Author's note: I replaced this chapter by accident... :(

I'm trying to recreate this part to the best of my memory.

In other news: This title may have to go, in light of the upcoming Snow White film.

Mirror, Mirror:

The wizard's head was shaved like a skull

He's a thin man, made that way from the famine in the air,

The air of wars

And thin air, he might have come out of thin air.

And he's crowned kings

Ruined a girl over a sword

Her body still floats

A solid glass gown,

A casket miles long

Until the sun comes to unthaw.

What is hard?

'Hunted her with hexes I sent down like eagles

Couldn't give him what was in the scabbard

Or on the hot anvil being made

It wants to go home

I can't breathe

Broke an ankle by the lake- Give it to me!

By a magician's hand

I turn the water

Hard as the palace floors.

I will kneel on and be knighted on

With the same knife from the woods

You feel on your sword for,

Excalibur, Excalibur.

I pull thee up,

Goddess of the lake,

Now we have a ghost on our hands,

My lips will kiss my way out

Of the wall I can't break

My dress is indecent

It didn't have to be,

Where'd you put it?

In the king's hand?

The one in the air with his son and his dove.

Where did you put my father I mean?

Can't you feel him there with you?

My eyes should be ALL green,

And not falling down and turning blue,

Skin to be applied like makeup I get it out of bowl

I say Latin over the fresh skin I ladle out

I have a friend, who I scrape up with a spoon all the same

Ash and ashes of blond

And a jaw,

Why'd you have to grab my skirt?

We don't need a doctor, I'm suppose to shake I told him that.

Its only a spell

You're the food of the table

All spilt on the floor

I can't even kiss you with my lips

The kiss won't be mine

They're the king's lips

They run in the family

Get up off the floor!

Merlin's watching

Mama don't hit

The floor tastes nice

The banisters hit him not me,

My costume's coming off…