Lag pulled on his letter bee cap and headed out the door Niche right behind him and steak on his usually place on her head.

He hurried to work, if he didn't get there soon he'd be late.

Niche jogged behind him. Then began to do hair antics. 'Lag sure has been sleeping in late lots and Niche can tell La is going to sleep later and later, and he won't tell Niche what's wrong or let Niche lick him'.

Than arrived at the bee hive in twenty minutes. Lag huffed 'Just in time'.

Straightening up he looked round. Then he saw him at the other side of the room and shrank behind a pillar pulling Niche along with him as a dark haired letter bee walked by. 'God, I hope he didn't see me, I can't deal with this this early in the mourning'.

He peeked round Zazie had gone. Lag let out sigh of relieve. Before heading off to his first delivery. Niche followed wandering what that had all been about. 'Lag is acting strange' she murmured.

Lag ran a delivery over to honey waters and then one over to white cape town. He Hadn't seen Zazie all day and wasn't sure weather to he should be glad of that or disappointed. Niche kept trying to lick him but he always pushed her off.

As they walked back from white cape town. He started having doubts again, as he walked past a large and dead shell of a gauchuu.

Why had he began to deliver letters again. It had been because of Gauche right ? But had he done the right thing ?

But that had been almost four years again ago, maybe it was time for change, perhaps ?

Sighing, Niche tried to jump him again. He elbowed her away from him. He felt like he was about to scream, God he needed something to make him feel alive.

Anything …..

He decided to go out that night for walk by himself. To clear his head.

Later that night as he walked around the city by himself, he heard some music being played . It was very strange music, it sounded almost magical and unearthly like an angel singing. Following it, it brought him to the a building bigger then that of the hive.

He looked up and at for a few minutes. And thought about going in. But before he could he heard a voice calling his name. Turning he cursed under his breath it was Zazie.

'Um, Hi' Lag said trying to smile but he knew it came out a little bit forced. Actually it looked more like a grimace then anything else.

Zazie bent down to examine the white haired bee's face. 'Are you okay Lag' The bee wasn't his usual cheerful self. Actually he had been the opposite, and Zazie couldn't shake the feeling that Lag was avoiding him. Had he done something. Or had something else happened.

'Yes I'm fine' Lag said still trying to smile but only making his grimace worse. 'No your not Lag, You haven't been yourself for ages and why are you avoiding me'?

Lag tried to laugh him off. But it was so fake a monkey could have done better job at fooling Zazie. 'Let me go and I'm not avoiding you'. Zazie had grabbed Lag's shoulders.

'Yes you are, I saw you this mourning hiding behind the pillar' Lag felt his cheek go a flame with embarrassment.

'Why are you a-v-o-i-d-i-n-g me'? Zazie demanded stressing each letter in avoiding. Suddenly Lag decided enough and began to struggle against Zazie.

Zazie grasped onto Lag's shoulder and pulled Lag closer determined to make sure he was not getting away.

Lag suddenly stopped struggling. He felt Zazie heart beat. It went very fast. He settled on Zazie chest just listening to the beat of Zazie's heart.

Seeing Lag had calmed down. Zazie smiled. But then Lag looked up and then some-what assertively pushed away from Zazie. Neither of them spoke and Lag walked away.

Zazie hung his head. So that why he had been avoiding him.

Back at Slyvette's House

Lag went straight to his room without even saying hello to Niche and Slyvette. Kicking off his shoes and stripping down to his underwear. He switched off the light and locked the door (Niche slept in a different room now).

Sliding into bed, he closed his eyes and pressed his face into his pillow. He liked the night and silence that it brought. It allowed his mind to relax.

He felt as though he was missing something.


'He went straight to bed' Slyvette observed.

'There is something wrong with Lag and Lag won't Niche lick him' Niche pouted. Slyvette put her hand on Niche's gloved claw.

'Calm down, I'll try talking to him tomorrow'. The blond girl smiled sweetly at the dingo

'Niche, something wrong'? Niche had fazed out while she had been watching Slyvette. 'Slyvette really beautiful eye' Niche mused.

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