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Chapter 1:

Hi my name is Amynda Tommi Emerald Bando and I live in perdido beach (that's in California) and I go to school there too and I'm in history class right now. I'm tall and statueish with blonde hair tied into four spiky ponytails on my head and pale skin as white as snow and eyes that look purple when I'm happy and yellow when I'm angry (I think it makes me look freaky but a lot of people tell me it's really really sexy so I don't know?)

So the teachers talking about math or something and I'm not paying attention cuz I'm rlly smart and learned all this stuff like 2 years ago. They were goin to put me in advanced classes but there was only one place left and astrid the b***h (A/N: i dont swear but i think amynda would&im trying to keep it realistic k?) took it but only got it cuz she went out w/the guy who puts ppl in those classes. He asked me out first but i said no lets be fair im not gonna play dirty. &look where that got me: in boring math class!

Anyways so im in math class and im sitting in the back of the room cuz I dont want to take the seats in front from the kids who need it. im wearing a short pink dress with fishnets on the arms and legs and a headband around my neck and and a huge necklace my dad gave me before he and my mom died in a car crash when I was 3.

Anyways so the teachers talking and suddenly he disappears in the middle of talking about how to find x and y or something and trying to stare down my dress (like i dont no what hes doin). hes wearing a brown suit with plaid in it and a hat and khaki pants and rlly nice shoes. and all of a sudden hes … gone!

"Woah dude!" someone shouts very loudly on the other side of the room by the windows. Its sam whos really hot but also kind of mean. "hes gone!"

"He is, dude!" someone else shouts loudly. its quinn. "hes … gone!"

"anyways we need to get back to the lesson!" astrid says all prim & stuckup. "this is no excuse!"

"yes it is so!" sam says. "dude! the teachers gone!"

Astrid scrunches up her face like a bunny.

everyone starts freaking out and trying their cellphones (which dont work) but I dont cuz i dont have one cuz theyre kinda shallow? like u can survive w/out one and give the money to poor ppl or something i bought 3 new dresses w/th money I saved &thats a lot!

"what should we do Amynda?" asks caine. he sits beside me and wears a sexy coats Academy uniform. "we might die!"

I set my teeth determined. this will not be easy. "We have nothing to be scared of but fear."

"thats very smart," Caine says wisely. hes very hot w/deep midnight eyes th color of blue flowers and hair w/waves in it.

I nod and leave. I need to find out who did this. even if no one else cares, I will do this. i go out into the hallway with its pink and yellow tiles, blue walls, and bad pictures hung up everywhere and lights in the ceiling. when I step into the hall, i don't believe my eyes!

walking down the hall from door to door is a little boy with blonde hair and a red shirt and overalls. his eyes have no white or black, just all green like a dogs eyes except not black green. He stops at each door, holds his hands out, and screams, "DISAPPEAR!"

And blue bolts of lightnight shoot out of his hands and the teachers screams and the boy laughs and he goes to the next door and he does the same thing a bunch of times until he sees me and asks, "Who are you?"

And I say "anyways im amynda tommi emerald bando and ANYWAYS WTF DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING?"

he stares at me with wise green eyes and suddenly I understand even though he was wordless.

"did you … make the teacher disappear?" I ask nibbling my fingernails.

"yes" he says and laughs. "my name is little pete whats yours?"

"Im Amynda Tommi Emerald Bando," i say, "did you … make the teacher disappear?" I ask nibbling my fingernails.

"yes" he says and laughs.

i go back to the classroom and sit down at my desk. i can't stop thinking about it! who was that boy? why is he making the teachers disappear? and why did he call himself littlepete?

"are you ok amynda?" caine asks leaning over close to my face so my heartbeat goes up (why?).

"YUP!" i say with a sexy smile. "im great."

he smiles. "Oyoweedayeemas!"

(A/N: i speak good Chinese (well okay chinese) because i watch a lot of anime and that means something like thats good, or im glad, or something, but i think but i mightve spelled it wrong but anyways Caine is Chinese in this version k?)

"STOP TALKING IN CLASS!" astrid the b***h screams tearing at her hair and caine starts to cry. i hug him and…he kisses me!

A/N okokok so wat do you guys think? this is my first ff im soooooo excited abt it :) im only 12 yrs old but im a rlly good writer for my age or that's wat my teacher said but she was just being nice o ya and it does get more exciting but this is just the setup k? so wat do you think?