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Ciel fidgeted with the hem of his shorts for the umpteenth time that night.

The exquisitely frilled lace that lined the edge of the garments scratched uncomfortably at the boy's inner thigh, and Ciel tried to smooth the fabric out as conspicuously as possible without averting his gaze from the gentleman in front of him.

His guest was an elderly gentleman, one of Asian descent, although his accent wasn't so easy to identify. His heritage was evident in his black eyes, pinched in the corners and lidded closely as the elder delved further into his conversation. The crinkled lines that mapped the man's face told almost as many stories as his lips did.

"It was a horrible beast. It completely abolished the manor's gardens, the courtyard, hardly deserving of the title of domestic dog," continued the older man, nursing a cup of tea in his gloved hands. His eyes glinted with amusement as Ciel gave him a small smile, his own uncovered eye alert and listening keenly.

"He terrorised the guests, ripped up the mistresses prized roses, and I won't even mention the havoc he wrecked on the poor master's freshly shampooed carpet." Once again, there was laughter in the gentleman's eyes as he raised his tea to his mouth, sipping at the fine beverage. Ciel breathed out laughter, his lips unable to remain straight as he grinned wildly at his guest, who was sitting beside him on the velvet crimson sofas in the centre of the lounge.

"Ever the raconteur," Ciel smiled, his small teeth peeking from behind his lips. Composing himself slightly, Ciel adjusted his malformed shorts once more and tucked a strand of hair behind his decorated ear before slitting his eye playfully and leaning in to place a man on the older man's knee.

"And what do you think of the dogs here, Mister Tanaka?" Ciel whispered, his eye darting over to a host who sat close by, velvet puppy ears hanging from her teased and perfumed hair.

Tanaka let his eyes flick casually over to the young pet, who was angling her chest promiscuously towards two brothers, whom were enticing her with a small handful of cash. Ciel barely hid the roll of his eye and the grimace on his lips, but Tanaka remained a perfect gentleman, rubbing his white gloved thumb over the lip of the fine China tea cup.

"I much prefer the kittens," he admitted, giving Ciel that same smile with his eyes, never quirking his wrinkled lips. Ciel tapped the old man's knee fondly before removing his hand, settling back to pick up his own cup of tea.

It was not until the band had set up for the evening, and the atmosphere was overtaken with recorded music that Mister Tanaka took his leave for the evening. Two abandoned tea cups sat side by side on the mahogany table as Ciel stood to bid his client farewell.

"I hope to see you again," Ciel spoke, tugging the back of his shorts down secretly as his other hand was enveloped in Tanaka's.

"Until we meet again," said the old man, curling Ciel's gloved hand and bringing it softly to his mouth. A mere whisper of a kiss was placed to the back of Ciel's hand, and the crumpling of paper was muffled between hands as he slipped the escort his tip. Ciel closed his hand around the notes, knowing that the gentleman tipped generously, and tipped his head gratefully. With that, Tanaka left, collecting his jacket from the door girl.

Ciel gave a soft hum, watching faithfully until the other was out the door. His visits with the elder were always ephemeral, and their end brought a weight back to Ciel's chest. It was rare to find a client who genuinely enjoyed his company, and treated him like a grandson. Unfortunately the rest of the Pet Shop failed to see the purely platonic nature of their relationship.

With his guest gone, Ciel was soon to feel eyes on the back of his neck, and several men from around the filled room laid their gaze upon him. He shifted uncomfortably, his hands ghosting over the backs of his thighs and across the underside of his ass. Madame Red's latest change in costume had Ciel squeezed into, well, he supposed she called them shorts but they may as well have been underwear. The plump bottoms of Ciel's cheeks peeked ashamedly from the edges of the leather shorts, framed enticingly with black lace.

It had been embarrassing enough seeing Finnian turn bright red, seconds away from a nose bleed, when he had first tried on this evening's ensemble. Now, to hear the susurrus of gentlemen approaching the unattended escort was enough for Ciel's confident facade to falter.

"Hello kitty," came a cocky chirp from behind him, and Ciel scolded himself for flinching in fright. Instead, he turned his head slowly, a deep frown already hardened into his brow.

The man who had spoken to him was a typical customer, one Ciel would see a lot. Young; self-confident, overly confident actually. Dressed head to toe in the finest clothes his wealthy father or promotion could afford. Smirk already settled in place, drink already in hand. My favourite, thought Ciel sarcastically.

"Hello," Ciel drawled, eyeing the man up and down. That tacky pick up line already had him red, and he had to quickly remind himself not to claw the man's eyes out of his skull.

"I noticed you talking to that old guy," the man had a stupid smile on his ridiculously whitened teeth. "Wouldn't you rather someone a little younger? Someone like me?"

