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A sigh escaped from thin lips as the male made his way up the stair case. His heavy combat boots did no ease to the ancient steps and creaked in agony as the man dragged himself and his suitcase up the narrow passage, eyes burning into his back as the creepy land lord waved him off.

"Enjoy your room, no? Ke ke ke," the rattling words travelling up the stairs to meet the man who had reached a small hallway. Twitching his eyebrow in annoyance, the man dragged his stubborn suitcase slowly up the hall, pausing to read each brass number on the flaking, wooden doors.

10... 11... 12...

The male finally reached the end of the hall, coming to the last door which, ironically enough read 13. The man huffed, and smirked dryly. Bad luck was the last of what he needed. Sliding the key into the lock and turning the knob, the man muttered under his breath. Great. Taking a look to his side and keeping an eye out for that creep land lord, the male gave a firm, violent push to the door and it gave way with a loud creak. Satisfied, he let himself in, closing the heavy door behind him and twisting the brass little lock.

The smell of neglect filled his nostrils and the man turned around, hardly suprised by the state of the apartment. The walls were covered in a tacky, floral wallpaper, pieces torn and curling from the walls as if the flowers themselves were wilting. As he set down his suitcase, the worn floor boards creaked, scuffed and dirty from years of use. The apartment was basically just a living room, bare and dusty, with a smaller section that he assumed was the kitchen. A door to the far of the living room was most likely the bedroom, and another, the bathroom.

It was certainly not worth $250 a week, but with nowhere to go and the limited amount of apartments in a city this big, the male had no other choice.

With a sigh, he tredded through the living room and into the kitchen, which was a delightful brown lino, but at least there was a fridge. Hesitantly he opened the fridge door, and with a suprised quirk of his eyebrows there was nothing monsterous or disgusting inside. The fridge was actually clean and unscented, and bare except for a single jar right up the back. It was unlabelled and held some kind of jam or jelly, and the male decided to ignore it and discover the rest of his new home.

The door to the bathroom was slightly a jar and he pushed it lightly to discover a disgusting combination of green tiles and white walls, which somebody had decided to splatter with something, leaving the tiled walls stained and dirty. His lips flattened into a disgusted scowl and he made a mental note of buying some cleaning products and bleach when he headed to the supermarket. He was a big fan of cleanliness.

The bedroom was nothing special, and also bare except for a double mattress that lay frameless on the ground. A few stains covered the material, and the man gagged a little, piching the bridge of his nose as he thought of how difficult it was to remove blood, and other stains... The only other thing in the bedroom was an antique mirror, stadning against the wall with cracked glass. It was long and tall, and the male took the time to look himself over.

Black boots and black jeans, with small rips in the knee, a white t-shirt pulled tight over his chest, and his jacket, which he had always worn, real leather and shiney black. His typical punk-ish attire, topped off with incredibly neat black nail polish and a few studs in his ears, had earned him a reputation as a "bad guy" in his old neighbour hood, beside the fact that he studied hospitality at the local college and assisted at the animal shelter.

Insides didn't always match the outsides, he considered, as he brushed back his untidy black bangs and dumped his jacket on the mattress.

Sebastian Michaelis. 20 years old. Waiter at the Chat Noir. Broke.


By 1 o'clock Sebastian had already swept and tied the entire apartment, including scrubbing the tiles in the bathroom with bleach he had purchased from the drug store on the corner. The finished bathroom actually looked presentable and clean, and Sebastian enjoyed the faint smell of chemicals in the air. He was lucky to have the apartment on the edge of the building, as his bedroom and bathroom also had windows. The view, however undesirable, held some interesting sights, and Sebastian found himself wanting to visit the large supermarket two blocks down.

Grabbing his jacket and a clean shirt, Sebastian snatched his keys and wallet from the counter and headed out the door, making sure to give it a good slam to lock it properly.

The apartment complex Sebastian lived in was a typical brick building with white windows and a fire escape down the side. There were many of them in the area, so he made note of the Chinese resturant next to the building. A Chinese man waved annoyingly at him as he passed, his slitted eyes nearly shut as he cheerfully muttered something about sweet and sour squid.

