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Chapter 2

The lights dimmed in and around the museum, making it appear much eerier than it had moments before. The dayshift guards hurried to their cars. None of them wanted to be around after dark…not after what had happened the other night outside of the mummy exhibit. They all felt for the poor bastard that the museum director had hired earlier that day.

Sam watched them from the Impala as they pulled out from the dark parking lot and turned onto the street. He then pulled out his phone as it began to vibrate.

Ready when you are.

After reading the text, Sam climbed out of the car and grabbed their gear. He checked one last time for any cars or people walking around. With that, he headed towards the museum.

"Hey," Dean muttered as he unlocked the front door for his brother.

"Nice uniform," Sam teased.

"I hate you for this…"

"I know you do. But, if this works…"

"Let's just get to it Sam," Dean grumbled. "I just have to shut off the cameras and see if I can't turn up the lights so we can see a little better."

"Sounds good," Sam sighed. "I'll go ahead and see if I can't get into that case and get the dagger." Sam set the bag up on the main desk and dug in for the hammer he would need.

"You sure you should be going in there alone?"

"I'll be fine. Isn't like you are going to be that long anyway…"

"Fine. I'll hurry and meet you in there." Dean started to walk off then stopped and dug around in the weapons bag. "You think anything else will hurt this son of bitch?"

"Not sure. They didn't have guns back then, so it's possible that could surprise and cause some harm. But other than that…no idea really. I couldn't find anything in Dad's journal about mummies. Don't think another hunter has come across one for awhile."

"Alright…I'll make this quick." Dean jogged down the corridor that led to the security room. It was pretty low tech, considering the museum relied on it to help protect their irreplaceable artifacts. He could only hope that it would be easy to turn everything on and off so he could get back to Sam quickly. He rounded the corner and entered the small room. He moved towards the machines and began switching off the cameras. He then reached up to switch the lights back on before turning to head back to the door.

But he never made it out of the room. The door slammed and locked into place.

"Son of a bitch." Dean ran to the closed door. He pounded, pushed, and pulled…it wouldn't budge. "Sam!" he screamed. He was positive Sam wouldn't hear him. But it couldn't hurt to try. He punched the door. All it did was make his hand ache. "Damn it." Something didn't want him to get to Sam…

Meanwhile, Sam made his way towards the mummy room. He sighed when the lights hadn't been turned back on. He chalked it up to Dean just having technical difficulties.

He tried not to worry about it and focused back on his own job. He spared a cursory glance towards the mummy before he began to hammer away at the glass surrounding the dagger. It cracked under the force, but didn't shatter like he had hoped.

Noises echoed through the hall behind him, causing him to pause in his task.

"Dean?" With the hammer still in his hand, Sam turned towards the door, wondering if he should go check on Dean or stay and continue to work at the case. In the end, his worry for his big brother won out and he headed towards the doorway. Just as he was about to make it through, the doors slammed shut with supernatural force, nearly knocking Sam on his back.

He straightened himself, only to have something grab him from behind and push him towards the wall. He stumbled over the cat sculptures and fell against the wall. Sam twisted around and came face to face with the object of their hunt…the mummy.

The former pharaoh's face was mostly free of the wrappings, allowing Sam to see the gaunt, haunted face in all its glory. The eyes had long ago decayed into nothing. The sockets stared straight at Sam, apparently seeing his every move nonetheless. His mouth occasionally tried to move, but it was nearly sown together from years of disuse. His movements were swift but jerky due to the wrappings still encasing his decrepit body.

Sam gulped at the sight and kept his eyes on the creature. He noticed the amulet, knowing he had to get that dagger through it if he hoped to get out of the room alive. Sam inched his hand towards the gun in his back pocket. His fingers twitched around the trigger as he brought it up and quickly shot at the mummy.

The bullet entered through the skull. The mummy cried in shock and stumbled back. It backed into the stand holding the dagger's glass case, knocking it from the metal framing of the stand. It cracked against the floor as the mummy fell beside it.

Sam remained against the wall, holding his breath. The case was still somewhat intact, but the crack was wide and looked weak. Sam's eyes then scanned over the slumped form of the mummy beside it. He couldn't tell if the thing was dead or not. The chest hadn't been moving even when the bastard was up and charging at Sam. So this wasn't helping.

Knowing there was only one way to check, Sam got up from his place against the wall. His back ached from the new forming bruises from the statues and the wall. He moved slowly towards the mummy, who still lay completely still on the tiled ground.

