Daily Life

The Hunter slays The Monster

The Monster slays the Hunter

But if the one were to become the other

Will one be killing the Hunter or the Monster?

The great forest stood in all it's infinite beauty one day, the tall trees stood with it's majestic beauty, the bushes, plants and flowers grew to their own beauty to rival, and the animals that grew to live with the forest, attacks all others to sustain it's natural dominance. It was this time that a band of four Monster Hunters were making their way across the forest floor, in search of their quest. Soon enough they came to a halt and took cover in the bushes. One hunters, made their way across the forest for the sake of a quest. A strapping young man, possibly 19, took a peek through the bush, keeping his Long Sword on stand-by just in case, and seen a pair of Hypnocotrice feasting on an animal's dead carcass.

"That's them alright." He said quietly. "Chikko, what's the situation?" Soon, the female of the group, a small-sized girl around the male's age with her blonde hair up in a knot, while bearing revealing armour and carried a Bow and Arrow, took the man's place, and using a set of binoculars analyzed the situation.

"The Hypnocotrice are eating the bodies of a Bullfango herd, Takuya..." Chikko reported. The man named Takuya peered beside her.

"What of their captives? The two children?" He asked again.

"Most likely dead." The biggest of the group growled, trying to be silent. The man was a heavily built, tanned man with a large battle-hammer to show off his strength.

"Wrong, Hyobe, they're alive." Chikko said. Peering through the binoculars, she seen two children, a boy and a girl, sleeping a few yards away. "They're sleeping thanks to the Hypnocotrice's juices. My guess, once they're done with the herd, they're next." The youngest of the group came forward, a boy, equally-sized to Chikko, wore a set of spectacles and wore light armour to keep his speed up, seeing as his body wasn't used to giant armour, and his weapon of choice: a Shield and Sword, to add to his light speedy fighting style.

"We need to secure the captives before we engage." He identified. "Doing so will risk their lives."

"Keep your voice down, Tenji." Takuya whispered. "You have a point, but it'll be all for nought if you give us away..."

"Securing captives plan: underway!" Spoke Chikko, taking three smoke bombs from her bag and throwing them to the two beasts as it exploded on impact. The two were greatly blinded and alarmed as they were going in a frenzy, giving Chikko the chance to enter the fog and carry the children out.

"Aweright! Let's kick ass!" Hyobe battle-cried, charging into the now clear battlefield with his hammer at the ready. With an almighty swing, he bashed one of the Hypnocotrice's torso area with a large whack. This caused it to growl in pain, and cause the other to kick the large hunter away. Takuya and Tenji took to the field to back Hyobe up.

"Try not to lose a life already, Hyobe." Takuya said with a smirk. Hyobe didnt reply, as he was gurgling down a few Potions. The two Hypnocotrice's charged with their powerful kicks, but both were thrown back by arrow shots. The three hunters looked in joy that Chikko had returned.

"Don't start the party without me!" She cried in annoyance, then began firing her arrows for the two beasts. One however deviated from the other and spat a ball of sleeping juice for Chikko. Quickly, she dodged with a somersault, just when the juices were about to make contact. "Too close!" But her joy was short-lived, as the second Hypnocotrice fired another sleeping shot for Chikko, which made full contact, as she avoided the first one. Unable to resist the effects of the shot, Chikko staggered and fell to the ground, sleeping like a baby.

"Chikko!" Takuya called. But it was futile, she gave gentle snore after snore in relaxation. "Tenji, go wake her up, me and Hyobe will cover you!"

"No problem!" Tenji replied and ran to the sleeping beauty and gave her an almighty kick. "Wake up, Chikko!" Instantly, she woke up.

"Owww!" She cried. "What was that for, you little twerp!" Her question was answered as Hyobe was kicked by one of the Hypnocotrices so hard, he collided with Tenji, knocking both out.

"This is bad!" Takuya growled, having suffered one of the Hypnocotrice's peck attacks. "Give them some potions, Chikko!" Suddenly, he surprised Chikko: his armour glowed as it suddenly vanished, but in doing so, his armour was compensated for a second longsword.

