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This is how Harry got the house elves to agree to help him with his prank… (A prequel to Caramelldansen.) Sorry it's so short, I just thought the little tidbit would be fun to publish. I've been working on a multitude of serious fics at the moment, and this just popped into my head and I had to write it out really quick! Hope you enjoy!


Three days before Caramelldansen:

Harry slipped inside the kitchen, humming to himself as he successfully snuck all the way down there from the dorms after curfew without his invisibility cloak. Shrieks of glee and laughter met his ears as the door closed, making him start in shock. Apparently there was silencing ward at some point, which in his astonished opinion was a very good idea.

Food splattered the ceiling, floor, walls, and any other surface in the room, making for a multi-colored mess that stunned the eyes. As the last Potter studied the mess, it became obvious to him that it was all the leftovers from the last week. "So this is why we never have a leftover night…" He murmured in realization, jumping when a pop sounded beside him.

"Mr.-Harry-Potter-sir! Winky is sorry Winky didn't realize that Mr.-Harry-Potter-sir was here! Professor Dumblydore said we's elvsies could take care of the food and to cleans ups the messies we's makes! Would Mr.-Harry-Potter-sir like some food sir? Winky can makes whatever Mr.-Harry-Potter-sir would likes in just a few moments." The food splattered ecstatic elf said, bouncing on her feet excitedly as mashed potatoes and what looked like a mixture of scrambled eggs and chicken pot pie dripped down his old pillowcase.

"Errr…no, that's okay Winky. I actually had a favor to ask of you and the elves. You see, I wanted to…brighten the other students days by…helping them." He said dazedly, still taking in the sight of a food-fight/war going on in front of his eyes. The only reason he hadn't been hit with any wildly aimed projectiles of food was because of a repelling spell that was placed in front of his position, something a few elves took advantage of heartily as a way to "bounce" food over the defenses that most of the elves hid behind.

Winky's yelped in delight at the thought of helping the students become happier and helping Harry at the same time. "Anything Mr.-Harry-Potter-sir! We elvsies would loves tos helps you!" She squeaked out excitedly, her tone a higher pitch than a moment ago.

"Okay, I have a potion that's up in a classroom at the moment. It will need to go into the drinks of everyone in the Great Hall at dinner say…three days from now. Please don't let anyone else know; I want it to be a surprise for them. Surprises are always fun, right Winky?" He said with a grin, his eyes fixed on the small elf's face.

"Oh yes, Mr.-Harry-Potter-sir! We elvsies most certainly helps you! Ifs yous don't needs anything else Mr.-Harry-Potter-sir, Winky wills just be going back to help take care of the leftovers." The girl-elf said, smiling up at the green-eyed Savior. At his grinning nod back, she popped away to help her fellow elves in the war.

"Ron's never going to know what hit him." Harry murmured almost silently a laughter leaving his lips as he continued to enjoy the food-fight/war in front of him.

Upstairs, Ron Weasley shivered under his covers, pulling them higher as he did, never knowing just what was looming ahead of him in the near future.


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