The One Time The Tables Turn.

There is a flourish of black suits and scattered raindrops, a bright red umbrella and then sodden scarves yanked from their necks, all this followed by the overly aggressive flurry of burgundy leaves, chasing them obstinately into the hotel foyer.

Then laughter in the elevator, uncontrollable giggles that has them bent at the waist and breathless and then silenced with a hard kiss that has Kurt bracing himself against the mirrored wall, breathless and kissing back with everything he has and unbelievably happy.

They stumble through the double doors of their suite, hand in hand as they take a moment to turn their grins on the bed and the wine and the fluffy bathrobes laid out for them.

Blaine draws Kurt to him, eyes shifting focus, smile still there and his breath catching as he pulls an errant leaf from the very must destroyed hairdo of the man in front of him.

Then he kisses him, not so hard, because now they have time and privacy. Just letting his mouth settle exactly how it usually does and letting his tongue caress and dip, tasting and coaxing Kurt's body to melt into his. A sigh and a whimper and Kurt licks behind his front teeth and catches him with hands at his waist as Blaine leans in out of practice and instinct.

When they pull apart it's only what's needed to breathe and stare, arms happily wrapped around each other, knees knocking.

"Kurt," Blaine pauses, breathless, hands holding tight at Kurt's waist, then his hips, then interlacing their fingers. Squeezing his hands tight as though if he weren't so busy being atrociously happy he'd be trying to hold on forever.

Wonderment and playfulness creeping into his voice and his eyes, but really, mostly awe, Blaine says, "Kurt Warbler." And then, for a moment, his grin is too broad to talk through and he can feel Kurt pressed against him, head to toe, warm and familiar and smelling like the rain. "We just got married."

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