A/N: This is a story I wrote based off this prompt by kiscinca, who I believe goes by Fandrea on here, for the Summer Sam Love challenge. Prompt: Case fic. Set any season but would prefer S1 to S3. A museum and a sasquatch stuck inside with a cursed mummy. An older brother trying to rescue him and get rid of said mummy. I would like Sam hurt but still kickass and holding his front if you can. And protective Dean to the rescue. Cookies if you have somehow geek Sam in it too.

The story is finished, but I am posting it as 2 chapters on here since it was a little too long for just one. I'll post the next part in a day or so

Chapter 1

The halls were dark, laid out in a twisting maze that made her head spin. She was hopelessly lost with only the few emergency recess lighting fixtures to guide her. She kept bumping into the walls and glass cases. She slowly moved down the hall, hoping she was walking in the right direction. She thought she was…until burly arms wrapped around her slender waist.

She screamed and began trembling against the hold, but her would be captor began laughing.

"You're so easy, Gabby!"

"Mike! I hate you!" Gabby slapped at his arm, but it only caused her boyfriend to laugh harder.

"Sorry babe. I couldn't resist!"

She rolled her eyes, even though it was too dark for him to see her doing it. "I thought you were supposed to be shutting off the cameras? This whole thing was your idea and I really don't want to get caught."

"We're not gonna get caught," Mike smirked. "I'm the only guard on at nights. There's nothing to worry about."


"Do you want to see the mummy exhibit or not?"

A conflicted expression flickered across Gabby's face.

"It's all you've been talking about for weeks! And…this place is closed by the time you get off to come here. So…"

"Fine," she huffed. "I really want to see it." Even though she was worried about being caught and put in jail for breaking and entering, she was extremely excited. Between picking up so many shifts at the diner and all the hours she was taking at the university, she wasn't ever going to get to see the exhibit before it was packed up for the next museum.

Mike smiled in victory and took her hand. "Right this way then!"

"Hey," Gabby interrupted. "Thanks for doing this. I know you aren't that interested in this…and you're risking your job right now…"

"I'm not risking anything. No one comes down here at nights. They won't even notice that the cameras have been messed with. The things don't even work half the time anymore."

Relaxing at his words, Gabby leaned into his side and allowed him to guide her towards the mummy room. After a few moments, they reached the desired room. The lights were a lot dimmer than they would have been during the day, but the artifacts were still highlighted by the ones that were lit. Gabby couldn't help but gasp at the display in front of her.

On each side of the entrance, as if guarding the Pharaoh inside, sat golden statues of cats. The walls were adorned with ancient tablets, both made of stone and of gold. Paintings of Egyptian warriors and gods were also on display around the room. Weaponry and jewelry lay in glass cases. But the center of the room was what had her gaping…

An elaborately painted sarcophagus sat in the middle of the display with a glass covering over it. The top was pulled back just enough so that you could see the delicately wrapped mummy it had been protecting for centuries.

"Go on," Mike laughed. Gabby was practically vibrating with excitement beside him. She leaned up and gave him a peck on the cheek before wandering around the room.

Gabby roamed around the space, running her hand over the glass cases and stopping to look at the hieroglyphics. She easily recognized some of the symbols, thanks to her classes. She saved the best for last…

After carefully looking over each and every artifact on display, she finally made her way towards the center of the room to the main attraction. The sarcophagus had been restored as much as possible, and it was an amazing site to take in. Gabby gradually moved from the bottom towards the top, taking in every detail. Once she made it to the head, she couldn't wait to see the mummy.

She gasped in shock when she looked down. The mummy wasn't inside…

"Mike," she said, "did they take the mummy for restoration or some type of examinations? I thought they normally did that before and after exhibits like this."

Mike didn't reply.

"Mike?" She turned around, but her boyfriend was no longer standing in the doorway. The dim lighting flickered. "This isn't funny Mike!" She walked back towards the door of the room. "I'm not falling for this again! You can come out now!" Her voice shook a little, but she quickly assured herself that Mike was just being an ass again. "Mike! I swear if you don't—GAH!"

She found Mike…

He was strung up just outside of the room from one of the rafters. Cuts streamed blood down his body. His face was mottled with bruises and was sunken in from the broken bones. His neck was turned at an unnatural angle and a dirty piece of cloth that hung from the rafter was wrapped around his neck.

Gabby couldn't take her eyes off of it. It was the same material she was expecting to see around the mummy tonight…


The door creaked open, instantly waking Dean from his sleep. His hand crept towards the gun underneath his pillow; an old habit instilled long ago. He would've loved to ignore the intruder in favor of catching more sleep, but that wasn't going to happen. That just wasn't an option with the life they led.

