No more am I human

No longer am I like you

I am not monster

Nor angel with one wing

I am the victim of man and

His need to toy with life

Like a god.

Back when I was humane

My every night's dream

Was scarred with images -

Images of a plague

Calling itself my "mother."

My mother, who'd protect me from pain

Who'd help me avenge the death of my humanity.

I am an incomplete creature

My other wing, God didn't grant me.

I will not accept that I was born by man

No other man feels the pain I feel.

My agony is the wrath of a creature beyond divine

The hatred from one thing to an existence like mine

I know what it is that I have to do…

I am a god - no mortal man can kill me.

I tried to die by Zack's and Cloud's blades

Only to merge with the Lifestream of the planet.

Now back from the ashes, I know there's no rest

I have a plan, though, to bring about my end -

I, now the god of Death, must attack myself with the whole planet's Life

But if I'm wrong…

I'll never find the death of my self and soul.