Ciel stared blankly back at the man, an ugly taste on the back of his tongue. His hand clenched tightly and he tightened his lips, trying to recall why he had to entertain this horrible dick of a man. Oh yes, it's my job, Ciel bit, and he suddenly remembered how to smile, although it never reached his eyes.

"I would like that," he mentioned half-heartedly, stepping slightly closer to the taller man. He near gagged at the overwhelming amount of cologne the man wore, but what came next was twice as horrid.

Ciel flinched as he felt the large hand grasp the right side of his ass and give it a hearty squeeze. Ciel's eye flew up, his mouth open and gaping at the man who had groped him. Hugged close to the man's chest, the older looked down at him and gave another sickening smirk, his hand never leaving Ciel's backside.

"It's alright," he cooed, his thumb grazing slowly under the swell of Ciel's barely covered ass. He shivered, his eye wide, unsure of what to do because this had never happened to him before. At the Pet Shop it was forbidden to touch the pets, absolutely forbidden.

"She told me you would be never, but that's okay," the arrogant man shushed, pulling Ciel closer. His nose smashed into the finely pressed lapels of the man's suit, his throat thick with the musky scent of cologne around him. Although pressed deeply to the man's heart, Ciel could still feel the grope of the man's hand on his ass, his fingertips splaying and running between his shivering thighs. Ciel bucked back his hips violently, unappreciative of the touch. This made the man release him, and Ciel took a staggered step backwards.

"S-she?" He swallowed, nervously looking about and wondering why not one of his guards was there to protect him. The overly-cocky business man nodded, slightly fazed at Ciel's behaviour, and flicked his head to someone behind Ciel.

"She, in the red," he said, as if it were the most obvious statement in the world. Red, Ciel didn't need to turn to see who he referred to, but he did. Confirming his fears, a few metres back in the crowd, Red stood dressed head to toe in a tight, elegant number. Although seemingly emerged in a conversation with a small group of women, Madame Red's eyes stared directly at Ciel through the crowd.

She let him touch me.

Ciel excused himself, vaguely, taking further steps backwards until he bumped into a vase. His aunt's eyes travelled with him, her lips moving as she spoke to her ladies, but her eyes never wavered. He heard the cocky business man mutter something about virgins, before the small boy darted up the stair case as quickly and as elegantly as possible.


"Are you sure Ciel?"

Finnian's nimble fingers quickly worked to unlace Ciels' corset, the black ties slipping through his gloved hands. God dammit, he swore under his breath, quickly bringing his hand to his mouth so he could rip the useless silk garment off his hand. Tossing it to the ground he took a firmer grip on Ciel's ties and loosened the corset as quickly as possible.

Ciel collapsed, the corset removed from his small torso as he fell onto his forget-me-not bed sheets, his chest heaving as he gripped the silk beneath his fingers. His shaky breaths were loud and unnerving to his butler, who quickly helped the boy to his feet.

His master was a mess. Blotted mascara collected beneath the boy's eye, his cheeks and lips were red and bothered. The poor thing grasped onto Finnian, struggling to breathe, sending desperate puffs of hot air onto the collar of the butler's shirt.

"She saw," he distressed, looking up at Finnian helplessly. "He grabbed m-me and she saw, she let him!" Finnian opened and shut his mouth, not sure of what to say. What could he say? Ciel clutched tightly at his arms, pressing his head into his chest. Instead of talking, Finnian simply closed his arms around the boy and pressed his lips to the crown of the escort's hair.

He was no idiot, and he was not blind. It was blatantly obvious what was going on inside of this house, but how on earth could he, could anyone, do anything about it? His fingers splayed through Ciel's hair and he gently tugged at the tie in his hair, pulling the boy's eye patch loose. Setting it on the edge of the bed, Finnian slowly slipped to the ground, crossing his legs and placing the boy gently in his lap. The position was familiar; the boy had spent too many nights cradled against his chest like this, his small heart struggling against his fragile skin.

Placing his mouth very close to his young master's ear, Finnian whispered cautiously. "Ciel, you have to get out of here." Ciel stiffened, his own mouth reaching up for his butler's ear.

"I can't," he hushed, shaking his slate head softly.

"I could help, I could find a way-"

"And you'd end up like Wordsmith," Ciel finished, his bottom lip trembling ever so softy against the skin of Finnian's throat. His butler's pulse throbbed rapidly beneath his touch and he shut his eyes, pulling away from the man. Raising his head to face his butler, Ciel opened his eyes softly, his sapphire iris dark from tears. The other eye was dry, however, and completely white. It shone with the glass it was made from; it's milky gaze unsettled and blind.

"You'd end up like me," Ciel swore, lidding his enucleated eye.


