A New Partner

Takuya awoke from his painful unconsciousness to find a strange girl with long white hair, beautiful eyes and looked to be about his age. The clothes this girl wore were a short white vest, really small shorts and no shoes, how she was surviving in this weather without suitable clothes was beyond him.

"Wh-Who are you?" Asked Takuya.

"Did I not tell you?" The girl replied. "I am Nikiri!"

"But where did you come from? This is a regular spot for monsters; Kirin, Tigrex, the occasional Kushala, you must have a reason for coming here." Nikiri pondered for a moment.

"I cannot remember..." Takuya sighed.

"Well, I'm very grateful, I was sure I was gonna die, but if you hadn't come along, I would have..." He went to his bag, pulled out a hot drink and gave it to Nikiri.

"What is this?" She asked.

"It's a hot drink, it helps ward off this cold." Takuya explained. Nikiri blinked in confusion.

"I am not cold." Takuya grunted in the same emotion as Nikiri.

"Why are you not cold?! Hunters with much heavier clothes often freeze to death up here! You've got..." He eye'd her up from her head, to her chest all the way down to her feet planked to the snow. "Nothing on!" Nikiri giggled.

"I appreciate your concern, but for some reason, I am not cold."

"Well, drink it anyway. I'll feel better knowing my saviour won't die of frost bite." Nikiri eyed the contents strangely, shrugged her shoulders and drank up. But she spat it out all over Takuya. "AHH! HOT!"

"What is in this stuff?! I thought I was going to choke!" She spat, trying to get rid of the taste.

"Well it is made from Hot peppers and Bitterbugs." Nikiri gulped in disgust and wailed.

"I ate a bug!" She screamed.

"No you didn't. You drank one of it's ingredients." Once he used the snow to cool his face down, he picked up his sword and seathed it in his scabbard. "Well, thanks again for your help. Catch yah later!" He decided to head back to the guild and report that the Kirin was defeated and won't cause any more trouble. During his trip down the mountain, he noticed Nikiri was following him. He decided to confront her. "Ummm, why are you following me?"

"Why not?" She said with a grin. Takuya hadn't met her for more than five minutes, and already she was annoying.

"Well, you need to head back to your village." Takuya explained. Again, Nikiri thought for a moment.

"I do not have a village." Takuya smacked his brow in awkwardness.

"Fine, I'll take you to my village. You can rest at the inn there if you like." Takuya offered. Then like a lost puppy, Nikiri followed Takuya all the way back to the boat stationed at the beach at the bottom of the mountain.

"Oooh, a boat!" Nikiri coo'd in wonder.

"Yeah, the storm still has the sea a little roughed up, so you might wanna hold on to something." After Takuya made his preparations, he set sail with Nikiri on board. During the whole trip, Nikiri was eye'ing Takuya's Longsword. "Something wrong?"

"Why do you have a sword?" She asked.

"Because I'm a Monster Hunter." He replied. "We get jobs to kill monsters that cause trouble in local areas and we get paid for it."

"Oooh! Is it fun?"

"It can be pretty enjoyable. As long as we don't get killed." Nikiri grew a cute smile on her face. But before she could explain this, the boat began to rock violently. "Whoa! What the?!"

From the waters rose a giant Plesioth, a water wyvern with a giant tail, sharp teeth and fins that resembled a wyvern's wings.

"A Plesioth?!" Takuya gasped.

"Is that a moster that you hunt?!" Nikiri asked past the raging waters.

"Yeah! And god, do I hate this one!" The Plesioth shot water from it's mouth that hit the hull of the boat and knocked Takuya off his feet. "Grarghh! Damn it...I'm still exhausted from that fight with the Kirin..." Then the Plesioth went for Nikiri, hoping to have her for lunch.

"It is going after me!" She screamed.

"Get out of the way!" He commanded. But all she could do was scream and brace herself. Takuya jumped up with all his strength in an attempt to save her. "I won't let you hurt her!"

Then, another shock came to Takuya, Nikiri glowed a bright blinding light that made Takuya recoil and cover his eyes. The shining light continued until finally it ended. After a few seconds, once Takuya got the glow out of his eyes, he seen Nikiri, still curled into a ball and expecting the Plesioth to eat her. And the Plesioth was nowhere to be seen.

"N-Nikiri..." Whispered Takuya in shock. The white-haired girl began to look up and see that the Plesioth was gone.

"It is gone?"

"Since when did you have a Flash Bomb with you?" Asked Takuya.

"A Flash...Bomb?"

"Yeah. How else could you do that blinding light?" Nikiri pondered for a few seconds, but shrugged.

"I guess I had it hidden." She lied, although inside, she knew she had no such thing...