The block wasn't exactly a friendly part of town, and Sebastian earned a few stares and insults as he made his way down the pavement. Many of the side alleys lead off into shadey back streets, in which drunks or deliquents would wait and call out like wild animals.

He was only two blocks from home when he noticed another building that he had seen from his apartment window. A purple Victorian style house, slotted in with the other buildings, mostly apartments. It was a beautiful old house, and had a well-maintained garden. Whoever lived there would have been very well off, seeing as this area of town seemed to be higher up (even if it were only a few blocks from where he lived).

Walking past, a flash of yellow caught his eye and he noticed a blonde-haired girl sitting at the second-story window, brushing her long, golden locks. She was dressed in an airy sort of dress, beautiful and flowing, a warm pink, that floated in the afternoon warmth. A soft music came from her direction, and she gave a little smile to Sebastian as he passed. Of course, Sebastian noticed, her breasts were pushed up and presented in a lovely display by a corset, framed by her lovely air. When Sebastian stopped to stare, she blew a little kiss at him, and foolishly he turned to see of anyone had saw. By the time he turned back, she had disappeared, leaving Sebastian confused and aroused.


Twenty dollars didn't get Sebastian far, but he managed to collect a few things for sandwhiches, along with a few rolls of toilet paper and a bottle of cinnamon air freshner. He still had a twenty whuch he intended for a taxi into work the next day, and he kept that safely in his back pocket.

After he left the supermarket, he had looked around the shopping centres for a while, familarising himself with the new surroundings. By the time he was ready to head home it was getting dark, and cool.

On his way back Sebastian couldn't help but stop when he passed the Victorian house. The blonde was no longer there, but the beautiful house was softly illuminated from the inside and outside. The music was louder now, and it was evident there were people inside. It was a Friday night so it wasn't that unusual for a party. That's when Sebastian noticed a few people walking down the pavement entering the house. They knocked at the door and a few seconds later they were allowed in.

Maybe it's a club or something, he considered. Curiosity got the better of him, and he crossed the street to stand in front of the house. When he got closer he noticed the decorative sign above the doorway, that read oddly enough "pet shop".

Jazzy live music spilled out from the doorway as the petite blonde from earlier poked her head outside.

"Hello, dark stranger," she purred, and beckoned him with her pink-tipped finger. Sebastian simply blinked at her, too entranced by her strange beauty to even register he was being spoken to. That's when she laughed. Her bubbly voice echoed off the porch and she giggled.

"Come now silly, do you want in or not?"

Sebastian was stunned momentarily at her forwardness but then nodded with a small smirk. He stepped forward but before he could enter he was stopped by a small hand.

"Twenty dollars," she grinned, holding out her delicate fingers for the money. Sebastian groaned and looking longingly at the girl, but then thought about his taxi money. He decided to just walk away, but at that moment another girl poked her head around the corner. She was brunette, and she too was wearing a bodice that squeezed in her waist and made her breasts spill out and fill her top generously. She giggled and blushed at Sebastian.

"Who's your friend, Lizzy?" She asked the blonde, batting her lashes up at the stunned man. Lizzy simply kept her hand out, fingers enticing Sebastian to reluctantly pull the money from his pocket and place it in the blonde's hand. She gave an excited grin and pulled open the door, letting Sebastian in to the elusive house.

The house was a barage of senses. Live music played all around him, a jazz band of some sort, playing swinging burlesque type music. The drums coursed through Sebastian's body, making his heart race to the beat. A strong scent filled the house, something akin to vanilla, but it was heady, like burnt incence. The sound and movement of people all around him excited him, and his eyes struggled to see everything at once. There were two large rooms either side of where Sebastian stood, and the people seemed to be attracted to raised platforms in the living areas.

The cute brunette linked her arm around Sebastian's and led him into the living room, swaying her hips to the catchy drums. The band was set up in the corner, all in black, playing some wordless, classy tune. It wasn't Sebastian's usual scene but it fitted the interior so well. The walls were dressed in red, like the carpet, and a large fireplace roared. The brunette ushered Sebastian to a love seat and handed him a glass of something that made his throat burn.

Lizzy was up on one of the little platforms, her long legs showing off and tipped with stilletos, her busty chest displayed for the men and women who watched. Sebastian watched, and noticed other women against the walls, or in men's arms, or spread across love seats, all of which were incredibly beautiful and well-groomed.