The tiger stone ring had been in hiding for the past week. Safely wrapped in a wad of tissue paper, Sebastian had stuffed it inside a tin of New Moon Drop tea. Now the auburn ring was sitting in the palm of his hand, its polished gold frame glinting richly in the sun.

Regency Antiques was an old store several blocks from where Sebastian lived. He never would have noticed the dusty building if he hadn't passed it every single day on his way to and from work. It sat out of place, the building was an antique itself, outdated between modern and shining office buildings and boutiques.

A brass door bell chimed as Sebastian pushed through the door, the echo ringing throughout a city of retired furniture. The smell of wood and dust met Sebastian's nose, and he couldn't deny that the place wasn't entirely that horrible.

Amongst the rows of sofas and repaired book shelves, there sat a lady at a desk, which would have gone unnoticed if it weren't for the abnormally loud scratching of her pencil in her notebook. A myriad of clinquant jewels sat on the table before her, and one by one she would pick up the jewellery and inspect it closely, a magnifying glass attached to the front of her thick glasses, and then jot down a sentence or two about it. Sebastian watched her work as he approached her notes undisturbed until the waiter cleared his throat.

"Pardon me, m'am?" The woman looked up from her work, her eyes magnified comically by the glasses she wore. She looked to be quite young, perhaps Sebastian's age, but her moth-eaten clothes and mousy hair aged her terribly, and he wondered if perhaps working here had turned her into an antique herself.

"Yes?" She put down her pencil and paper as Sebastian sat down opposite, placing the tin of New Moon Drop on the table before her.

"I'd like to sell this, please," he added, fishing the ring out of the tissue paper and placing it down delicately before the antique dealer. The tiger's eye certainly looked impressive, but Sebastian had no idea of its actual worth, and hoped it would at least be worth one hundred dollars.

The lady took the ring between her worn fingers, and raised it to her eye glass. Her magnified eye focused in on the jewel, and she furrowed her brow, flicking through her notebook to look at previous scrawling and scratching. Sebastian looked at his feet, shuffling his big boots against the floorboards, threading his fingers through the holes in his knees. The store was quite and stuffy, and Sebastian feared he might elder with the furniture too.

With a clearing of her throat, the lady placed the ring back down onto the desk and removed her glasses. Even her eyes were a dull shade of grey.

"I can offer you $300 for it," she spoke, her face plain and uninterested. Sebastian raised his eyebrow slightly and spat out an immediate yes, a smile on his lips. That was more than he expected, it was more than he needed! He near snatched the wads of cash from the dealer as she led him to the cash register and counted out the money. It seemed to take forever, and Sebastian knew exactly what he would buy first.


"Sebastian's coming to visit," Ciel exclaimed, grabbing his butler's hand with felicity as he swung him around the room. A refurbished record player filled the room with music, and Ciel led his fumbling butler into a slow and playful dance. The lilt was awkward, Finnian tripped over his own feet as Ciel spun around him delicately.

"C-Ciel," Finnian stuttered, grabbing onto his young master's waist as he was twisted and spun across the hardwood floors of the boy's bedroom. Yet, an infectious smile found its way to his lips, and he soon steadied himself, swaying his hips along with the boy's.

Ciel was halcyon. His hair was pushed back from his face, still damp with the bath he had taken, and his eye patch was off. His mismatched eyes crinkled in the corners as he smiled, spinning himself beside Finnian in nothing but a silk robe. A giggle found its way from the boy's mouth, and Finnian's fears were lost in the euphonious sound.

"I've never seen you smile like this," Finnian admitted, rewarded with an incandescent grin from his small charge. Ciel looked radiant, not a crease in his brow, and he replied without missing a beat.

"It's that damn giant of a man," Ciel said gleefully, his bare toes raising him off the ground for another spin beneath Finnian's arm.

"Giant, you say?" His butler laughed when he saw Ciel turn red, and slap his arm lightly.

"His height, he is tall, his darn height Finny," Ciel muttered, his cheeks like strawberries.

Finnian wrapped his arm around Ciel's waist and brought him to his chest again, continuing the dance. He still chuckled lightly and Ciel scowled, but a smile ghosted over his blushing face.

"That's completely beside the point, it's almost five, and I have nothing to wear," Ciel sung this calmly, too caught up in his small dance. It was lazy and distracted him from how excited he was to see his boyfriend again.

"You have more clothing than all the pets combined, young master, I'm sure we can find something."