Takuya and Nikiri arrived back to the guild harbor, which was pretty torn up after the storm, and after leaving the boat to the caretaker of the now destroyed harbor, the two headed for the guild hall. When the doors opened, everyone looked up to see their hero.

"Takuya!" Hyobe, Chikko, Tenji and Eiko gasped. Quickly, Master Kyoryo'oni came to him.

"Is the deed done?" He asked in a scruffed voice. To save time and save a really complicated story, Takuya summed it up in one word...


This sent the whole guild hall into a frenzy of cheers. Quickly, he was swept up into the crowd of pats-on-the-back and congratulations. Eventually, after getting through all the crowd, did Takuya come to his four friends.

"You shoulda waited half an hour, yah Bulldrome Dung, yeh!" Hyobe growled, punching Takuya in the arm.

"But you did well!" Said Chikko.

"Just be sure to take us with you next time." Said Tenji. Then, Eiko presented Takuya a large bag of 80,000 zeni.

"Your reward." She said happily. "But if you don't mind me asking...Who's the girl?" This question was now being asked by everyone in the guild as they all looked to Nikiri, who was still at the entrance.

"Ummm...hi..." She said sheepishly.

"This is Nikiri. She saved me when I was injured from the Kirin. If not for her, I would've died." This made the guild hall silent in awe. Finally, Master Kyoryo'oni smiled.

"Then what are we waiting for?! Let's raise a glass to Nikiri!" Everyone cheered and raised their beer glasses to her. She giggled to this.

"Aww, stop it, you are all embarrassing me." She said happily. Soon, Takuya, Chikko, Hyobe, Tenji and Nikiri got a table where Takuya explained his adventure in the mountains.

"It was the biggest most humongous Kirin I ever laid eyes on! It was bigger than a Gravios!" Explained Takuya.

"Whoa! No wonder the storm was that bad!" Said Chikko.

"How'd you beat it?" Asked Tenji.

"It wasn't easy. Not only was it big, but it was fast too. The big thing pierced my armour and stabbed me pretty hard.

"Ouch!" Hyobe growled. "How'd you get outta there?"

"Nah, I managed to attack it before it dealt the final blow though. I killed it before it killed me." Takuya decided to keep the meteor story under wraps until he made sense of it.

"And that is where I come in, right?" Said Nikiri.

"Yup, Nikiri found me and used Eiko's healing potion to bring me back to full health. I owe her big time!" The five continued drinking, laughing and having a good time, until they called it a night.

"Well, better head on home." Yawned Hyobe. "Hopefully me wife'll be a tiny bit angry."

"Yeah, better be off too." Said Takuya. "Gotta rest up to do more quests tomorrow."

"H-Hey, what do I do?" Asked Nikiri.

"Follow Tenji, he'll take you to the inn." Said Takuya as he took his leave. He wearily swayed to his home in the middle of the village, passing Chikko's father's blacksmithing shop and the local potions peddlers. Finally, he came to his room to lie down and finally be able to relax...that would normally be the case, but there was just one problem...

"What took you so long?!" Whined Nikiri as she was sprawled out on Takuya's bed.

"What the hell?! Nikiri?!" Takuya gasped. "How'd you know where I live?!"

"Tenji told me." She giggled.

"Then how did you get here so fast? And I thought you were going to the inn with Tenji!"

"I did not want to go to the Inn. So I thought I would come here." She said. Takuya sighed.

"I got no room. You'd have to sleep on the floor to-"

"Okay!" She hopped off the bed and onto the floor next to the bed. "Also, I want to ask you something. Something I could not ask the others..."

"What is it?"

"Can you train me to become a Monster Hunter like you?" This raised a surprised expression from Takuya.

"Y-You wanna become a Monster Hunter?!" He asked.

"Yes! If it is fun, then I wanna do it! So please train me to become as strong as you!" Nikiri looked serious, as opposed to her somewhat childish nature.

"I-I guess so..." Nikiri cheered and hugged Takuya.

"Thank you!" She screamed in joy.

"But in the morning, I'm still pretty tired after that fight with the Kirin." He sat down on his bed and began taking off his armour. eventually, after taking off his helmet, chestplate and gauntlets, Nikiri blinked. "What?"

"You look cuter without armour." She blushed. Takuya grunted in embarrassment as he took off his remaining armour leaving him in his underwear and light t-shirt.

"J-Just get some rest. We need all the energy for tomorrow..." He laid down on his bed and fell asleep, as soon Nikiri fell asleep too with little regard for the uncomfortable floor. But for Takuya, he was still lost as to who Nikiri was. Who was she? Where did she come from? Did she have any family that will worry about her? It was unhealthy to worry about all those questions so he put it to rest. Tomorrow, she will have to train Nikiri, so soon the answers will come to him...

FINALLY UPDATED! So any theories to who Nikiri is? :3 Poor Takuya wants to know xD

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