"What is this place?" Asked Sebastian to the brunette, who perked up at the attention and smiled broadly.

"You could say it's a burlesque club with a twist!" She exclamied, clearly buzzed on something. "They come to see the most beautiful creatures in the city, and for the lucky few, they come to buy."

Sebastian watched as a beautiful red-head spun past, her dress flowing and eye-catching.

"Buy?" He asked, body warm from the company and the alcohol. The brunette nodded and grabbed him another glass.

"They don't call it the Pet Shop for no reason. You can rent out the 'pets' for an hour or two, even the whole night. Lizzy was once invited on a week-long cruise, she's one of the more popular pets."

A whole week? "And what do the pets do? Do they sleep-"

"No no no! We don't run that kind of business!" She laughed it off and continued, "We simply offer our company to whoever bids the highest. Occasionally though, a few pets have sold their virginity for a high price, it's their choice. Some pets have even fallen in love with their clients and they run off together."

Sebastian snorted on his drink and looked at the brunette. She giggled and gave Sebastian a flirtacious kiss on the nose, pouring him another drink. Sebastian could feel himself becoming tipsy. "What do you do?"

The brunette looked out into the throngs of people, as Lizzy extended a leg into the air and answered after a few minutes. "Dance, massages, talk, sing, I guess anything really, it also depends on the pet."

Sebastian thought this over and nodded, decided it wasn't such a rediculous notion to want to spend time with one of these beautiful girls. He sat entranced as the red-head from earlier came dancing over, her long hair flying around her face. She approached Sebastian rather keenly and put a hand on his knee, then lifted her face.

Sebastian nearly choked on an ice cube. It was a man. A good-looking man is a dress! Cackling wildly, the man danced away, leaving Sebastian rather flabbergasted.

"You have men here too?" The brunette looked at him and nodded, not suprised at his shock. "Plenty," she answered. She then took his hand and begun to lead him around the room. "Let me introduce you to some of the pets."

It was then Sebastian begun noticing the smaller details. A small pair of mouse ears sat in the brunette's hair, and Lizzy, as she spun around before her crowd, sported pink feathers, a regal and dancing flamingo. Some girls served drinks, dressed in simple black corsets and shorts, small ears of their hair colour clipped in place. A taller girl had little giraffe antlers, and many had rainbow feathers, or cute black snouts painted on the tip of their nose.

"There's me, and the other mice, the shy type," she glanced at another girl who sat timidly in a man's lap, blushing profusly as he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. She too had little grey ears, and a soft grey corset to match. "These pets will usually put you back $30 an hour, or $130 for the entire night." Sebastian gasped as he gazed at the mouse girl, and looked towards the brunette. "I don't even make that much a day..." he murmured, still watching as the man handing the small mouse another fiver, and she gave him a shy kiss and giggle.

The brunette smiled, leading Sebastian through the throng. A girl with maroon hair and glasses stood in the middle of a group of men and women, singing a tune for a few notes, sticking out her hip so her feathered skirt would florish. "The birds," explained the brunette. "Loud and bright, usually bubbly or not-so-sharp. Known for their beautiful voices." She cast a gaze at Lizzy, whose long legs were wrapped over a man's shoulders.

"Lizzy is still a bird, but she's higher paid than most. A regular bird would put you back $50 an hour, $170 for the night. Lizzy though, she's been known to charge over $300 a night."

Sebastian's eyes widened as he took in the sight of the girl, who smiled charmingly and sung for the boys. $300 he thought... and shook his head. Perhaps he would have to take on more hours at the Chat Noir. Before he could think straight, he was being tugged past more people and past the band, which blared loudly in his ear. Another drink was being forced into his hand and his throat burned again as his body tingled warmly.

"The dogs," announced the brunette, and presented a group of men on a sofa, and an exuberant blonde boy crawling all over them. The blonde wore small shorts and a cute bodice, with socks that sat above his knees. He couldn't seem to decide which man he wanted more, and panted excitedly as he was handed some cash, and scurried to the man who just paid. He had a small tail clipped to the back of his shorts, and floppy ears either side of his face. "Let me guess," said Sebastian, "for those who like the playful type?"

