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Chapter 37 – Promise Me

"Mom! I was only gone a month and a half! Just... I know.... Yes Mother," Gohan collapsed on the ground by the phone in defeat.

Videl watched in impartial silence. I suppose some things won't change for me.

The Pandovan necklace was long gone; it had been spaced during the journey back to Earth. But there was still something that made her feel uneasy in Gohan's apartment, her new home.

"Alright Mother. I understand, yes I can handle the bills again. Okay, Love you too."

He hung up the phone weakly and crawled to Videl's feet by the couch.

"That... was my mother," he said, "And she was NOT pleased that I had just left like I did."

"Well, she'll get over it. You're back in one piece," she said, roughing his hair.

"Yeah, except for a huge scar on my right arm, I'll be fine," he said with his grin.

She returned a sly smirk, "You have a lot more scars than most think you do, so it'll just add to the collection."

Gohan hopped up next to her and embraced her in a passionate kiss. He pulled back and looked into her eyes.

"Videl... Are you okay? You seem... sad," he said gently while stroking her cheek.

"I... I don't feel right," she answered hesitantly.


"No," she alleviated the sudden fear she felt from him, "But there is something... wrong with me."

He looked at her sideways.

"Let's just forget about it for now," she said quickly, trying to hide her weakness, "Remember when I first met you?"

He smiled warmly, "Yes I do. That outfit suited you very well."

"Do you think we could train together, Gohan?" She asked.

"I can think of nothing more pleasurable than to train with you, Videl." He blushed, "Uh... well maybe there is..."

She laughed gently and punched his shoulder.

A pensive look washed over her features, and she spoke in a hushed voice, "Gohan, promise me we will always be together."

Gohan kissed her hand and rubbed his thumb across her cheek, "I promise, Videl. We will always be together, if not in body, then in heart.

"You know Videl, I still have that necklace you gave to me before you left-" he was cut off as Videl jumped to her feet.

"Where is it?!" She shrieked, "That necklace has a Pandovan Gem. That must be what is affecting me!"

His features hardened as he ran to his room and returned with the glowing blue gem.

"You must destroy it, Gohan."

Without a word, Gohan threw open the window and took flight.

"Wait for me!" Videl shouted after him.

She followed his chi as fast as she could. Gohan had changed to Super Saiyan, thus his speed had increased greatly. When Videl finally caught up to him, he was holding the dangling gem in his right hand and gathering energy in his left palm.

"Wait! Gohan," she called as she landed next to him.

"Huh? Wait for what? This thing is killing you right now. Why are you wasting time?" The glow had disappeared from his hand.

Videl stepped closer to the blue gem. The blue bathed her face in its cool glow, and she noticed the considerable effect the deadly jewel had upon her. She was weakening by the moment. She hadn't realized that the gem could cause cellular destruction without physical contact.

"Videl! What is wrong?" Gohan shouted. He could see indecision in her eyes.

"Gohan," she said quietly, "This is the only thing that ties me to Pandova. I am a warrior at heart, at soul, in body."

She fell to her knees as the chemicals continuously broke down muscles and organs.

"That's it! I'm not waiting here to let you die!"

He tossed the necklace into the air and blasted it into oblivion with one powerful flash.

Gohan reached down to catch Videl as she fell forward.

"Gohan..." She said weakly, "I... I think it is too late... The damage... is too great for me... I... I love you Gohan. Take... care... Till we meet... again..."

"No! Videl!" Tears streamed down his cheeks as he cradled her lifeless body against his chest.

How could I lose her after all we have been through?!

"I will bring you back, Videl; I promised we would be together. I will gather the dragonballs and wish you back."

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