Ciel shook his head, softly dispatching from his dancing partner. His small feet padded over to the wardrobe and he opened the doors wide. Placing his hands on his hips, he chewed his bottom lip, mulling over the thousands of combinations. It was predominately black. Black coats and shorts, black leather and lace. Black booties and fifty shades of grey blouses and corsets. Of course, the latest additions to his wardrobe, the skimpy shorts/underwear that were stuffed unceremoniously at the end of the hangers. He would not be wearing that tonight, although he was curious as to how Sebastian would react to his ass bulging out of those shorts. He wondered if he'd rut his dick up against him again like he did last week. He wouldn't pull away if Sebastian grabbed him while wearing those. He wouldn't mind anything Sebastian did to him.

It wasn't long before Ciel decided black was inevitable, and he was dressed in high-waisted black shorts with a long-sleeved, translucent black blouse. Black socks came up over his knee and attached to his thigh with a garter belt. Simply black booties were placed upon his feet. He didn't apply any makeup, and although his damaged hand had been removed of its cast, it was still wrapped tightly with bandage. Wearing his usual black gloves, Ciel didn't place any of his usual jewellery upon his fingers. They were naked, bare for the plastic ring Sebastian had given to him.

He smoothed back one side of his hair, up and away from his forehead, and kept it pinned back with the elastic of his eye patch. He licked his lips to wet them, and he circled back and forth before his mirror, preening every inch of his body. He wanted to look right.

Finnian watched him from the door, his young master strutting up and down before his mirror like a peacock, pausing to adjust his hair or his socks. The boy fussed and fiddled, and it was his annoyed command that had him stop what he was doing.

"Young master, you look beautiful."


Sebastian's boots pounded loudly against the pavement. His hair slapped the edges of his face as he jogged, and his breath came out in short, fast pants. He was late.

The alarm on his cell phone had failed to sound, and so now the waiter was rushing towards the Pet Shop, in the clothes he had found in the rush to get out the door. Jeans with holes in the knees, and a long black shirt with the sleeves missing. Unlaced boots that flapped shoelaces across the patent surface, tsk tsk tsk. The back of his shirt clung between his shoulder blades with sweat, but Sebastian had no time to worry about presentation. If he was late for his appointment it could be days before he saw his Ciel again, and he could not cope with that.

The sun was setting by the time Sebastian arrived wearily at the Pet Shop. Five minutes late and looking like hell, Sebastian bent over on the front lawn and caught his breath, his large hands resting upon his knees. When he finally managed to stand upright, he pushed his damp hair back from his face and made his way to the front door.



Sebastian was pressed fiercely up against the wall, Ciel's smaller body catching him by surprise as the door swung shut, clicking in place with a loud thud that shook the petals from the dead bouquet hanging from the wall.

Ciel's mouth collided roughly against Sebastian's, his small arms tugging him down to his own height. Their teeth chipped together, and he made a small sound, the ebullient boy dragging his gloved hand over his boyfriend's sweaty chest. Sebastian's shirt was worn and tight, and his hair was messed wildly around his face. He looked dangerous and becoming, and Ciel shuddered in delight as sweat slick muscles tensed beneath his fingertips.

"You were late," Ciel whispered between a kiss, slamming his mouth back against Sebastian's, who was too stunned to move his lips. He grabbed the edges of Ciel's face and forced him back, placing a soft kiss on his mouth.

Sebastian smirked with amusement at the young thing, whose lips were red and swollen. With great delight, he slid his hands down Ciel's sides, revelling that there was no corset. "My alarm, it didn't-"

He was cut off as Ciel kissed him again, their height level as Sebastian crouched down to pull his lover closer. A small tongue pressed at the seam of his lips and he opened his mouth, letting Ciel slide his tongue playfully over his own. Two huge hands wound their way into the back of Ciel's hair, tipping back his head. Sebastian's teeth grasped Ciel's bottom lip as he pulled back from the boy, rolling the dulcet skin before releasing it. Ciel's eye was hooded and dark, and his fingers twitched on their purchase of Sebastian's bicep.

"I missed you," breathed Ciel, leaning in to kiss his boyfriend again, only to have his head turned away and a hot mouth latch onto his throat. The boy bucked his trembling hips, exclaiming as Sebastian ran his large tongue over the expanse of his neck, against his Adam's apple as he swallowed his excite. Sebastian's lips nuzzled over his lover's ear, his tongue flicked over the three silver studs that piercing the lobe.

"I missed you more," Sebastian groaned playfully, his voice low and husky as he whispered kisses across Ciel's piercings. His large hand moved down to cup the swell of Ciel's ass, rubbing his thumb over the denim predatorily. The boy didn't flinch or shudder, but instead curled his spine to press his ass heavily into Sebastian's hand. An odd little sound escaped his cherry bitten lips, and he pressed his leather glove between his teeth to silence himself.

"Finnian is right outside," Ciel mouthed, his eye flicking over to his blue bed room door. Sebastian grinned devilishly, grabbing Ciel's wrist to remove the boy's hand from his mouth.