Sam slinked over towards the fallen monster and the dagger's case. He still couldn't tell anything about the mummy, but he knew for certain that the dagger would come in handy. He kept the gun in one hand and raised the hammer with his other down onto the fractured glass. It crunched under the tool, yet still didn't shatter. Sam kept at it, determined to get to the weapon inside that he so desperately needed.

The crackling sounds of the breaking case covered up the slight noises the mummy made as it righted itself on the floor and began to stand once again. It shook its head, trying to regain his senses. After a few moments, it focused on Sam, the human who had dared to disturb him.

It leapt at Sam and caught him around his leg. Its hands struck out, ripping through his jeans and digging into his leg. Sam's hands tightened on both the hammer and the gun as pain cascaded through his lower body. He felt blood soak through his jeans and drip down onto the floor as he swung out with the hammer. It smacked into the thing's shoulder and jarred him enough that he took a step away from Sam.

The few seconds was enough for Sam to bring the hammer down hard on top of the cracking glass. It shattered, sending shards of glass everywhere and freeing the dagger from its hold.

Sam reached for the weapon just as the mummy lunged towards him again. It knocked Sam to the ground and away from the dagger; they landed in a heap with the mummy on top of Sam. Shards of glass bit into his back and arms along the way.

Sam grunted from the pressure and tried to kick the thing off of him. However, it wouldn't budge. It just dug its hands and legs into Sam and tore into his flesh. Sam just continued to kick and push at the creature. It only succeeded in tangling his legs in some of the wrappings that had fallen loose from the mummified body.

The smell of decayed flesh hit Sam square in the face when the mummy brought its hands up to Sam's cheeks. Panic flared through him, and he quickly realized he had to move fast if he wanted to keep his facial bones intact. With all of his strength, Sam reared back and head butted against the mummy's skull. It hurt like hell, but it shocked the monster enough that Sam was able to get out from underneath it.

A muffled cry of rage echoed through the room as the mummy staggered backwards and took out a few of the tablets and other cases that were scattered around the exhibit.

Sam once again attempted to grab at the dagger, only this time he was stopped when a glass case shattered against his back. He felt the pieces cut and embed into his already bruised and bloodied skin. The pain of it all took his breath away, made him want to just curl into a ball and hide away from it. Yet he couldn't. He had to get to that dagger…

Sam's hand closed around some of the shards and threw them up at the mummy. They sliced at the ancient cloth and tore at the remnants of decay underneath. It howled, splitting its mouth all the way open. It cried out at Sam once more before striking at him.

Sam managed to dodge the mummy by rolling. "Damn," he mumbled as fresh cuts and bruises began to take form. He took a second to breathe while the mummy regrouped from falling hard against the tiles. It was a short break though. It wasn't long before the creature was on Sam. This time, there was no time to roll or fight back.

The delicate yet strong hands wrapped around Sam's neck and hauled him off the floor. He sputtered and clawed at them, but the mummy wouldn't budge. It was tired of being tried by such a lowly individual. It wanted everything to be over. It slammed Sam into the wall and moved one hand from his throat so that it could claw at Sam's torso.

Sam kicked out, connecting a few times. Yet it didn't cause much damage. His movements were weak and disorganized, definitely not enough to bring the mummy down like he needed. His vision became spotty and everything began to tunnel in on him as his breathing became more and more constricted.

The mummy never relinquished its hold on him as it moved Sam away from the wall. It moved one hand away from Sam's throat so that it could unwrap a portion of the cloth from around his body. Once it was free, the creature strung it up around one of the rafter as well as Sam's neck.

Sam was losing his battle to stay conscious and the darkness was gaining on him with each second. His mind flickered to Dean and his brother's well being before he finally lost. His body went completely limp in the mummy's grasp and he plummeted into nothing.


"Son of a bitch!" Dean rubbed at his sore shoulder. He'd been slamming against the doors for nearly twenty minutes and it had not even budged an inch. He leaned against one of the walls to try to catch his breath and relax for a second. He knew he didn't have the time to relax, but he was becoming exhausted.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He prayed that Sam was faring better than he was…he really doubted his little brother was though. The thought of Sam alone with the mummy renewed his energy more than any rest would. He opened his eyes once more, noticing a vent screen up by the ceiling.

