A few years later.

That wild and confusing night of revelations served to cement Eric in Sookie's life. The woman came to understand (and accept) that when a cat/man/living god like Eric chose to be his you stayed his forever. There was no arguing with him and why should she when she wanted it just as much? He was a spectacular creature no matter what shape he took.

And what a shape it was. Even now she always got a little thrill whenever he decided to go au-naturel. Granted, this only happened in the privacy of their own room as their kids were still young and impressionable. Also it wasn't like she could put them in a laundry basket with a ball of yarn as she'd done when they were little (and had accidentally shifted into cute fluffy kittens). Now they needed to be supervised before they got into any mischief which involved poor Bill most of the time.

It took quite a bit for both Eric and Sookie to adjust to the idea that Eric had always been a werecat. Alcide, as a fellow were, was able to clear up a lot of their misgivings. Eric was unique in the fact that he had never known of his true nature. As far as they could figure out Eric's mother had been a true cat but his father was a were. He supposed that the rest of his litter was similarly endowed but he had no interest in seeking them out. For Eric life had begun when he met Sookie and now he had his own kittens/kids to raise and teach.

He'd never transformed beforehand because he loved being a cat. His feline life had pleased him and it was not until Amelia had brought forth some strong discontentment that he had taken on his "other" form. He was still quite attached to his cat persona but the rewards of being a human man were also numerous. Being human meant having Sookie and having Sookie was better than all the fancy catnip in the world.

But there were times when he still had the urge to chase something across a field or to spend an entire day sleeping under the sun. He would indulge these urges but at night he always returned to his human form and his Sookie. Eventually being human started to feel just as right as being a cat. Certainly there were many advantages to taking on a larger, more imposing form and if you doubted it you just had to ask Bill the cat.

His former nemesis was now the official family pet after that role had been vacated by him. At last the stray had a home but things were not exactly as he'd pictured them. For one he did not expect his new home to include a set of rambunctious twins who saw him as their primary plaything and would pull on his tail to their hearts' content. His toddler daughter was especially fond of playing dress up and many a time Bill would sport a flowery summer dress or booties. Eric'd warned Bill about scratching or biting in retaliation. He wasn't above dunking the cat in the pond again or driving him to the bet for a fix.

Bill and Eric still had a contentious relationship. Sometimes when the Sookie and the babies were away, Eric would shift into his original form and he and Bill would have an all-out cat fight that left both felines tired and extremely satisfied. For Bill it was a tiny taste of revenge. For Eric it was an especially helpful stress reliever. Now that was something unique to the human experience: stress. He had a lot of that.

"Having second thoughts?" Sookie asked as they lay in their bed. It was late at night and tomorrow was a full day for both which included shuttling the twins around and getting to work on time.

"About what?"

"All of this. Work, bills, taxes, making sure the kids have everything they need. Stuff like that"

Eric shifted around so he was facing her. "It's challenging and sometimes confusing but I think most things worthwhile are. Besides you've always done all this by yourself and all I could offer was a cuddle. I'm happy that there are two of us now to share the burden."

"Hey don't knock off your kitty cuddles. Sometimes they were the only thing that kept me going when things got hard."

He chuckled and scooted to lay his head on her belly. She ran her fingers through the silky locks as she knew he liked. They were quiet for a moment before he spoke. "What about you?"

"Better. Things are definitely better now. Louder but better."

Their kids would no doubt awaken in a few hours demanding their attention. Bill would come meowing demanding his breakfast and everything would start all over again. It was nice to have the quiet times with Sookie. Whatever else happened it their lives at the end of the day it was always the both of them just like it'd always been.

Eric closed his eyes and thought about everything that he needed to do before he could back to their bed. He sighed loudly and Sookie chuckled in perfect understanding. Maybe they would call in tomorrow and at home. Yes, that sounded much more appealing. She knew Eric would agree. No matter what he said she knew that sometimes he too wanted to hide under the bed as he'd done whenever it was time for a trip to the vet for his annual shots. That reminded her that they needed to bring Bill in for his. Maybe Eric could take him?

For his part Eric was thinking about what Sookie had asked him. There was still too much that he needed to learn about being human and sometimes it could be a little frustrating. A bit of him would always yearn for time when things were simpler and all he wanted was a juicy squirrel but then he would look at everything he had now and remembered that he was where he belonged.

It was true, it was fitting and at most of all it was right.

The End.

Disclaimer: This has been a work of fiction. It is very unlikely that your feline will turn into an Alexander Skarsgaard lookalike ( that goes for you Rebelina and Team Jane). Thank you to everyone who has reviewed. I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you to my cat Foxy for serving as primary inspiration for this story.