"Takuya, your armour! If you take a hit from one of them-"

"That won't happen!" Takuya ran to the two beasts; on first sight, recklessly. But before the two birds could deliver their final blow, Takuya jumped up and gave both with each sword an almighty slash. Upon landing, both beasts were smote.

"Th-That was Takuya's famous Dual Longsword attack!" Chikko gasped in wonder. "Not many low-ranking beasts can survive after a blow like that!" The armour Takuya had on before reappeared as the second Longsword vanished with a glow.

"Can't believe I had to resort to that!" Takuya sighed. But before they could call it quits, one of the Hypnocotrices still drew breathe and was ready to attack Takuya.

"Watch out!" Chikko screamed. But before the blow was struck, the giant beast was blown away by a strong blow from a hammer, as Hyobe stood impressed with his work.

"Not gonna hog all the glory again, eh, Takuya?" He said with a grin that spanned across his face. Takuya smiled also.

"You have my thanks, Hyobe."

I am Takuya Hokoraka. A monster hunter for my village's monster hunting guild. Some say I'm descendant to the first monster hunters of the land, but I seriously doubt that. I was orphaned at my village when I was a baby and have no recollection of my family, so what chance is there in knowing my ancient family? Besides, I have an even better family to support me: members of my own guild.

As Takuya sat down at one of the tables, his three companions from the quest joined him.

"Alright, drinks 'r' on me." Hyobe growled in a friendly tone.

"You finished the quest." Takuya persuaded.

"Go ter hell, man!" Hyobe replied. "Weren't fer you doin' yer fancy swish swash on 'em, I'd be deed. Now, I'm buyin' drinks. No buts!"

The tall giant is Hyobe Kinniku. He uses brute strength on his quests to beat any monster that comes...even a Kelbi, if it looks at him funny. Me and him used to be enemies, competing against who can kill their monster first. But after I saved his life against a Rathian, we've buried the hatchet ever since. Believe it or not, he has a wife and son that love him; but I learned not ask what she sees in him.

"Hyobe's cheerful." Chikko giggled.

"He would be, he likes a good beer after a job." Takuya replied.

"Oh, I nearly forgot." Chikko perked. "The family of the two children send their thanks for saving them, and they are eternally grateful."

This is Chikko Rihatsu. She's the guild's tomboy wizz-kid. She has a thing for weapons and armour; if there's a certain combination to a certain armour skill, she'll tell away...for a small fee. Interestingly enough, it was her father, the local blacksmith, that taught me everything there is to know about hunting. Chikko's been a sister to me since. It was only recently that she took up the mantle of monster hunter, though, so she's still fresh.

"What's wrong, Tenji?" Asked Takuya. "Been a little quiet since you woke up."

"Ummm...I want to apologize for my not doing anything, Takuya!" Tenji said.

"Don't worry. You were lucky you never got hit by the Hypno' itself, and only hit by Hyobe. Though, I don't know which is worse." He gave a small laugh, so did Chikko.

"I promise I'll be more useful next time!" Tenji said filled with resolve.

"Don't rush things. Just keep to practicing and tending to that nasty injury and when we get another big job, we'll go for it." Takuya said.

The little guy is Tenji Ichidou. He's the guild's newest recruit. His mother and father, proud monster hunters, were killed by a rampaging Ratholos, and ever since then his only wish it to become what his mother and father once were. Although he lacks the body strength needed to kill a Bullfango, he's certainly got quite the charisma. I decided to take him under my wing during quests and show him the ropes, and to make sure he doesn't do anything reckless against the Rath that killed his parents. Although he's quite jumpy on the battlefield, outside, he's as soft as butter. And this is only speculation, but I think the kid has the hots for Chikko.

"Ummm...I hope you weren't hurt on the quest, Chikko." Tenji said, quite embarrassingly. "I know I kicked you quite bad when the Hypno' put you to sleep...I guess it was the spur of the moment that made me kick you so hard..." Then Chikko put her arm around Tenji, so his face was right next to hers.