Dean tightened his grip on his weapon as the sounds of footsteps grew closer. The steps stopped and light suddenly assaulted his still sensitive eyes.

"Ah," he groaned.

The intruder laughed loudly and set something down on the nightstand between the two beds.

"Oh, you suck…so much," Dean moaned, rubbing his eyes. "I should shoot you just for that, Sam!" Dean waved his gun in front of him before placing it on the nightstand as well. "Do you realize what time it is?"

"It's like 6 or something Dean."

"And you're waking me up…why?"

"Brought food…and coffee," Sam replied, not bothered by Dean's morning grumpiness.

Dean sleepily took in the pink bakery box and cups of coffee. He nudged the lid and rooted around for a cream filled donut. He took a large bite out of it and began talking once more. "How long have you been up?" Cream spilled out and crumbs went flying.

"Do you have to do that?" Sam asked with disgust.

"Do what?" Dean mumbled around another giant bite of the pastry.

"You're disgusting." Sam sat down on his bed and began sipping at his coffee.

"You gonna answer?"

"Fine," Sam sighed. "I got up a couple hours ago. I couldn't get back to sleep so I ran to get us breakfast."

Dean wiped his mouth off and gave his brother a sad look. "Nightmare?"

Sam didn't answer. He just continued to drink his coffee and stare out the window.

Dean ran a hand through his spiky hair and stood up from the bed. He crossed the room and squeezed Sam's shoulder on his way to his duffle bag. "Get something to eat. I'll jump in the shower and we'll head out. See if we can't find another hunt."

"I've already got one for us…"

"Dad text us?"

"No, found an article about a security guard at a museum in Hartford, Connecticut. Guy had snuck his girlfriend into the museum during his nightshift. She found him bleeding and strung up from one of the rafters."

"So…the guy was attacked? Could've been done by art thieves or something."

"Maybe…if the material used to hang him hadn't been the same that matched the material used to wrap the mummy on display a couple centuries ago."

"A mummy?" Dean cried. "No way! Dude, those things are always cursed."

"What are you talking about?" Sam laughed.

"Come on! I do read."

Sam raised his eyebrows at that.

"Ok, I watch the History Channel and they sometimes show documentaries when there isn't crap on to watch."

"Sounds about right."

"Shut up…anyway…I saw where this one dude was totally cursed. All the poor bastards that dug up his tomb died."

"King Tut's Curse?"

"That's it!"

"He wasn't cursed…"

"So all those assholes died of natural causes?"

"They all died paranoid idiots who didn't know what poisonous mold looked liked."


"Yep," Sam sighed. "After most of the men on that expedition began to die, they investigated the sarcophagus and the tomb. Most likely the men died from breathing in deadly mold spores upon opening the tomb. One of 'em had found a tablet that had read that those who would disturb the king would face his wrath by way of death. They all thought it was cursed. The media went crazy over it all. That's all."

Dean just stared at Sam for a moment.

"What?" Sam muttered in confusion.

Dean shook his head and headed back towards the bathroom. "You are such a nerd…"

Sam grabbed a pillow and chucked it at his brother. Dean just laughed and slammed the bathroom door shut before the pillow could hit him.

"Jerk!" Sam yelled at the closed door. He was pretty sure he heard a mumbled 'Bitch' from the other side, but he chose to ignore it in favor of eating the rest of Dean's favorite type of donut.


The Impala swerved around the blind curves and climbed up the hills. Metallica blared from the speakers, much to Sam's annoyance and Dean's pleasure.

Sam slumped down into the passenger seat and read through some of the articles he had saved on his laptop. Dean sat beside him, tapping out the beat of the song against the steering wheel. Sam tried to block it out and continue researching. It wasn't working. He finally had to reach up and turn the dial down to a more manageable volume.

"Hey! What'd ya do that for?"

"Much more of that and my ears are going to bleed."

"Friggin' baby," Dean sighed.

Sam just rolled his eyes and went back to his laptop.

"So…what exactly happened at this museum?"

"Um, the night guard, a Mike Leeds, snuck his girlfriend in after hours. The girlfriend, Gabby Rhodes, said that Mike shut off all the cameras so that there would be no proof that he had snuck her in. After that, they went into the mummy exhibit…she apparently studies Egyptian culture and hadn't had the chance to go see it. When she went to look at the mummy, she realized it wasn't in the sarcophagus. She turned to ask him if it was being restored and noticed he wasn't behind her anymore. She figured he was just playing a joke on her. When the lights started flickering, she went looking for him and found him strung up from the rafters."

"Damn," Dean muttered. "So we're sure it was the mummy?"

