Title: Five times Kurt called Blaine 'Blaine Warbler'

Rating: NC-17 (PG for this one)

Spoilers: Up to Prom Queen

Summary: Exactly what the title says.

Authors Notes: I wrote this ages ago. The 25th of May. And never got around to getting it properly edited or perfected and there remains the problem of there being no sixth time when Kurt doesn't call him 'Blaine Warbler'. This was written just after Prom Queen so it deviates in some small ways from canon after that. There are five parts. Some short, some long. One a bit angsty, two fairly smutty, a couple very fluffy. Just my usual style.

It's all written and I've read through it several times. I'll post a part a day for the next five days. That is the plan. Don't hate me too much for breaking it up. I'm an attention whore and so often I have to post 10k word epic smut in one dose because breaking up a smut scene is just mean!

The First Time

The first time Kurt calls him Blaine Warbler it's because he's in a teasing, playful mood and he likes to watch his boyfriend blush to the tips of his ears. They were out for lunch with Mercedes and Rachel and had been mostly concentrating on just holding hands beneath the table as the girls talked incessantly about Nationals and set lists and how awesome they were when Blaine's hand had tensed and then slipped away. Kurt looked up questioningly and Blaine fidgeted under his gaze and Kurt slowly caught up with what Rachel had said. Out of context just more rambling but with Blaine fighting down a blush and laying his hands in front him and looking just a touch embarrassed. "Nationals this, Nationals that, solo, solo, solo, me, me, me, Oh my god, the judges will love all of it! We're gonna rock their world!" made Kurt stifle a giggle behind his coffee cup.

He only let Rachel gush another few minutes before wrapping a hand around Blaine's bicep – he was still being adorably embarrassed – and dragging him up and out of his seat. Kurt made their excuses, a little snark in his voice at Rachel having hijacked the entire conversation, blew Mercedes a kiss and then walked Blaine out the door.

His hand slips down Blaine's arm to interlace their fingers as they walk towards the car. Blaine doesn't resist and only laughs under his breath when Kurt follows him around to the driver's side. Blaine has gotten very good at picking parking spaces next to walls in the last few weeks and Kurt has never missed an opportunity to take advantage of the small amount of privacy afforded. When he comes around to face Blaine though he doesn't kiss him, just smirks and Blaine realizes very quickly that his embarrassment hasn't been as covert as he had hoped and suddenly he's blushing again.

"So sounds like the New Directions have it all planned out for New York," Kurt says, a seemingly innocent comment but Blaine is already pursing his lips in preparation for what is to follow. "Gonna rock their world," Kurt says through a barely contained smile.

Blaine's now moving from one foot to the other and definitely blushing. Kurt struggles to catch him this off-guard on a regular basis and is enjoying the look on him. Not responding except to move forward to try to end the embarrassment with a kiss, Blaine whines ever so slightly, hopefully inaudibly, in the back of his throat when Kurt darts away and smiles ever wider at him.

"Don't you like that phrase? 'Gonna rock your world?'" Kurt teases and it's light-hearted and joking and surely Kurt's allowed to mock him just a little. He did kiss Rachel.

Blaine just tries to kiss him again and huffs when Kurt won't give in. "I was drunk," he whines, "And an idiot and I'm sorry."

Kurt's smile immediately turns softer, "I'm just teasing you," he mumbles as he finally leans forward and presses an all too chaste kiss to Blaine's mouth. "You were drunk and an idiot and I find that funny." Blaine looks at him with puppy-dog eyes, clearly not seeing the humor. "In hindsight," Kurt adds, remembering the bitter taste he'd had to deal with for the several confusing, angry days that had followed. "And I find you adorable when you blush like this," Kurt finishes, pressing another kiss.

Blaine smiles at that and leans in to make the kiss last even as Kurt's pulling back. "Blaine Warbler," he says, just a little bit singsong, mostly enamored. "Did she rock your world?"

Blaine's about to slink back into embarrassed, begin to work his way towards grumpy because he'd rather Kurt just drop it and kiss him but Kurt looks so hopeful and happy and his hands have come up to rest innocuously at Blaine's hips, pressing him just slightly back against the car and Blaine doesn't mind so much when Kurt says his name like that. Sounds a hell of a lot better than every time he's ever replayed Rachel saying it in his mind.

And it's the perfect opening for a perfect answer which Kurt is probably waiting for and then maybe he'll kiss him properly. "I thought so for a while there. Then I kissed you." It's a coy little abashed smile that Kurt gives him and that Blaine knows is mirrored across his own features. The relationship is all so new and sometimes they utter crazy, grown-up admissions of things they don't really understand but kind of think they feel. Sometimes it's just there in their eyes and it could be scary or silly but mostly it's just amazing. Somehow this has turned into one of those moments and their smiles grow and then Kurt leans in and kisses him properly.