"You've gotta be kidding me…"

Dean sighed and started searching the desk drawers and cabinets for a toolbox. Seconds later, with screwdriver in hand, he crossed the room so that he was underneath the vent. He grabbed a chair to stand on and made quick work of the screen. He threw it to the side and glanced inside the tight space.

"Damn it," he grumbled. The space was big enough for him to slide into; however it was not going to be comfortable. It didn't look like he had much choice, especially if he wanted to get to Sammy. "Here we go…"

With that, Dean hauled himself up and into the vent shaft. The metal sides pressed in on his shoulders, making it hard for him to move. Nonetheless, he began to crawl forward along the space. It was dusty and dirty, but Dean didn't care. It was a way out…a way back to his brother.

Dean soon reached a branch in the shaft. Being up in the space was a little disorienting; Dean honestly didn't know which way he needed to go to get towards the mummy room. He was about to go left when a loud scream echoed from the right side of the building.


Dean scurried towards the right passage towards the source of the noise. He twisted through the ceiling, all the while praying he was going in the right direction. After crawling for a few more minutes, and gaining several bruises to his knees and shoulders, he came upon another screen. From his place, Dean could see the mummy room…well he could see what remained of the exhibit. Glass littered the tiled floor, artifacts lay broken in every direction, and the sarcophagus was turned on its side. It was all a pretty horrible sight, but it couldn't compare to what Dean saw next…

Sam's body was slumped, limping hanging from the rafters. His feet and legs were still draped on the ground; however his neck was wrapped with the cloth that hung from the ceiling. It looked painful, but at least some of his weight was still on the ground. Dean knew he had to move quickly to save his baby brother.

With as much strength as he could gather, Dean rammed his body into the screen. It bent and broke away from the metal of the vent before clattering to the ground. It startled the mummy; Sam didn't budge.

The creature roared at Dean and began to charge. Dean slipped on the glass and nearly fell in his attempt to evade the former pharaoh. He did manage to dodge it, only to end up running into the sarcophagus in the process.

"Damn," Dean grumbled as the mummy missed him and ran into the wall. The action shocked the monster and gave Dean a moment to regroup and take notice of his surroundings once more. He had a hard time taking his eyes off of Sam; he only managed to do so when he heard the mummy begin to move about once more. Knowing that he wouldn't have much longer, Dean scanned the room for the dagger Sam had talked about earlier.

Dean blocked out the growls coming from the mummy and focused for a moment on just finding the weapon. It worked…he finally saw it on the floor on the other side of the room. Getting to it without being grabbed and slashed up by the mummy was not going to be easy.

A moan escaped from Sam, although he was still unconscious. It was enough motivation for Dean to sprint full speed toward the dagger.

Half way there, he fell to his legs and slid across the tiles towards the dagger. The shards bit at his uniform issue pants and he felt the mummy claw at his boots. He didn't let either of them slow him down. He had to get to the weapon…for Sam.

His hand closed around the jewel-encrusted handle and pulled it off the tiles. He kicked out at the mummy, who had wrapped itself around Dean's ankles. The creature shrieked and was forced to let go. It gave Dean just enough time to twist and flip himself at the mummy with the dagger at ready. He remembered Sam's words about the amulet and how it would be embedded into the decayed chest, just above where the heart would be.

Dean swung the dagger up and slammed it into the chest, straight through the amulet. The blade pierced the crystal with little resistance. The mummy clawed at Dean and gave one last cry before white light exploded from the amulet, filling the entire room. Within seconds, it was gone and the mummy was completely still on the ground.

Dean sighed in relief, but it was short lived. Sam moaned once more off to the side. "Shit," Dean mumbled. He pushed himself off the floor and headed to his brother. He gently slapped Sam's cheek in hopes of waking him. He stirred a little, leaning towards Dean, but didn't really wake. "Come on, Sammy…"

With Sam not waking, Dean decided it was best to go ahead and free him from the wrappings around his neck. He took his pocketknife and shredded through the cloth. Sam fell forward into Dean's waiting arms. The force of it was enough to bring Sam back to consciousness.

"Ahh," Sam groaned against Dean's shoulder.

"Shhh…I've got ya kiddo. Come on. Open your eyes, Sammy."

Sam reluctantly obeyed and blinked up at his brother. "D'n?" he rasped. He throat obviously still tender from being strangled and hung.

"Yeah…I've got you, Sam."