"No one had removed it from its case for anything since the exhibit had been set up three months ago. Plus, by the time that Gabby found help, the mummy was already back in its place."

"And you're sure the girl wasn't just exaggerating?"

"Her records show her as a fairly good girl. She works and goes to school, studies anthropology on a scholarship. No history of psychological problems…"

"Ok, ok…got it."

"Besides, this isn't the first time this has happened."

Dean's eyebrows shot up at that.

"This exhibit is a traveling one. It's on schedule to visit a bunch of different museums all over the country. When it stopped at a museum in Salt Lake City, one of the security guards was strung up in the same fashion. He had the same cuts as well as the broken cheeks." Sam turned the laptop so that Dean could see the pictures of both of the victims side by side.

"The broken bones makes their face sunken in, kinda like what a mummy's face looks like."

"I noticed that too," Sam replied.

"How much time do we have before it gets shipped off again?"

Sam clicked through a few more PDF's until he found the one he needed. "Not even two weeks…"

"Son of a bitch," Dean cursed. "So how do we gank this thing?"

"I found a legend that said Egyptians warriors used to carry around a specific dagger that could be used against any mummified king whose spirit became trapped. There is the belief that the soul could become entrapped within certain amulets if the king wished to remain on Earth. Once you have the dagger, you have to use it to pierce the amulet, which is often worn around the mummy's neck…or basically molded to the corpse where it has been worn during the mummification process."

"Ew," Dean said and he pulled a face. "So where we gonna find an ancient Egyptian dagger in the middle of suburban Connecticut?"

"About two feet away from the mummy," Sam smiled. He scrolled through some more pictures until he found the right one. It was of the exhibit, and showed 2 glass cases. One case held the sarcophagus while the other protected a jewel-encrusted dagger.

"That's one thing goin' our way then," Dean smirked. "Guess we're ready to go all Brendan Frasier on his ass then."

"Really, Dean?"

"What? Rachel Weisz made one smoking librarian."

"Of course…"


"I hate you," Dean grumbled for the hundredth time as he adjusted the tie around his neck.

It only made Sam laugh. "This is the best way to get in Dean!"

"And you couldn't have gone in for the security guard spot?"

"Because I need to double check on some research!"

"I could do the research…"

"You hate research," Sam reminded him. "Look, all you have to do is go in and do the crappy little interview and hand them this fake resume I made you." Sam handed Dean the papers. "They have limited funding, so they only hire a few guards for the dayshift and one for the night. They're desperate with their nightshift guard having been killed in their museum. Isn't likely that the interviewees are lining up for the spot. You'll be fine."

"Yeah…so what are you doing while I go sit through this thing?"

"I'm gonna go to the exhibit and take a look around."

"Is it still open? I mean, didn't they shut it down?"

"No," Sam sighed. "The whole museum shut down the day after the guard was killed. But they were back up and running the day after that."


"Like I said, crappy funding. From what I read, that mummy exhibit has drawn in more money than anything else has in years."

"Damn it. Fine…"

"Alright, well I'm heading towards the exhibit. Meet me there when you get finished."


The two hunters made their way into the museum. Sam paid the entrance fee while Dean signed in for the interview. Sam was about to leave the main hall and go towards the mummy room when he felt a hand on his arm.

"Hey," Dean said softly. "Be careful in there. If you get into trouble, just call me."

"Thanks…but I'll be fine. Don't worry. I think he mostly attacks at night from what I can tell."

"Good. Meet you there as soon as I can."

"Dean, just relax."

Dean sighed and walked away towards the offices off to the side. Sam shook his head before turning his attention back to his own task. He knew Dean was worried about having to do an interview and possibly blowing their chance at easy access to the museum. Sam wasn't worried though. He knew Dean would be fine.

Thankfully there weren't many people milling about the rooms. It allowed Sam to take in every detail of the mummy room. His eyes sought out the dagger, and he sighed in relief when he saw it still on display. Upon examining the glass case, he was pretty sure that it could be busted with the help of a hammer. It was nowhere near as thick or expensive as it probably should have been.

Sam then turned his attention to the mummy. His eyes scanned the head and worked their way down towards his chest. Sam could just make out the amulet underneath the wrappings. He was about to take a closer look when he felt a hand to his shoulder. He spun around and came face to face with his smiling brother.

"Dean," he breathed out with relief. "You scared the crap outta me!"

"Sorry…couldn't resist," Dean smirked. "Besides, I have to be a little scary…you are looking at the newest guard for this place!"

"Awesome. When do you start?"

"Tonight. You were right, they are desperate."

"So we do this thing tonight?"

"We do this tonight…"