The Legendary Kirin

It had to be the stormiest day anyone in the village could ever recall. Wind slashed through homes, rain flooded parts of the village, and in some parts, lightning ravaged through the streets. Takuya had to fight just to leave his house.

"Damn it! How can the weather be this bad?" Takuya yelled. It took a while, but he eventually made it to the guild hall. Everyone was so tense, afraid the roof of the guild hall may collapse on them. To boot, neither Hyobe, Chikko or Tenji were present. Takuya, curious to their whereabouts, approached the young receptionist Eiko.

"Hey, where're my pals?" He asked.

"They got called to an emergency quest to brace a neighbouring village of this storm." She spoke with a little unease. "As did many of our other guild hunters."

"Damn it!" He growled. "This ain't natural..."

"Yes...Some among the guild suspect a wild monster is to blame." She replied.

"A Lao can do less damage to the village than this." He laughed. Just then, both Takuya and Eiko heard a wooden thud on the floor behind the receptionist. Both looked in the direction of the noise to see an old man with a wooden stump for a leg, a rugged beard, a wise looking face with multiple scars and dressed in a set of armour made of what looked to be a Rajang hide. It would have been fair to assume this man had his fair share of battles.

"Master!" Both said in high esteem.

'You guessed it. This man here is our guild master: Master Kyoryo'oni. He is the guild's most inspirational figure. The moment he seen my potential, he signed me up to the guild. His size makes him a worthy opponent to any monster he fights, even with his bad leg. It's my honour to be serving under him...'

"Takuya, my boy..." He said with a voice of wisdom.

"Yessir?" Takuya said, standing up straight in respect. The Master limped to Takuya and laid his arm around his shoulder.

"Come, let's have a seat..." He grunted. Takuya supported him and brought him to a small table with the others, Takuya sat beside him.

"What is it, Master?" Asked Takuya. "I doubt you came out of your busy schedule to have a few pints with me?"

"Sharp as a knife as always." Growled the master. "You are a remarkable young man, Takuya...Which is why I wish for you to take on this quest..." He handed Takuya a quest slip. The young hunter read it:

'My best trackers have located a lone Kirin to be the source of this confounded storm. To cause a grade 5 storm means that it's power may be double, may be even triple of that of any other Kirin. I implore you to slay this beast with all haste.

Signed Anonymous

Reward: 80,000 Z'

One thing Takuya had to note was the requestor wasn't willing to be revealed.

"Feel up for it?" Asked the rugged master.

"I don't know...If it's this big, wouldn't someone like Agran be the one for the job?"

"You know as well as I do that Agran only takes jobs he wants. You are the only one I can truly rely on..." Takuya looked to the slip, then to the Master, then to the door, which he hoped his friends would be arriving from...Then...

"Okay!" He said. "I'll do it!"

"Excellent!" The Master roared in joy. "I knew I could count on you! Now you'd better prepare; That Kirin ain't gonna take itself down." He got up and limped back behind the quest counter. Eiko looked to Takuya, who was looking rather nervous.

"Kirin quest, Takuya?" She asked.

"Looks like it." Takuya replied, handing over the request slip to her.

"Having doubts?" Eiko asked.

"A little..." He replied back. "If Master's counting on me, I can't exactly say no."

"It ain't that hard really." She laughed. "You just look him straight in the eye and say no, very quickly mind you."

"Either way, better get going." Takuya said, ready to heave him and his armour to fight the legendary beast.

"Wait!" Called Eiko, as she hopped past her desk. "I'll feel better if you hold on to this." Then she gave Takuya a small vial with red liquid. "This should restore you to full health in a pinch." Takuya looked to the young receptionist who had a shy smile to her.

"Thanks, I know it'll come in handy." And with one last glance, Takuya set off to the blustery docks to see all but one of the boats nearly torn to shreds from the rampaging winds. Quickly Takuya boarded and set sail across the stormy seas to the high mountains.

Around 30 minutes after Takuya's departure did Hyobe, Chikko, Tenji and a large group of other hunters arrive back at the guild hall, drenched from the rain. Takuya's friend's first order of business was approaching Eiko.

"Has Takuya been here yet?" Asked Chikko.

"Yes, he left on a Special Quest to slay the Kirin causing this dreadful weather." Eiko replied.

"He what?" Hyobe exclaimed in shock.

"It was a one-man quest." Replied Eiko. "And Master had the confidence Takuya could do it."

