Pairing: Nako/Satsuki
Genre: PWP (smut)
Disclaimer: HanaIro belongs to PA works.

Warning: This is chan, in other words adult/teen femslash.
A/N: Episode 13, when Satsuki pays a visit at Kissuisho. Nako is in charge of her and after the pretty eyes part she comes out all dreamy and blushes. "She gave me so much advice" Suspicious?

To know a customer

Nako stared at the woman in front of her. She could tell that she and Ohana were relatives but Matsumae Satsuki was like a vixen. Tiger lady who saw a prey. Her comments were half-hearted, just what a critic might say but her eyes never left Nako's face.

Madame Manager took pride to know what her customers liked, and suddenly Nako gulped. Tomoe would be better than her, unless… But that couldn't be… Could it?

"Huh? Wow…" Satsuki sounded surprised and Nako looked at the woman who leaned closer. "You have such pretty eyes."

Nako's mind went completely blank. This woman could be her mother and she was flirting with her? She quickly closed her eyes when she lips gently touching hers. Nako opened her eyes and arched backwards only to fell down.

"Relax a little," Satsuki laughed and slid her finger down on Nako's cheek. She leaned to kiss the teen again. This time Nako let her to deepen the kiss. She followed the woman's lead. First, part lips a little and Satsuki's tongue wandered in hers. She pressed her tongue against Satsuki's or her lips, tried her best.

Satsuki pulled away, smiling, to let her catch her breath.


"So how was she?" The young master asked after Nako got out.

"Meet me at the evening and I'll teach you few more things," Satsuki whispered and licked Nako's collarbone. Nako blushed and nodded. She rose, fixed her clothes and walked out.

"She's a wonderful person," Nako said smiling and blushed slightly. "She gave me so much advice."

Nako remembered few things about yukatas and tea snack and a lot more about things she'd never say aloud.

Her lips were still burning of the touch and yet she yearned for more. This evening she would be home later than usually.