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Changing Faces

Part 1 – Searching For Her Past

Chapter 1 – Destination Earth

The spaceship Large Metal Cube (a/n – yeah it's boring, but since it bears little relevance to the plot, I didn't think of a fancy name) had traveled nearly three months. The journey had been thoroughly planned, though, and with a crew of five and supplies to last much longer than the trip back, they were ready for an extended visit to their destination.

Planet Earth.

The said planet was now in their view ports. White swirls broke up the blue, brown, and green of the surface. Pictures of the landscape showed lush green prairies and trees, abundant wildlife, and gatherings of villages, towns, and cities. Deep blue rivers cut through the terrain, and large pieces of land were separated by even larger bodies of bluer water. Data showed there to be one moon, but there was no visible evidence of such.

"What a beautiful place to live," one commented.

"Yes," all agreed.

"Not a lot like home though," another said.

One shook his head, "Can't expect everywhere else to look like home."

"Find some of the… ah… humans," one directed.

Soon, pictures of the city dwellers revealed Earthlings of all walks of life. From bums to CEOs, the five were awed at the diversity the Earth had to offer.

"Take us into the atmosphere," one ordered.

Slight quaking was the only indicator of entry.

"We're in the atmosphere, but high enough to be undetectable."

"Good," the captain nodded, "Now, I will find out what the Earth is really like."

Son Gohan sighed with approval as he looked at his watch. Clouds whipped around him as the Nimbus cloud rose higher.

"Finally, I'll be home at a decent time. Mom always complains when I'm home late. And I have no homework. What a great way to start a weekend," he grinned.

Suddenly, the wind in his face stopped and he realized his Nimbus cloud was no longer in motion. He couldn't move.

What's happening? Why can't I move?...  It feels like I'm moving up. I am moving upwards! If I get too high…I guess I'll just hold my breath for now.

But all too soon, Gohan had gone too high, and lack of oxygen caused him to loose consciousness.

Black unawareness slowly shimmered into perception. Gohan was lying on his side, a large window in front of him. He opened his eyes to the sight of the planet that he had helped save more than once, and that his father had died for more than once. The looping patterns of white clouds, blue water, and brown and green land brought back memories, both good and bad. He suddenly became aware of another presence in the room.

Turning into a sitting position, Gohan sized up the room. It was a sleeping quarters of some sort, the cot he had been lying on was short, along with the four others around it. Other than the beds, window, and door, there were no other furnishings.

Before him stood a short young woman. She wore a fitted blue jacket that was cropped just under her chest, trimmed with a small red collar. The back trailed down to her calves ending in a point, and matching loose blue pants topped short black boots. Long jet black hair was tied into a relaxed braid that fell to her waistline. Large blue eyes stared back at the half-saiyan. Gohan decided she probably wasn't a danger, but he knew he should be on his toes.

"So, who are you," he cautiously asked.

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