The brunette nodded and whistled at the blonde, who gave her a dopey smile and licked the paying man's cheek. "Alois can fetch," she paused to giggle at the pun,"up to $300, like Lizzy. The dogs are usually $70 an hour, simply because they're so playful."

Sebastian didnt think much of the Alois boy and curled his lip. He couldn't imagine why someone would pay to have an annoying little puppy crawl over you all night. "Exotic pets can be ordered, and that will cost you. For example, we have a seal and an otter, they reside i the indoor pool. They're paid extra to be in those conditions. We have a dragon, Hannah, who breaths fire every hour, and that's not all she can do with her mouth. And of course, monkies, are paid extra for the safety harnesses they use," and with that she pointed to the high ceilings, and much to Sebastian's amazement, two or three girls swung carelessly from beautiful artifical branches.

"What type do you prefer," asked the brunette, looking at him eagerly. "Playful? Energetic? Shy? Exotic?" She added a little wink to that last, and as Sebastian though it over he came to the honest conclusion and answered with a question.

"You don't have any cats?"

The brunette paused momentarily, opened her mouth and a small smirk pulled at the edge of her lips. "We don't have any cats... But we do have a kitten." And with that she grabbed his hand and dragged him to the complete other side of the house, which had somehow become dark, and the band itself had quietened. The men made way for the brunette as she slipped through the crowd and up onto a table, that a few other men had climbed to get a better view of what was happening down below.

Sebastian could make out a small body laying in the dark, a single spotlight trained on the figure. It was curled into a ball, and was unmoving. Sebastian opened his mouth to speak but the brunette shushed him. That's when the band begun to play again, quiet tsks on the drum, and with each little tsk, the figure moved it's hips.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, and the little figure swayed it's hips side to side, it's perfectly rounded ass tantalising the crowd as the soft faux tail bobbed side to side. The drum became louder, and the swaying turned into little juts, the kitten thrusting it's bottom towards the watching crowd. Sebastian gulped softly and watched in silence like the other men, eagerly awaiting as change.

Suddenly, with a fan fare of sax, the little figure curled it's spine and threw it's head back, throwing back slate hair and facing the audience.

It's a boy, thought Sebastian, and although he knew he should have felt disappointed, he's never felt more excited.

The boy's mouth was open in exertion, cheeks flushed and big eyes lidded, giving a very alluring look to the crowd, who had burst out in applause and woof whistles. The boy wore small, sinful shorts, although they should have been classed as underwear. A brillant blue, underbust corset sucked in the boy's already tiny waist, giving him full, feminine hips. A tight, matching blue ribbon was tied around his neck with a large bow at the back. His thighs were round and soft, black socks starting above his knees and small ankle boots on his tiny feet, completed with 3 inch heels. The boy was shirtless, and his chest was already rising and falling quickly from the corset, two perk pink nipples poking out. The flushed look made him look delectable and ravishing, and Sebastian's lips tightened.

This kid couldn't be more than 14! He looked like he fell right out of a shota manga, thought Sebastian, and yet his heart exhilerated when the boy's rosey lips fell open and he meowed. The crowd went wild. They hooted and hollered, throwing money at his little booties, hoping to attract the kittens attention. Another little meow and two, three, no- four hundred dollars were thrown to his feet, the little kitten delighted in this and purred. The crowd literally shivered when he made that delicious noise.

Tipping back his head, his furry slate ears touching kissing his bare shoulder blades, the boy raised one leg right up into the air. The crowds eyes followed as he raised that delicate, thin limb straight up, pointed toes pointing to the cieling. At this time, a member of the crowd tried to sneak a bill from the collection of cash around the kitten's bottom. This was not unnoticed by the boy, and with a loud stamp, a sickening crunch, and a mixed reaction of shouts and gasps, the boy crushed the stealing hand beneath the heel of his raised leg, staring daggers at the theif. An eared male soon ushered the man away from the stage, warning him to never show his face at the Pet Shop again, but Sebastian didn't have time to listen. The little kitten had begun to stand, acting as if he having broken a man's fingers was all in a day's work. The drums picked up, and as he jutted out his little hips his tiny black-gloved hands stretched up above his head.

