Santana was seated at the kitchen bench busy playing with her food when she overhead her parents casually making dinner plans for that evening. She had been told repeatedly that it was rude to eavesdrop but she couldn't hide her excitement as her tummy filled with nervous butterflies and she dropped the squished food in her fingertips to concentrate on every one of her mother's words.

"-before we go getting ahead of ourselves we'll need to call the..." Her mother paused before continuing in a hesitant whisper, as though she knew Santana was listening, "the babysitter."

Ding ding ding!

Santana's eyes lit up at the word 'babysitter'. It was the magic word and Santana jumped out of her chair knocking over the rest of her milk in the process.

"I'll call her!" Santana squealed excitedly.

She ran for the cordless phone, scrambling to climb a nearby stool so she could grab it off its holder on the wall and then jumped back down, running from the room already dialling her babysitter's phone number which she knew by heart as she plonked herself down on the big, plump couch in the living room.

Each unanswered ring sent Santana's five year old year old heart racing until she was sure it was going to jump right out of her chest.

The anticipation of hearing her babysitter's voice- let alone organising to see her that night was making her palms sweat and Santana hoped that when she did finally have to speak, she wouldn't sound like a desperate loser. Even though she was just that after all- desperate that is… not a loser.

It was true; little Santana Lopez was desperate to see her babysitter for whom she'd had the biggest crush for as long as she could remember. In fact as far as Santana was concerned it wasn't just a crush at all… she knew it to be 'true love' and that they were 'meant to be' and a whole other bunch of sappy stuff that she'd never ever admit out loud for fear of being laughed at. But she definitely believed it…

And why shouldn't she be in love with her babysitter?

She was tall and smart and had beautiful long blonde hair.

And her blue eyes sparkled when she laughed.

And she always wore the coolest nail polish.

Santana let out a lovesick sigh just thinking about the one time her sitter had pressed a goodnight kiss to her cheek. Santana had refused to wash her face for a week after that.

"Pierce residence."

Santana almost threw the phone in the air when the mature female voice startled her out of her daydream.

"Hello," Santana said in her best attempt at a cool grown-up voice, "Is Jody there please?"

"Little Santana Lopez is that you?"

Santana recognised the voice now as Jody's mother.

"Yes ma'am," Santana said politely.

"Well don't you sound like you're growing into quite the little lady…"

Santana blushed at the compliment. Obviously all that practice she'd been putting into her telephone voice was working after all…

"I'll just get Jody for you."

Santana started squeezing the denim of her jeans as she anxiously waited for Jody to come to the phone.


Jody's curious voice called out to her causing Santana to grin ridiculously for a long moment before she realised that she'd forgotten to answer.

"Hi Jody, its Santana," Santana gushed breathlessly.

"Oh hey there sweetie! What's up?"

Santana had to lean back against the couch for support when Jody called her 'sweetie'- not that it was anything out of the ordinary but it still got her every time, sending tingles down her spine.

"I need a babysitter for tonight," Santana said immediately.

"Tonight?" Jody repeated hesitantly. "Oh."

"Oh?" Santana questioned fearfully.

"I'm sorry Santana… It's just I'm already minding someone else tonight…"

'Someone else?' Santana gulped. There was 'someone else'in Jody's life?

Before Santana even realised what was happening she was sniffling and then tears were running town her cheeks.

"Santana? Oh, please don't cry… I'm sure we can figure something out…"

Santana's mother who had come to see how the phone call was going simply rolled her eyes at the sobbing girl and gently took the phone from Santana's hand to finish the conversation with the babysitter.

The rest of the conversation was lost on Santana as she dramatically pressed her face into the cushion of the couch and let the tears run freely.

Her life was over.

Jody had 'someone else' who she'd prefer to babysit over her.

"Oh stop that nonsense," Her mother chastised. "Jody will be here at 6."

Santana bolted upright at that information, tears forgotten instantly as a grin broke out over her face.

Jody Pierce had chosen her?

The relief flooded her body making Santana swoon with a sudden tiredness at this rollercoaster of emotions she was dealing with. She realised she would have to take a nap soon if she hoped to stay up late with Jody tonight.

"And she's bringing a little friend over for you to play with. See- all that commotion over nothing," Her mother muttered amusedly over her shoulder as she left the room.

Wait- Jody is bringing her competition here? Into her home?

Santana did not like the sound of that at all.

Santana's stomach turned as jealousy clawed at her insides.

Santana couldn't share Jody with someone else. The thought was absolutely absurd.

Santana Lopez absolutely did not share.