? It's not like it's a party for me either." She said with a smile, and he smiled back. Then her eyes squinted, and she tried doing her breathing exercises, but gave up and decided on a slight scream instead. Eric did what he could during it, and tried to count it down with her from the info on the monitor.

Once it leveled off again, he took her hand, and kissed it again. Then the door opened and Lexi walked in. "Well, how's my favorite patient?" She asked taking the chart, reading it, and then setting it back down, and walked over to the monitor and read the readout. "Contractions are less then two minutes apart, let's see how far you are dilated, we may be able to get you in that delivery room." She smiled at them, and then checked on Greta.

"Okay, folks," she said walking to the door and opening it, and motioning for the nurse outside. "Are we ready to become parents?" The two smiled at her, they moved Greta over onto the cart, and wheeled her out of the room.

Eric walked alongside, his hand in hers. He smiled down at her, "Here we go." He said, and quickly leaned down and kissed her forehead. Greta smiled up at him.

Sami and Roman hugged each other as they watched them go through the double doors into the delivery room.


Chapter 173


Greta was moved over onto the bed in the delivery room, her feet moving into the stirrups. Eric rushed in shortly after, now in a set of green scrubs, his hands moved to her back, rubbing it slightly. She screamed out in pain as a contraction ran through her. "Breathe," He told her softly, as his fingers tried to easy some of the tension.

She started with the Lamaze breathing, but after a few breaths she just screamed again. "Sounds like you're ready to get this little one out of you." Dr. Bader said walking into the room. The look that Greta gave her, made the doctor smile, "I'll take that as a yes." She checked on her progress, and sat on the stool at Greta's feet. "Okay, Greta, on the next contraction, I want you to push, and on each one after that, okay?" She nodded. Dr. Bader looked at the monitor, "Okay, here we go. Let's have this little girl."

Eric couldn't believe it, they were actually here, it was actually happening. In a few minutes they would be welcoming their little girl into the world. The three of them a all new happy family. He looked at Greta, her hair messed up, and part of it plastered to her forehead with sweat. Her face flushed, tired, and pained. But, to him, she looked beautiful. He leaned down and kissed the top her head, and caressed her shoulders with his hands, giving her encouraging words, as the contraction came, and she sat up, pushing with all her might.

He helped support her sitting up. Her knuckles were white from gripping the hand bars so tightly. And he was glad that the doctor had told him not to hold her hand during contractions, because he was pretty sure it would have been broken at that point.

That one was over, and she leaned back onto the bed, out of breath. She was already exhausted, and she knew that she was no where near done. She looked up and saw Eric looking down at her, he had a smile on his face, a sparkle in his eyes, but they were still filled with concern. His hand came down and wiped the hair from her forehead. "I love you." He said softly.

She smiled, "I love you too," She said, but then she grimaced, and then sat up partially and started to push again, with a scream.

"That's it, push. You can do it." Eric said, trying to encourage her, trying to do anything he could to help out. She laid back again, after that one had passed. "You're doing great." He said.

She smiled slightly, "Thanks, how about you take over for awhile?"

He grinned, "I would if I could." He said wholeheartedly.

Greta knew he meant it, and she was about to reach up and touch his cheek, but pain went through her again, and she sat up to push.

"Push. Breathe. Come on push."

She listened to him, and then she screamed out through gritted teeth, "I AM PUSHING!"

Eric stopped, "Sorry." He said lightly, kissing her cheek again, as she continued to push.

"Greta, you're doing great! I can see the head." Dr. Bader said. "Just a couple more pushes."

"Thank God." Greta exclaimed leaning back. She couldn't wait for the pain to be over, she was exhausted. But most of all, she just couldn't wait to hold her little girl in her arms.

Then she was moving to sit back up, and she started to push again, hard. "Ahhhh!" She screamed.

"That's it, one more, one more big push Greta."

"You can do it," Eric told her, as he helped support her back.

She pushed as hard as she could, straining and putting all her weight into it.

"That's it, and...."

Then they heard it, a scream, but this one wasn't from Greta. Greta leaned back, and grabbed Eric's hand, and they smiled at each other, as they heard their new born baby scream, bringing air into her lungs.

The doctor stood with the baby, two clamps on the cord, and a nurse with a pair of large scissors. She smiled at Eric, "Would you like to do the honors?" Eric couldn't believe his eyes, as he took the scissors, and cut the cord that connected Greta with his baby girl.

Greta watched with a huge smile on her face, her pain and exhaustion completely forgotten as she was watched the beautiful site before her. The nurse then took the baby to the side for a minute, to clean her up. Eric moved back to her side, his eyes wet with unshed tears, unlike her own tear streaked face. He leaned down and kissed away her tears.

Then the nurse was over, handing Greta her little bundle of joy in a light pink blanket. She held her softly in her arms, and she leaned down and kissed her little forehead. The babies eyes opening to look up at her. "She's beautiful, just like her mother." Eric said, kissing the top of Greta's head, and reaching out to lightly touch the baby's cheek. The little girl reached out and grasped his finger, and that did it. His heart completely melted, and a few tears ran down his cheek.

Greta looked up at him, *Yep, she's already got him wrapped around her little finger.*

"So, what name are we going to put on the hospital bracelet?" The nurse asked them.

Eric smiled, leaned down and kissed the baby's forehead. "Emily Rose Brady." He said grinning at Greta. It took them awhile to finally settle on a name, but that one had rung true, and everyone had seemed to love it.

Much too soon for both of them, the baby was taken to the nursery, and Eric was being ushered out so that Greta could get fixed up and taken to recovery. She yawned slightly, and he leaned back down and kissed her. The happiness they both felt was unbelievable, their little girl was finally here.

Greta looked up at him, with another yawn and a tired expression. "Hey, you should get out there and tell everyone about Emily."

He smiled, she was right, the family was probably going nuts waiting for news. "I'll see you soon." He said, and they whispered their I love you's and kissed again. Soon he was walking out to the family waiting room, and family converged on him, tons of questions being asked.

He just shook his head with a large smile on his face, and Roman looked at him, and spoke up, "Hey! Let the proud Papa talk!"

Eric smiled at him, "Greta's okay, tired, but okay. The baby..." His smile grew if it were possible. "She's beautiful. Seven pounds, three ounces, twenty inches." Everyone was smiling, Marlena and Sami were crying a set of very happy tears. "Ten fingers, ten little toes. Oh, God." He said closing his eyes. "I'm a... father, I'm a father!" He said, Roman wrapping an arm around his shoulder, and his mom coming up and hugging him tightly.


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