"That's madness!" Tenji shouted. "Takuya taught me it always takes two to defeat a Kirin! How does he expect to beat a Kirin with stronger power than normal alone?" Just then, the same stomping thud was heard, as Master appeared before them.

"By having faith in your comrade, young man..." He replied to Tenji.

It wasn't long after that Takuya made it to the foot of the mountain, strapped the boat in and set up base camp. The young hunter looked to the mountain, which had dark stormy clouds gathering above it, and gulped.

"This should be fun." He said with sarcasm. And carrying his heavy load of armour, he trekked up to the mountains.

'The storm still raged through the mountains stronger as it did through the other villages. I could feel the Kirin's energy flow through the wind, pound with the thunderbolt and rage with the rain. The Kirin, however, was the least of my worries. What concerned me most was why Master chose me to kill this Kirin, it wasn't as if they were short on strong hunters. And why I had to go alone was an even bigger mystery. Before I had any more time to ponder on it, I was near the summit of the mountain, the place where the Kirin is most common.'

Takuya, after many climbing and going through ice caverns, finally arrived at a small area of the mountain, shaded by the summit of the mountain, which provided an excellent cover from the rain and narrowed the wind's force. The young monster hunter kept his guard on very high alert. The Kirin was a very stealthy opponent, and may arrive at any time.

"Alright, Kirin...Show yourself..." He whispered, taking a step at a time, getting his feet comfortable to the snow. Then Takuya felt a strong presence, rolled forward and surprisingly dodged a thunderbolt. Then he saw it: an eight foot blue horse-shaped beast that bore a horn as long as a spear, fashioned a mane that gave it a solemn appearance, and it's eyes were a deep white: the Kirin of legend appeared before Takuya.

"What in the?" The first thing Takuya took note was it's size; most Kirin were human sized, yet this one towered over him. As a result, Takuya gripped his sword with all his strength not wanting to lose it in the fight. The Kirin was threatened by Takuya's sudden movement, and went on the war path and charged with all it's might for him, thunder raging all around it. Instinctively Takuya dodged with all his speed, but as he tried to cut the Kirin as it passed, the Kirin disappeared with a yellow flash.

"What? I never knew it could do that!" But before he could react, the Kirin already reappeared behind him and pierced a hole right through his shoulder. "Arrrghhhh!" Then surging all it's lightning into it's horn, it blasted Takuya directly on to the rocks of the mountain. If it weren't for Takuya's heavy armour, he would have been killed for certain, but his injuries paralyzed Takuya.

"Such raw power...It overpowered me without even trying!" He tried to pick up his sword, but the Kirin stomped its front leg on Takuya's wrist, forcing him to let the sword go. With ferocity, it sparked its horn in a threatening manner. "Go on then...kill me..." He panted. "I can't beat you...not now, not ever..." The beast raised it's horn, ready to deliver the final blow and ready to end Takuya's life.

Until, the completely unexpected happened. The storm clouds had ceased and were replaced with a really dark and evil shade of red, dying the Kirin's beautiful blue to the same red tint. The Kirin was ignorant of this sudden change, but Takuya looked up with all his strength to see a large boulder-like rock engulfed in flames, hurtle towards the two.

"Look out!" Takuya warned and used his remaining strength to push the Kirin away from the meteor's path, but the push wasn't strong enough and both parties were caught in the explosion of the impact. The blast was so strong that both were thrown back from one end of the battlefield to the other. Takuya weakly looked up despite his injuries to see that the Kirin was defeated and the weather that had now returned to normal had calmed down.

"Thank's a shame...I would have...enjoyed the carves from him...hehehe..." And he fell unconscious. But as Takuya was out of commission, the Kirin glowed a dark red and emitted dark red energy. What this meant to Takuya was anybody's guess since he wasn't awake to bare witness to it.

A short time afterwards, the pain in Takuya's bones began to miraculously evaporate. It felt like his pains suffered from the Kirin's attack and the force of the strange meteor were like it never happened. Takuya suddenly sprung up to investigate. But his question was answered: right next to his sleeping self was none other than Eiko's Potion, it's contents were empty. Someone fed the potion to him...but who? And it wasn't long before that question was answered too: sitting next to him, in a cross-legged fashion was a girl. A girl that looked around Takuya's age and had the longest, silkiest white hair Takuya ever laid eyes on. She was beautiful.

"Wh-Who are you?" Asked Takuya.

"Ah! You're awake!" She cheered. "I'm Nikiri!"

Now even more questions are now plaguing Takuya's mind: who was this girl that he woke up next to? What was that huge meteor? And why did she decide to help him?

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