"And?" He muttered, his fingers hooking to tease beneath the hem of Ciel's shorts. He jolted and rested his weight on Sebastian's shoulders, his ass pressing out further to receive more of his lover's touch.

"I don't want him to hear us," Ciel said, feeling Sebastian laugh around him.

"You can be very loud," smiled Sebastian, bringing his other hand up to Ciel's bottom so he could hold both cheeks tightly in each hand. Crooking his fingers he squeezed the covered flesh roughly, and Ciel cried out softly, his booted foot shuffling nervously on the floor. Sebastian pressed his thumb up against the boy's lip, stroking the soft pouting flesh. Almost instantaneously, Ciel clasped Sebastian's thumb between his lips, tightening his mouth over the black nail that drew along his lower teeth.

"Then why don't you keep my mouth busy?" Ciel dragged his tongue evocatively over Sebastian's thumb, and then closed his lips over it, drawing it into the depth of his mouth with a hungry moan. The blackette's eyes widened as he realised what Ciel had suggested, and he felt his cock pulse aching in his jeans. The way the boy was sucking on his finger, digging his small tongue beneath his nail, was enough to make him tremble, and he pushed the digit further into the boy's mouth.

Ciel's nose fanned hot air over Sebastian's knuckles, and his small hands both wrapped around Sebastian's wrist, feeding his thumb into his mouth. Keeping true to the kitten he was, Ciel bit gently around the ailurophile's thumb. The salty taste of sweat played on the back of his throat as he cleaned his boyfriend's finger pad.

Regretfully, Sebastian drew back his thumb, Ciel following after the removed digit with his lips still open. Unable to help himself, Sebastian pushed his pointer and middle finger together, and pushed them into the boy's gaping mouth.

Ciel grunted, quickly suckling on the new fingers, whining as they pressed down curiously on his tongue. Sebastian pushed his fingers in deeper, watching as Ciel's greedy mouth invited them in. A cat-like tongue flicked over the intruding lengths, lapping every bit of salt and sweat off the long and bony fingers. Teeth dragged over his joints and a tensed tongue poked between them, Ciel making muffled and sinful sounds beneath his breath, sounds that had Sebastian grabbing his cock from the outside of his jeans, squeezing just to relief some of the pressure. If only Ciel knew how badly Sebastian wanted his lips stretched over his dick.

If only Sebastian knew how badly Ciel wanted to suck on it.

Sebastian was pulled from his knees, his wet fingers discarded as Ciel tugged him across the bedroom, the younger completely clouded with lust. Pushing him back with all of his might, Ciel tossed Sebastian on to his bed, the lanky man sitting down on the edge of the blue satin sheets.

"Ciel," Sebastian murmured as the boy dropped immediately to his knees, his small gloved hands resting on the man's knees, teasing the ripped fabric between his fingers. He swallowed hard, his throat shifting as he looked down on the bluenette, whose hands now dragged up and down the man's inner thighs. Those gloved fingers crawled up Sebastian's hips, pushing the hem of his worn shirt up and up. Sebastian took the fabric off him, peeling it up and over his head and then dumping the shirt on the bed beside him.

Ciel quickly bit at the glove of his good hand, sliding off his glove eagerly. Throwing off the garment Ciel pressed his bare hand onto Sebastian's abdomen, the damp skin hard and rippling beneath his palm. The labyrinthine scars on the boy's hand flexed as he drove his fingers across the tensed plain of his boyfriend's stomach. A pleased hum made its way through his lips, and his hand was quickly onto the button and zipper of Sebastian's black jeans, Sebastian himself trembling slightly and watching his young lover's expression carefully.

Lithe fingers slipped past the old jeans, palm flat and expecting Ciel's hand wound around the base of his cock, pulling the length from his jeans. Sebastian's hips rolled and he clenched the bed sheets, biting down on his lower lip.

"You really did miss me, didn't you?" Sebastian said, a ghost of a smile on his nervous lips. The grasp of Ciel's hands and his hovering, open mouth made him lose all composure, so he squeezed the blankets in his bone-white knuckles and tried to breathe in and out.

A slick, hot tongue came as Ciel's reply, the heated muscle looping over the head of his cock. A strangled cry slipped from Sebastian's teeth came and he threw back his head, his damp hair slapped between his bare shoulder blades. His hand slipped into the silky strands of Ciel's blue hair and held it tight, keeping his grip firm and steady as he struggled to breath. The boy's name fell like air from his lips and he dragged his thumb over the nape of the eager boy.

