"i don't now how to tell him" Chloe sighed at Jasmine as they walked in school. By now everyone new Chloe and Alek were an item. Chloe went to her locker but Trina one of the popular stopped her.

"Hey Chloe" she said Chloe walked past her by now Alek and his 'friends' were watching them.

"Chloe" She said agian Chloe turned around

"Yeah" Chloe smiled as if she didn't hear her the first time. Trina rolled her eye's and walked over to Chloe and whispered in her ear.

"Leave Alek alone he is mine" Trina pulled back

"I'll do what i like but thanks" Chloe turned but before she could walk away Trina stopped her.

"Just cause your birth parent's didn't want you and some one toke you in doesn't mean that Alek has to" Trina smiled. Chloe new that everyone in the hallway herd Trina. Chloe pushed by everyone and ran to an empty class room. She didn't even stop when she herd Alec call her name.

She herd Alek run by the door. She stayed there the till lunch when Jasmine finally found her.

"Chloe" Jasmine whispered as she walked in.

"Leave me alone" Chloe hissed as she buried her face in her hands. She herd more footsteps

"You found her" she herd Alek's voice. "Chloe" Alek said after Jasmine left

"Alek Trina isn't my only problem" Chloe said not looking up

"Then what is" Alek put an arm around Chloe

"i'm...i'm pregnant" Chloe chocked out. Alek stood their for a minute ten pulled her close.

"I'm here for you" Alek sighed " is it mine?" he asked Chloe pushed him playfully as they walked out of the room.

"Yes" she said but little did they now Trina herd every word.