A Sugar Sugar Rune Fanfiction by LouiseRisa

The Forgotten Symphony

Summary: A forgotten song, a distant calling. Do you believe in fate and soul mates? What would you feel if your mother had left you to die in the streets? A story of a girl who thought she was abandoned.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sugar Sugar Rune. Never did, never will. Sue me all you want, but be warned, I'm nothing but a poor 16-year-old who owns a weird mind that thinks too much.



The full moon shone bright and round in the starry sky, a pounding of hooves sounded as a group of men on Pegasus starts their galloping chase to reach the sky. The horse-like animals took off over the edge of a cliff and unfurled their wings against the current of air that would lift them into the sky. The guards have to work extra hard this night.

The world of Magic is in chaos as the Ogres attack the sacred castle of Pahlei. The queen, Cinnamon, holds a bundle in her arms and runs into the woods as her royal guards distract the onslaught on the castle. Her friend, Candy, would handle everything for she too used to be one of the candidates for the throne.

Her heart pounds wildly in her chest as the sound of incoming enemies reach her ear. He wouldn't, couldn't do this! Not to his daughter! Not to his heir!

Knowing that she would be captured sooner or later, Cinnamon skidded to a stop and cradled the bundle in her arms lovingly before opening a portal in the air. "My darling child be safe for my sake. I'm sorry it has to be this way. I love you," she says lovingly and plants a kiss on the forehead of the brunette child hidden within the bundle. As the volume of the sound increases, she quickly sends her daughter through the portal, hoping whoever that will find her would take good care of her.

When the enemy reaches her, the child has been safely transported into the world they call the 'human world', as she is knocked unconscious, the last thing that escaped her lips are "Be safe, my child. Be safe, Chocolat."


A/N: There you have it! The prologue for my very first Sugar Sugar Rune fanfic! I hope that you enjoyed it as I had been writing it! Chapter 1 is having a little difficulty... One, actually two, of my plot bunnies escaped from my mind around 5 pm today, I'll have to locate them first... Anyways, till I find them and strap them to a electric chair and make them promise not to run away again, try checking out my other fanfics... : P

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