"God," Sebastian finally murmured, Ciel's tongue pressed flat and hard against his dick. The boy was looking at him when he raised his head, that one enigmatic eye blinking heavily at his flushed and pleasured face. Ciel's lips pursued and he strained his head, his tongue extended and begging for more, but Sebastian's hand had restrained him. Taking his own flesh into his bony fingers, Sebastian pressed his heavy cock head onto the flat plain of Ciel's tongue, watching as Ciel moaned and lathered his tongue across the top, swiping droplets of pre-come from the tip.

Sebastian could hardly believe what he was seeing, and his hands shook as he huskily asked his lover, "How's it taste?" Ciel raised his eye and licked his lips, a milky droplet smeared across the edge of his mouth.

"It's delicious," Ciel muttered his eye slitted and his pupil blown to black. His voice had lowered and his mouth dropped back open, his fat lower lip grazing over the exposed head of his cock. When the boy lowered his head this time Sebastian didn't restrain him, and instead spread his fingers over the back of his head, pushing him down until his thick girth was nestled hotly inside of his boyfriend's virgin mouth.

Sebastian's murmurous groans fuelled Ciel; the husky grunts making him spread his legs on the rug beneath his knees. His lover tasted musky and salty, and despite the difficult thickness verses Ciel's small and narrow throat, Ciel pushed his head down as far as he could, letting Sebastian control his movements. He was aware of a larger hand wrapped around one of his smaller, which was still rubbing the tight skin across Sebastian's stomach. Ciel bucked his hips as he felt the muscles beneath it taught, and his moan trembled up the length of his lover's engorged cock.

Ciel rolled his covered hips into the air, his pelvis rolling uncomfortably in his shorts. His own dick was achingly hard and he slipped his gloved hand down between his trembling thighs. Despite being bandaged, Ciel managed to wrap two unbroken fingers under his swollen sex and give it a desperate squeeze. He heard Sebastian mutter something and groan loudly, and then the large hand grasping his head pushed him down further, until the thick, throbbing cock stuffed into his mouth was pushed deep into his throat.

His head was pinned in place. Sebastian's hand pushed him down, filling him, ignoring the small choke Ciel attempted. His eye watered and his nails dug into Sebastian's stomach, and hot air fanned furiously out of his nose. He was even more surprised to find himself even harder, throbbing into his useless bandaged hand, as he was dominated easily. Sebastian's heart beat throbbed prominently against his flat tongue and it filled Ciel's ears, thud-thud.

Sebastian's thrusting became unsteady, jerky. His breath hitched and Ciel felt dark nails press into the nape of his neck, and a steady string of curses falling past his lover's lips. The cock stuffed heavily into the back of his throat swelled, rolled desperately up into Ciel, who barely had enough time to move back his head before Sebastian had his orgasm.

Salty, warm come flooded Ciel's mouth, his eye flying open as his tongue was assaulted with the taste. Sebastian was speaking, but he was sure it was nothing of importance, as every second word seemed to be fuck. Breathing through his nose, Ciel let Sebastian's placid cock slip from between his lips, trailing cum down his chin and cheek.

Sebastian released the boy's hair, feeling his pulse race as he saw Ciel swallow. The boy looked slightly stunned but he licked his lips and moaned gently, rubbing Sebastian's knee soothingly.

"Was that-"

"It was fucking perfect," Sebastian finished, collapsing spent and exhausted onto his back. Ciel got to his knees shakily and took his place curled up beside his lover. Sebastian was sweaty again, his brow was damp and his midnight hair clung to his forehead like inky tentacles. His bare and pale arm looped around the small body beside him, clutching him closely to his still frantic chest. Fingers rubbed small circles into his back, and Ciel rubbed similar patterns into Sebastian's belly, feeling his boyfriend sigh and close his eyes, enjoying the wake of his orgasm. He looked so handsome.

"I wish it could be like this all of the time," Ciel said with a simper, running his fingers listlessly up the valley of Sebastian's ribcage. Sebastian turned his head, his eyes a deep auburn, imploring more. "I wish I was always with you," Ciel finished shyly, unable to keep eye contact.

A large, lazy smile spread itself across Sebastian's features. "That would be nice," he agreed, cupping the edges of his lover's face. Ciel leaned into the touch pleasantly. "Coming home from work, knowing you were there waiting for me. Being able to speak to you any second of any hour, being able to kiss you without making an appointment first."

Ciel smiled in melancholy, bringing Sebastian's big hand to his mouth. Ghosting kisses across his knuckles he nodded, quirking the corners of his mouth.

"Some day," Ciel said, watching as Sebastian fingered the band of the plastic toy ring he wore.

"Promise me?" Sebastian asked, his voice and his eyes were both serious. Ciel blinked, his heart feeling odd as he heard the request. Opening his mouth he went to speak, but found himself being interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Young master, your time is up," came Finnian's muffled voice from behind the door.

