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Chapter 1: Times Are Changing

Buttercup stared across the courtyard, hoping to drill holes in the side of Bubbles' head. Of course, she couldn't literally, even though she wanted to. Blossom wouldn't like that. Instead, she contented herself with violent glares and muttering under the breath.

"Traitor" she whispered.

"It's not going to do any good, Buttercup. Just let her be." Blossom consoled.

"Blossom! She's eating with the RowdyRuff Boys! Like they're friends or something!"

"Well, Boomer and Bubbles have been dating now for at least four months so I guess they are friends… or something."

Bubbles had always been strangely into Boomer, even when they were young. The boys had mellowed out some but they were still grade A assholes. Just a few weeks ago, Buttercup had to chase down Butch who was causing havoc and racing down the streets in his Escalade, nearly hitting several people and destroying countless signs and trees. A couple of days before that, Brick had been causing trouble by unleashing his dad's latest weaponry. Mojo's stuff was dangerous, but when Mojo was operating it, it was far easier to defeat then when Brick took the controls. Boomer was under control but Bubbles wasn't just sitting with Boomer. All of them were there. Buttercup kept staring. She suddenly saw Boomer get nervous. She used her super powers to eavesdrop.

"I'm sorry, Bubbles. You really can't go."

"But if the place is so much fun, why can't I go? You've been talking about the opening of it for weeks."

"Well, it's a family thing. The parents are gonna be there and bringing you… well, you know how my parents are."

"So you're ashamed of me?"

"No, Bubbles, you put my parents in prison. Multiple times. It makes dinner with the family a little, ya know, awkward if you bring your superhero girlfriend. You can be so stupid sometimes."

"Don't ever call me stupid, jackass"

She heard Bubbles threaten. Bubbles stood up and looked at the girls. Buttercup and Blossom, who had tuned in when she saw Buttercup enthralled, both looked around the courtyard, attempting and failing to be nonchalant. Bubbles stomped towards them as Boomer looked from Butch to Brick and back again.

"She said something stupid, right?" Boomer asked, flustered by Bubbles' tantrum.

"Man, don't even let it get to you. She's just a dumb Powerpuff." Brick laughed.

Boomer got up and followed Bubbles, but she stopped him with a cold stare.

"Leave me alone, just for today. Okay Boomer?" she seethed.

Boomer nodded and walked back to his brothers. Bubbles walked over to Blossom, grabbed her hand, and sped to the nearest bathroom. Buttercup followed awkwardly behind. Bubbles was going to cry, which always made her uncomfortable, but she wanted to hear more about the fight. Maybe this would make Bubbles come to her senses about Boomer. Perhaps, Buttercup could give Bubbles just the push needed to end the relationship. She tentatively opened the bathroom door and crept inside to the sound of her sister wailing.

"Wha-wha-what d-d-did I do-o-o-o?" Bubbles choked out.

"It'll be fine. You just need space. He understands." Blossom soothed. Buttercup smirked.

"So, do you know this girl he's cheating on you with?" she smirked.

Bubbles sobbed harder, close to emitting her sonic scream. Blossom shot Buttercup a look that would have made Buttercup think twice about her word choice, but Buttercup had a plan.

"Just get rid of him. Dump him before he can dump you." Buttercup smiled. "And pound him into the ground!"

Blossom rolled her eyes and Bubbles continued to sob.

"So why… were you fighting in the first place?" Buttercup questioned carefully.

"He… he's been talking about this ne-new restaurant o-o-opening today, and e-ever since he brought it up, I thought we-we-we were going to g-go on a r-real date but, but he won't taaaake meeeee" she wailed.

"Well, don't worry Bubbles! I'm sure everything will turn out for the best." She smiled.

"Buttercup's right about one thing. You shouldn't worry about it right now. It'll mess with your grades and the bells about to ring."

Right on cue, the bell finished her sentence for her. Bubbles wiped her face and they headed out. Bubbles ran into Boomer on the way to class. All he did was look away and walk faster. Bubbles stared him down but she was starting to sniffle again. Blossom took her hand and led her to class. Buttercup went to her next class, but her mind was somewhere else. She was going to catch Boomer cheating so that Bubbles would have to admit he hadn't changed and was still that god-forsaken RowdyRuff punk. So she had to find this restaurant, it shouldn't be hard, with it being the grand opening and all. She just needed to go in a way Boomer wouldn't recognize her. In disguise! She started formulating all her ideas as the tardy bell rang and didn't stop until she left after the final bell. Time to put the plan into action.