"Nah, don't sweat it! I'm just glad it was neither Takuya or Hyobe that done it, or I'd be back at base camp." Chikko laughed, while Tenji was feeling faint from being so close to her. At that, Hyobe came back, with a tray filled with assorted drinks; beer pints for him and Takuya, the guild's special energy drink for Tenji, and a concoction brewed from random ingredients that Hyobe was hoping Chikko could guess from and tell if it's good or not.

"Alright, drink up!" Hyobe called, and all them grabbed their drinks, banged them together in respect and took either a tiny sip or huge glugs.

"Well?" Asked Takuya to Chikko. "How is it?"

"Hmm..." Pondered Chikko. "Royale Cheese...mixed with...Cannon Lettuce...With a slight hint of...of...there's Dragon Head in my glass, isn't there, Hyobe?" With those words, the giant hammer-user burst out laughing.

"Spot on, lassie, spot on!" He roared in fits of laughter.

"That's not nice, Hyobe." Tenji perked up. But it mattered not to Chikko, as she still drank the contents of her cup, and when she finished, she grabbed Hyobe's pint and glugged that down too. Hyobe's laughter stopped.

"Here, now!" He yelled in both anger and hysterity, wrestling the pint away from Chikko, while Takuya laughed at the whole thing.

"Oh, you guys are mad." He said through his laughter, wiping a tear away. The laughing stopped however, as Chikko looked up over Hyobe to see a mysterious member of the guild walk past.

"Hey guys, look." She whispered in a hushed voice. "It's him." She pointed to a very tall black-cloaked and hooded man with a large staff at his back. "He's back from a quest..."

"He gives me the chills..." Tenji shivvered.

"Wonder what he looks like behind that hood." Takuya pondered.

"Nobody knows, lad." Hyobe growled quietly. "Hear he's got a' kinds o' scars under there that'd put the local fishermen tae shame."

"Y'know." Called a mysterious voice behind Hyobe. All of them gave a jump on their seats and turned to see the mysterious man right behind Hyobe. "I don't like rumours." He then walked off as the one the four were looking at before disappeared like an illusion.

This man is codenamed Agran. Nobody knows anything about him, except he goes on every quest by himself, and never shows during times when the village is under attack from giant monsters. The only thing we do know of him is his abilities as a Monster Hunter, that is not only rare in this village, but in the entire world: he uses magic to defeat his assigned targets. How I wish I'd be assigned a target with him.

Agran took a slip from the request board and presented it to the scared reception lady, along with a bag of money for charges.

"Umm...Triple Tigrex, again, Mr. Agran?" She stuttered.

"Yes. Is there a problem?" He asked almost like he wants her to be.

"Umm...no, no! Good luck on your quest!" She squeaked. And then, Agran walked to the door leading to the boats that led to the target area.

"Don't let him scare you, Eiko." Called Takuya. "You look prettier unafraid." The receptionist, called Eiko gave a light-hearted smile to this.

"Takuya's got a girlfriend!" His three companions sang in unison.

"Shut up!" Barked Takuya.

Once all the merry conversation and laughing were out of the way, the four companions waved goodbye to one another and headed their own separate way across the village.

Well, there's just one more part that I love about being a Monster Hunter; while Tenji currently lives at the guild's inn, Chikko lives with his dad and Hyobe has a wife and son to return to, I get a nice cosy room all to myself.

Takuya returned to his house just up a small hill, unlocked the door, took off all his armour and jumped to his bed to call it quits for the day. He looked around the room/house he occupied: a small chest to keep his items and weapons stored, a small chest of drawers to store his files on monster information and a small pig, dressed in watermelon costume, that brushed it's head on Takuya's hand, wanting a petting.

"Hey there, Oinksalot." Takuya smiled as he petted the lovable pig, then picked it up as he and the small pet drifted off to sleep.

This would be the last time anything would be normal...