Sebastian and Ciel's hearts sunk in unison, and a fleeting kiss was pressed to each other's mouths. Sebastian cradled Ciel's head between his large hands, watching the sad expression settle over his lover's face.

"Don't," he said, giving the smaller a smile. "I have the money to come back soon, as soon as I can," he promised. Ciel relaxed and nodded, inclining his head to press kisses to the heel of Sebastian's palm.

There was another knock at the door and Sebastian sighed, sitting up to collect his crumpled shirt that had fallen to the floor. Pulling it over his head Ciel memorised the sight of pale, thin muscles before they disappeared under the black fabric. Ciel stood himself, wiping the back of his hand over his mouth. The salty remnants still played at the back of his tongue and he tried to savour them.

"I miss you already," Ciel said, dragging himself to the door. Sebastian bent down and pressed a warm and soft kiss upon his lips, tucking the boy's hair back behind his ear. With an amused moan, Sebastian pulled back and flicked his tongue over his bottom lip.

"You taste like me," he teased, a pleased smirk spreading over his jaw. Ciel turned red and screwed up his nose, pushing lightly at Sebastian's chest.

"Go," he urged, half-heartedly, his hand turning the door knob to let Sebastian out. Finnian was waiting close by the door, his face upturned in a small frown as he took in both their ruffled appearances. The two older men gave each other a look, and Sebastian stepped out as Finnian entered the room. The last Ciel saw of his boyfriend was a cheeky smile before the blue door severed his sight of him.

Finnian sighed, leaning up against the door. His face looked older than it should have, and Ciel felt a pang of guilt. His small hand reached out to rub at his butler's arm, but he shrugged away.

"Take a bath Ciel," he demanded, unable to look at his young master. "I'll be out for the hour, so you'll have to take care of yourself until then." Ciel nodded and stepped back, sheepishly trying to flatten his ruffled hair.

"I can manage," he promised, and with that Finnian left, without a goodbye or a look, or anything.


The air conditioning cooled Sebastian off and left him with an uncomfortable cold sweat. He tugged at his shirt and tried to unpeel it from his damp body. He trod down the hall, his heavy boots still unlaced and loud on the carpet. He was approaching the stairs when he noticed a light at the end of the hall.

A dim red light flowed out onto the carpet through a crack in the door. Curiosity struck the waiter, and he remembered the promise he had made to himself. He was going to find out what was happening at the Pet Shop.

It was loud downstairs and Sebastian couldn't see anyone else in the hall. He did a small turn, inspecting the shut doors, hearing the murmurs from behind them, and the music thrumming from downstairs. Moving to the wall Sebastian shuffled out of his boots, kicking off the heavy leather and tucking them under one of the sofas in the waiting area. Bare foot, Sebastian's footsteps were quiet and gracefully. He placed one foot in front of the other, treading carefully down the hall towards the room that glowed red. He recalled it as being Madame Red's office, and his pulse picked up at the thought of the woman being in there herself. However would he explain himself if he were caught?

But the bruises on Ciel, the odd cast around his fingers, the way he would change the subject whenever his well-being was mentioned. The talk Finnian had given to him. They hung over Sebastian's head, and he knew it would haunt him until he found the panacea to all of his problems.

Sebastian leaned again the door, his head titling so he could peer through the crack in the door. The red light seemed to be coming from a tall lamp in the corner. There was no sound, and from his vantage point Sebastian could see no one inside. Taking a deep breath, he pressed his finger pads to the red door and pushed at it gently. No one was inside.

Barefoot and cautious, Sebastian slid his thin body between the wall and the door, and with one last look down the hallway he disappeared into Madame Red's office.

The room was dim, shaded in a crimson glow illuminated from wall lamps and several vintage standing lights. A reading lamp was on at the large, red desk, and a few papers were scattered over the wooden surface. Making his way over Sebastian cast his eyes over the desk, numbers, figures, nothing of importance, or so he thought. His large hands shuffled through them curiously, but he found nothing he wanted. Behind the desk were large file cabinets, one with a decorative fern on top.

Wandering over to the cabinets he realised they were locked, and so he turned his attention back to the desk, searching for a small key that would fit the lock. Tugging open the draw Sebastian flicked his eyes over a few pens and a stapler. No key, but a sheet of paper caught his attention. Sliding the paper from the draw, he brought it up to his eyes. It was a letter.

Sebastian leaned casually against the desk, holding the letter in one hand. As his eyes rolled over the printed type, he felt his heart sink in his chest. Crumpling the sheet of paper into his hand, Sebastian dove his hand back into the draw, grabbing a few more sheets of paper. More letters. They were all from different people, different men, their names and contact details printed neatly in the top corner, a formal greeting to Madame Red followed next.

They were requests for Ciel Phantomhive's virginity.

