Title:Theme 10: Breathe Again
Some spoilers for Birth By Sleep, slight guy-on-guy
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts
For as long as Sora can remember there was a voice in the back of his head that wanted freedom. Sora always denied him, knowing that if he did let it out, bad things would happen. But one day when Riku and Kairi are hurt

Theme 10: Breathe Again

When Sora was little, he had heard a strange and sad voice and let the lost person stay in his heart. The next week Sora heard another voice. It was much colder and crueler than the first voice. The two people inside him fought for space and the new person ended up winning, and the first person disappeared. All the while, Sora had been suffering from a high fever that was due by their fighting.

But after the fight had finished, the brown haired boy's fever broke and was quick to recover and go play with his friend again. But something was different, and even the boy could tell. A few days later Sora began to hear whispers and soon the whispers got louder and louder. No one else could hear them; not even Riku, and Sora learned quick enough to not say anything about them.

The voice told him to do things: to let him take control of Sora's body; that he could help Sora win against Riku for once. He asked Sora to let him feel the wind again or the water. He told Sora of so many different worlds and how he was wasting his time on the pathetic little island. That Sora could be a strong and great keyblader, as long as he let him take over.

Sora refused.

He would admit that though, that he had been seriously tempted at many times. The worse time being when Riku had taken the keyblade and Donald and Goofy had left him. He had been so sad, so desperate that he had almost walked willingly into the voice's arms.

But he didn't, and Sora was glad he didn't.

Time went by and the voice was as persistent as the first day. Sora couldn't think of any reason to accept the offer. Except maybe in order to save his friends.

And that was exactly why he was talking to the other voice again.

'You promise? You promise you will protect them and save them from being hurt or killed?' Sora asked mentally, frantic as he watched his friends quickly losing.

'Yes. I will protect them from harm as long as you don't fight me.' The voice answered back.

'Alright.' Sora closed his eyes, ignoring the fighting around him, focusing only on the voice. 'Do it.'

It was almost like a feeling a vertigo. He felt like he was falling but into himself. He saw his stage of awakening but as he got near it, it shattered completely. As he fell into the darkness, Sora felt arms wrap around him and pull him back into someone else's chest.

"You're mine now Sora." The voice that had always been in his head whispered in his ear.

"Mine." He growled.

Then Sora closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.


When Sora opened his eyes again, his eyes were no longer a sky blue, but a glowing gold.

Vanitas grinned and took in a deep breath.