His little hips moved in circles, and the men went crazy, Sebastian watching on with them. Some even dared to touch him, but the little kitten would lash out his hand to slap them away playfully. Although coy and playful, the boy kept a grumpy pout on his lips the entire time, and that's what made him a kitten. So playful and serious, and so attractive to Sebastian.

The boy lolled his head back and forth, and seemed to shimmy in the direction of whomever threw cash at him, so Sebastian slipped his hands into his pockets and threw whatever he could find. The sound of the quarter hitting the stage had the kitten whipping around furiously, and he drew back his hand to strike at the cheap bastard. Sebastian saw him whip around and quickly caught his fist before it came in contact with his face.

For a few, breif seconds the two locked eyes. Sebastian was truly breath-taken. He wasn't sure if it was the alcohol, or the deep, mournful blue of the boy's eyes, but Sebastian's body surged, as he quickly placed a kiss to the knuckles of the hand he felt could snap with a single twist. Flustered, the kitten pulled away and quickly went back to his dance, leaving Sebastian to develop a quick smirk and the boy, a blush.

The dance was quick, and before he knew it the kitten was gone, having slipped away into the dark without him noticing. When the music and the trance of his hips had stopped Sebastian could think clearly, and he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"So he got to you too, huh?" Sebastian had forgotten about the meek brunette, who looked at him inquisitvley. Shaken, Sebastian quickly shook his head.

"No, not at all," he lied. The brunette blushed darkly and leaned close to Sebastian, handing him another glass.

"Is that why you clearly have an erection, sir?" She giggled and looped her arm around his once more, leading him away from the empty stage. Once back in the more lively part of the living room, Sebastian found himself curious and asked the brunette.

"Who was that?"

The brunette looked pleased to answer, and she smirked, having finally found something that made this man tick. If she could target his preferences, she could make a sale by the end of the night.

"That's Ciel," she breathed, smiling as she did. "He is the only kitten here at the Pet Shop, and is also the most expensive and highly requested pet here. A single hour with Ciel will put you back about $300, if you book ahead (and there is a waiting list), and the very few who have been able to afford to spend the night with him have left here $1000 poorer."

Sebastian's eyes widened and his lips tightened and he looked at the brunette as if she had two heads.

"One thousand dollars?" He asked, mind swimming.

"Yes," answered the brunette, smiling,"and his price is rising all the time. With more and more clients requesting him he is making a lot of money for the club."

"Why is the boy so popular? If you rub his belly, does he give you good luck?" He enquired sarcastically. The brunette giggled softly.

"No, but he is a virgin. They say he'll only give it away by choice, which is why he's so popular. His virginity can only be brought once you've won his affection. Some call him The Million Dollar Cherry."

Sebastian thought this over and shook his head, pinching his nose once more. He slipped his phone from his pocket and quickly checked the time.

"Damn," he swore and shoved his phone hastily into his pocket. It was already midnight and he had work in the morning. He picked up the brunette's hand and gently kissed it, smirking when she swooned.

"If you'll excuse me, but I'll have to be heading home now... "

"Paula," she finished, blushing deeply as she did so. She encouraged him to come back again and slipped him a busniness card as he left, sliding out of the warm, loud enviroment and onto the quiet streets. On his way out he noticed Lizzy, now in the lap of a man who fanned money at her.

Funnily enough, after seeing Ciel dance he would rather forgo an entire night with Lizzy for a singly hour with Ciel.


By the time Sebastian arrived home it was almost 1 in the morning, and he kicked off his heavy boots and hastily made the bed with the white sheets he had brought today. Once deeming it sleep-worthy, he collapsed into the matress, not bothereing to change and shut his eyes. Just before he fell asleep he felt a crinkle in his pocket and he reached a hand in to investigate. When he withdrew his hand he was holding a midnight blue business card, with the words 'Pet Shop' in cursive on the front. Beneath were the contact details of the club. He flipped the card over and discovered the back was white, with a simply black ink drawing of two pairs of legs, that were crawling on the card. The legs were socked and the bottom of the legs had two small ankle booties, of which Sebastian would recognise anywhere.

Ciel, he murmured as he pinned the card to the wall by his bed, and the last thing he saw before slipping into unconciousness was the delectable legs of the most expensive boy in the world.

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