Sam pushed his head off of Dean's shoulder and recognized his surroundings. "Dean!" he cried, much more awake and coherent. "No…we…have to get the mummy! Could get you! It will-"

"Already taken care of, buddy." Dean smiled, impressed that even in Sam's current state he was worried about their hunt and the fact that Dean could be hurt.

Sam furrowed his brow before casting a glance around the room. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the mummy lying on the floor with the dagger sticking out from its chest.

"You did it," Sam smiled.

"Someone had to save your ass," Dean teased.

Sam heard the worry Dean was trying to hide, so he simply rolled his eyes at his brother. "Held him off for awhile," he said more seriously. "It choked me out and…" Sam trailed off as he looked up at the cloth still draped over the rafter.

"I know kiddo." Dean squeezed his brother's shoulder, trying to offer some comfort while avoiding the angry purple bruises that wrapped around his neck and down to his shoulders. He also looked down his brother's body and took note of the various cuts and bruises that littered his frame. "What do you say we get the hell outta here and get you to a hospital?"

"Motel," Sam corrected.

"Sam…some of those cuts are pretty nasty. You need stitches. And your throat could swell shut and-"

"And you can clean and stitch me up at a motel. You can also just monitor me for swelling. Not like either of us is getting much sleep either way anyway, Dean."

Dean huffed, but knew there was no point in arguing when Sam was pretty much right. "Fine. Let's just get out of here before the real security guards show up. No way in hell I'm explaining this mess…"

"Yeah, let's go."

With that, Dean helped Sam out of the museum and to the Impala. With the mummy dead, the doors were no longer sealed shut. The only trouble the boys ran into was Sam occasionally stumbling on his injured legs. Once they reached the car, Sam gratefully slumped down into the passenger seat and allowed Dean to find a decent motel for the night. As long as it had a bed, he really didn't care.

At some point Sam must have dozed off, because he barely remembered the drive to the motel. He felt Dean shaking him; he opened his eyes to a brightly lit vacancy sign.

"Motel? Already?" Sam mumbled tiredly.

"We drove for nearly forty minutes…I wanted to make sure we had a little distance between us and the museum. We're over a couple of cities now."


"Come on Sasquatch…let's get you into bed."

Dean once again took most of Sam's weight and guided him into the room so that he could deposit him on the bed. He ran back out of the Impala to grab their bags and medical supplies. When he returned, Sam had already taken off his jeans and was trying to rid himself of his shirt as well. But he was having issues.

"Let me help," Dean said before he pulled the shirt carefully off of his brother.

"Thanks," Sam replied with embarrassment.

"Any time. Now," Dean grabbed the first aid kit, "I'm gonna clean your cuts, check for glass, and stitch up the worse of 'em."


Dean pulled out some painkillers and a water bottle. "Take these first."

Sam took the pills, but had a little trouble swallowing with his bruised throat. He managed nonetheless.

"Lie on your stomach. I'll take care of your back and your legs."

Sam obeyed and allowed Dean to get to work. There was some glass still poking out of his back. Dean carefully pulled the pieces out and disinfected the wounds. A few were still bleeding, but most were too small to need stitches. Sam's legs were another story. The mummy had ripped his skin, leaving long gashes along them.

Sam squirmed as the peroxide hit the nasty wounds and had to bite his lip to keep from crying out. Dean worked quickly, knowing Sam was in a lot of pain. Despite his best efforts, the pain became too much and Sam slipped back into unconsciousness once more.

Dean finished cleaning and stitching before wrapping both legs with gauze. He then grabbed some clean sweats from Sam's bag so that he could dress Sam. Afterwards, he pulled a blanket over Sam's shivering form.

For once, the motel had fairly large beds. Dean kicked off his boots and settled in next to his brother on top of the sheets. He grabbed the remote off the nightstand and clicked the TV on. Light flickered through the room and the slightly too loud volume of the show echoed off the walls.

"Look, I... I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O'Connell, but I am proud of what I am. "

"And what is that?"

"I... am a librarian."

"Turn it off," Sam grumbled. "I am not watching that damn movie tonight…"

Dean huffed out a laugh. "Sure thing princess…"

"Jerk," Sam said before turning his face back into the pillow.


Nonetheless Dean changed the channel to some old horror movie, knowing his brother always laughed at those. He knew neither of them would be watching that other movie for a while…no matter how hot of a librarian Rachel Weisz was…