"I'm sorry Chloe but I need to think about this" Meredith states getting up.

Chloe nods meekly. "Fine"

"Well I'm tired so let's call it a night" She says walking to the stairs.

Alek sighs and kisses Chloe cheek. "I have to go home for a bit but Jasmine is watching" He says.

Chloe nods and locks the door behind him.

"I knew you would show up" Trina smiles as Alek walks in the coffee shop. She twirls one of her blonde curls around her fingers.

"Not for you" Alek says sitting down. "But to make sure you leave Chloe alone"

Trina laughs sitting up. "Because I want something to do with her? Unlike you I know she is useless"

"What is it you want?" Alek ask, clearly annoyed.

"I have no idea what's going on with me besides I'm a Mai" She states. "I need training"

"Ask Jasmine"

"No you give it to me" Trina commands.

"Fine you can join Chloe and I" Alek says.

"One last thing who is the Uniter?"

Alek smirks. "You haven't heard?" He ask.

She shakes her head looking up at him.

"It's Chloe" Alek says. Enjoying the frown Trina had made. "I'll see you tomorrow for training" He winks.

"Wait!" Trina calls running after the British jock.

He rolls his eyes walking down the street hopping to lose her. "I said wait!" Trina hissed coming up behind him.

"I'm not one of your little minions I don't care what you say" Alek states taking a left.

"Don't I get some kind of power?! After all I am related to the Uniter" She smiles hopefully.

"You have a talent" Alek says.

"Of?" She ask eagerly.

Alek turns and stops in front of her. "Of being annoying, now please stop following me" He says.

Trina sighs. "Where do I go for training tomorrow"

"You go to the Annex Center behind the ally way" A voice comes from ahead and a girl drops from the roof. She smiles slightly standing next to Alek her brown curls resting by her back.

"Please tell me this is not Chloe" The girl says to Alek.

He chuckles lightly putting an arm around her. "No" He answers. "This is her sister Trina. Trina this is one of the best trainer's there is and a good friend of mine Dance"

"Pleasure to meet you" Trina fakes a smile.

Dance stares at her. "You ready to go?" Dance ask Alek.

"More ready than ever" Alek smiles as they walk away.

Trina smirks taking a picture of Alek's arm around Dance before they run off.

"Oh Alek" Trina smirks starring at the picture. "I don't think Chloe would like this"