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Chapter 22: Together

Ace, who was sitting up on his bed, was tackled back down.

"Yikes, Buttercup. Be careful. I'm still injured, ya know." Ace smirked, wincing slightly, "What cha doing here?"

"I went to visit you and I saw the blood, and I freaked, and I came to find you." Buttercup explained quickly.

"Did you break into our plaaaacccceee?" Snake asked, narrowing his eyes. Buttercup turned towards Snake and quickly got up, turning away guiltily.

"I'm jussssst playing with ya, Buttercup." Snake laughed. "But you're fixsssssing anything that'ssssss broke."

Butch heard the commotion and came in at that moment, staring at Ace. Ace noticed the green-clad boy slither in and stared at him directly. The others watched the two of them hold eye contact for several minutes, having a silent conversation, before Butch turned and walked out of the room.

"Billy, go get Butch for me. Will ya?" Ace asked. Billy walked outside and looked around.

"He gone, boss." Billy replied. Ace sighed and looked out the window on the left wall.

"I wanted him to be here." He whispered to himself. He turned to look at his gang.

"Yous guys, thanks for comin. And Snake, thanks for probably saving my life. But…" He began. Snake needed no further instruction. He ushered the gang out of the room and left Ace alone with Buttercup.

"Ace, who did this to you?" Buttercup asked. Ace held up a finger and drew her closer.

"Did you sleep with Butch?" Ace asked, through his teeth.

Buttercup's eyes widened, "No… no wait I…" Ace turned to look at her, straight in the eye.

"You did, didn't you?" He asked again, though it was more of a statement then a question.

"I'm so sorry." Buttercup's eyes welled and tears formed. Ace turned to look at his bandaged arm, he stared at his fingers and picked at the dirt under the nails.

"Ace," Buttercup begged, "it was dumb. I was mad. It was really childish and I know that now."

Ace would've began to twist his arm, like he used to when he wanted a fix, but his arm was bandaged and instead he just placed his hand there, looking down.

"I'm angry, Buttercup. I won't lie to you. I remember you being very nervous about it beforehand, and I had these ideas that I would wait until you were older and make it very special for you. I also understand that I made a mistake which made you angry, and so you acted rashly. What I don't understand, Buttercup… is why you dragged Butch into it." He looked at her, his eyes dark. "Buttercup…"

"It was selfish, I know." She sighed. He would never forgive her for what happened. She bowed her head and turned to leave before a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"Don't try to finish my sentences, babe." Ace smirked at her, "I was going to say, I love you and I want this to work out…"

"But…" Buttercup rolled her eyes.

"But," Ace stuck out his tongue, "nothing. I want this to work out. I'm angry, yeah. But I know I was partly at fault. Besides, now at least you've got some experience too. Wasn't fair that I was supposed to know everything just cause I'm an old man."

Buttercup wrinkled her nose, "You're not that old."

"Old enough to be bad for you." Ace joked, nudging her.

Buttercup smiled at him and kissed his cheek lightly, "I don't care about that." Ace smiled back at her.

"So should I get the gang so we can figure out who did this to you?" Buttercup asked.

"Who did this isn't important," Ace smiled again, pulling Buttercup closer to him. "I think I wanna stay alone with you for just a bit longer."

Buttercup sat down on the bed and rested her hand on Ace's arm. They talked, comfortably. A few minutes later, Snake peeked in and the rest of the gang barreled in after him, much to the amusement of Ace and Buttercup.

"Ace!" Arturo yelled. "Guess what I found out! I couldn't wait! I had to come in!"

"What is it, lil buddy?"

"I'm going to be a father!" Arturo yelled happily into the room. Ace and Snake both gaped at the thought of more little Arturos running around. Ace rubbed his eyes and sighed into his hand.

"I really am gonna have to give you that raise I promised." He chuckled.

Snake smiled at Ace. Their little family had changed, but it was back together now.

Arturo was hugging everyone, chirping happily in Spanish. Buttercup was still sitting at Ace's side, holding tight to his hand. It all felt so familiar now.

Butch waited at the Utonium household for Buttercup. He had thought that making it go quickly would be easier, but he had been a coward and chickened out at the last minute. He was playing his role as sleeping Buttercup, but the professor hadn't checked on them at all, even when he was gone. He was quietly beating himself up about leaving. But it was too late now. All he'd get, if he returned, would be a large amount of glares. He heard the sound of a Powerpuff flying in. He turned to face the window and saw Buttercup, smiling at him.

"Did you… find out what happened to Ace?" Butch asked, curious about her reaction.

"He told the gang and I that he got mugged by a man waiting in the alley. He was lying on the street about to pass out. He said the street was rumbling because, he thought, a big truck was coming. Then, he saw a green flash of light pull him out of the road. He thought it was me." Buttercup jumped on top of Butch, pulling him into a tight hug.

"You saved him, didn't you? You went to get him for me and saw everything! You knocked on the door and got Snake for him!" She beamed. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Butch got up and pulled away from the hug. "If I was saving him, I should've stayed." He mumbled, trying to get her to understand that she shouldn't be thanking him.

"You went to get me, silly! You played my replacement so I could get him. You were the one who told me he was at the hospital! You're so wonderful!" She picked Butch up and spun him around, delivering a bone crushing hug. After she let him go, he sat down on the bed.

Ace hadn't told her he was the mugger. She had no idea… None of his gang did. Ace had protected him even though Butch had nearly killed him. He didn't get it. Who was this guy?

"Thank you, Butch! Thank you so much!" She said, pulling him up and hugging him. Butch finally allowed himself to hug her back, though his face still held his surprise. He went with her the next time she went to visit him, and Ace just smiled at him, knowingly.

"Ya know, you supers are alright. You guys can come hang out with the gang anytime." Ace said as they were about to leave. Buttercup zipped back over to give Ace one last kiss and Butch smiled, "I'm sure we'll be seeing each other quite often."

He left before Buttercup kissed Ace again. He'd let them have their moment.

Buttercup smiled as Ace pulled her close. "I'm happy to have you join the gang." He whispered.

Buttercup giggled. "I wouldn't have it any other way."