Title: On a Hot Tin Roof

Author: Jillian K.

Summary: Sookie loves Eric. He is beautiful, blond and used to getting his way. He is also her cat- that is until Amelia decides to experiment. All of sudden Sookie has to contend with a tall and sexy human man who insists on sleeping on her bed and claiming her as his. AU , no vampires but Amelia is still a witch.

Chapter One

Eric the cat gazed at his human with the utmost indifference that contradicted his mood. She was getting ready to leave which he did not care for at all. The bed was too cold without her warm body to cuddle up to.

"There's my good boy, you gonna miss me sweetie?' she asked as she lightly pulled on his tail. He was sitting on her work shirt and very disinclined on moving even an inch. Sookie had to tread carefully or she would get him mad. An angry Eric was not a good thing for her meager shoe collection.

"Come on baby. Please get off my uniform. I'll get you some tuna before I go."

Eric flicked his ears back. Tuna sounded good but still no. He flicked his bushy tail at her which was universal for extreme displeasure. *I'm not moving*

"All right, all right. You can keep that one for now. I think I have another left in the drawer" Sookie placated the cat which is what all wise owners eventually learn to do.

Minutes later she was ready to go. Sookie put her hair up in her customary ponytail and kissed the kitty good-bye on its wet nose. Eric, who was gorgeous Norwegian forest cat, was used to the kissing. After all who could resist such majestic example of feline beauty?

She rushed back out of the room with Eric at her heels. Even though he hadn't complied with her request he still knew he would get the promised tuna. It was his due.

As expected Sookie opened the can of albacore and topped Eric's fish- shaped ceramic bowl with it. Eric licked his lips in anticipation.

"There you go baby. See you later!" the girl rushed out as the cat set to enjoy his treat.

Eric finished his tuna and set about a leisurely stroll around the empty house. He liked the old homestead with its interesting attic and many windows. It had been his home since kitten-hood and he was quite attached to it.

He liked the outside too. It was especially important to roam his territory every so often to make sure no unworthy cats (or worse dogs) dare to cross his perfectly marked perimeters. Just last week he had to chase a stray calico named Bill off after he dared topple the outside trash bin in search of Eric's discarded cat chow. It was too pathetic for words.

Eric settled on his favorite perch in the living room window. Most of the real interesting animals came out at night and he had his eye on a tasty field mouse family. He'd already eaten the father but the mom and the tiny mouse babies were still up for grabs. All he had to do was wait them out.

A couple of hours later he decided that they weren't coming. He settled in for a nap when the flashing car lights started him. Eric hissed. It was his least favorite person in the world (he only knew four and Gran had passed away last year).

Amelia was Sookie's friend and present roommate. Eric didn't like her because she always smelled of the strange concoctions she burned during many nights. Also he was certain that she'd taken his catnip and never replaced it. Nope. He was already working on her departure. A certain present left in a favorite pair of designer pumps would likely do the trick.

Eric watched as the witch entered the living room laden with candles and jars of unknown substances. Ugh. She would make the house smell again. He would have to pee in her bed real soon.

Amelia dropped her stuff in the floor and Eric rolled his eyes. She was messy too. Honestly, why was this human even allowed indoors?

At least she was smart enough to spread a drop cloth on the floor. It had taken Sookie many hours to get the last bit of wax out of the parquet last time. She was not amused especially since Eric used to opportunity to climb onto her back as she bent over the task.

The cat had seen the process too many times to know that she would begin by spreading her candles around in a circle. Then came the white powder and a little pot she would use to burn some stinky plants in. Again ugh.

She sat in the middle of the circle and lit her candles. Whenever Amelia got into witchy mode her eyes would take on a weird gleam to them that offended the cat tremendously. He knew what they said about cats and witches but he would probably jump in the lake if he had to be this idiot's familiar.

It was Sookie all the way for him.

The candles were lit and the herbs started to smoke out the room. Eric sneezed. Apparently it was time to seek his and Sookie's bed.

He stretched and climbed out of his perch. The weird eye thing was in full display. He huffed and set about to walking out of the room carefully to avoid getting anything on his well-groomed paws.

Eric was almost at the doorway when his sensitive nose caught the distinctive aroma of prime catnip. He knew it. The bitch had pilfered his Kosmic Katnip. If it had been the cheap supermarket brand he would have let it go but it was the pet store exclusive. Sookie had gotten it for his birthday along with a trio of furry toy mice which could be stuffed with it.

Well he would get it back. Wicked witch beware.

The claws came out and he jumped into the circle. Amelia screamed as Eric spilled the contents of her cauldron on himself.

"No bad kitty. Eric NO!" she wailed. Eric shook himself trying to dislodge the concoction from his fur.

Crap he was going to need a bath.


Hours later Sookie Stackhouse entered her house and went directly to her room. It'd been a bad night and all she wanted was her bed and a cuddle with her cat.

She was so tired that she didn't even turn on the lights before she stepped out of her shirt and pants. Even the bra was simply tossed to the side. In the morning she would have her bath. Tonight she would just ignore the smell of onion rings invading her skin and hair.

Sookie climbed into her surprisingly messy bed. Eric was usually good about keeping things tidy.

"bad kitty" she mumbled and closed her eyes.

"I'm not a bad kitty" was his terse reply.

What the…? Oh hell no. "AMELIA!" Sookie screamed as she stumbled out of her bed. Her former cat, now six-foot man, watched her go. He would have flicked his tail if he still had one.


Look ma—no angst. Thank you for those that stopped to read this which is a departure for me. I was inspired by my cat to write this. All complaints and criticism shall be forwarded to her. Also the next chapter of VM should be out later today.