Sebastian felt sick. His eyes continued to read the letters, over and over, refusing to believe what he was reading. He knew Ciel would be purchased, and he knew Ciel was a paid escort, but for some reason it had never felt real until now. Until now he had never been jealous. The paper folded in his hands as he clenched the sheets with angry fists. Hot tears burned the back of his eyes and he shoved the paper back into the draw, slamming it shut as he struggled to control his anxiety. The room was making him feel ill, it was too red, too dark, and he needed to leave. He needed to get Ciel and he needed to leave. But he couldn't get Ciel.

With his back to the door Sebastian backed out of the room, rubbing his damp palms on his jeans. His hand fumbled behind him for the door knob and he pulled it open, stepping out of the red room and out into the hall. Air conditioning hit his face and cooled around his body, and he breathed out steadily in relief. His bare feet kneaded uncomfortably into the carpet and he took a few deep breathes. His eyes flicked nervously throughout the hallway and still no body was around. Pushing off the hard, red door Sebastian padded down the hallway, his legs shaking and unstable.

Heading back in the direction of Ciel's bedroom, his heart pounding painfully in his chest, he leaned down to collect his leather boots from beneath the velvet sofa. It was then he heard a commotion from down the hall, and he turned his head to listen closer.

A loud, muffled yelling echoed down the hall. If it weren't for how close he was he doubted anyone else would have heard the yelling, which seemed to be coming from a female. Sebastian dropped his boots, leaving them collapsed in the middle of the hall, and he stood up again. It was coming from Ciel's room. Someone was yelling at Ciel.

Careful not to make a sound, Sebastian treaded carefully down the hall, his toes shaking nervously against the carpet. His hand splayed against the wall to keep his balance, and he shuffled down the hall, keeping close to the edges, closer and closer to the blue door with the dead bouquet of roses.

"... let him touch you..." Shouted words echoed back to Sebastian, it was definitely a female, a woman. Sebastian's chest ached from holding his breath so tightly, but he dared not make a sound. Finally he had edged so closely to Ciel's bedroom that he was right outside the door, and he let himself sink down slowly to the floor to kneel by the ajar doorway. Pressing his cheek to the edge of the door, Sebastian peeked through the thin gap in the entrance.

"Do you know how much is at stake here?!" Madame Red, with her back towards the door, her hands on her hips. She paced angrily, her sky high stilettos tapping loudly on the polished floorboards. "It is selfish and disgusting, and I raised you better than this!"

There was Ciel. He was standing, facing the doorway, and if he looked down perhaps he may have met Sebastian's eye. His hair was damp, plastered to his head. He had just come from the bath, and he looked fresh and innocent, and breath-takingly gorgeous, and Sebastian wanted to smile just because of how perfect he looked. But Ciel's face was gaunt, and his lips were pulled tightly, and his eye was focused on Madame Red, wide and frightful.

"Ciel, what's going on," Sebastian whispered to himself.

"I didn't," Ciel muttered, Sebastian's heart skipping a beat when he saw his frightened boyfriend speak. His sole eye was wet and he swallowed darkly, hoping he didn't cry. It's okay baby, he promised, watching safely from the door.

"It seems you didn't learn your lesson with Wordsmith," Madame Red warned, her voice raised in pitch and ferocity. Who is Wordsmith? Sebastian questioned, his sweating palm pressed into the carpet.

"Do I need to remind you that you belong to me?" Ciel shook his head, lowering his gaze, his thin arms folded in front of his body securely. One of his hands was wrapped thickly in a bandage and Sebastian bit his lip. Ciel, God please...

Red stepped closer to Ciel, her voice lowering in pitch until Sebastian couldn't hear the words she said. Instead, her murmurous threats were translated by the shift in Ciel's face, and the horror that filled his pale face. Ciel shook his head and his mouth mouthed the word no. Sebastian saw his boyfriend coil, and his small body flinch, as Madam Red raised her hand high over his head, her ringed hand shaking with anger.


Ciel shrieked like a wounded pup, his body collapsing to the floor with the strength of the hit. His limbs curled and coiled beneath his torso, and he clutched at his face with his small hands. A red mark shadowed the length of his cheek and tears spilled freely from his eye. His little mouth open and shut like a fish out of water, small whimpers escaping across the floor.

Sebastian shoved his hand over his mouth, his eyes wide and alarmed. His entire heart told him to rush in and collect his injured lover from the ground, to kiss his wounded face and to rescue him from this place, but his brain was telling him to run. Run!

Standing slowly, shaking slightly, Sebastian pushed up off the floor and stumbled down the hallway. His legs buckled and he bent to collect his boots from the ground, and then he was gone, fleeing down the grand staircase, out the door, and into the night, ignoring the light that was on in Ciel's bedroom.


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