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I was gonna do Luke, but what fun is that? So, here's an idea I've been thinking about since I read the books. Here's Nina/Elodie.

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In a mansion in Washington DC, a man, two girls, a woman, and an elder woman all sat around an extravagant dining table. It was the first time in seventeen years since the elder woman had seen her sister. The last time she saw her sister was when her third niece was being born.

Her third niece. The elder woman sighed. Her little Elodie. She hadn't heard from the poor girl in five years. She didn't know whether the girl was alive, or more likely, dead. The elder woman swallowed back tears as she thought about what could have happened to the little blond haired, blue eyed girl.

"Everything alright, Rhoda?" Her youngest sister asked.

"Yes, Gisela." Rhoda said, smiling at her sister.

The atmosphere went quiet again, and the elder woman glanced around the table. There was her youngest sister, Gisela. The little girls mother. Gisela had always been a beautiful woman, and a perfect housewife. The woman had long blond hair, startling brown eyes, and a face that aged gracefully.

The girl next to Gisela was the eldest child of hers. Rosaline Boehler, the eldest daughter of Gisela and Jacque Boehler. Rosaline looked much like her mother, with long, beautiful blond hair, dark brown hair, and an ageless face. Rosaline was twenty-one, and engaged to a long time friend.

Then next to her was the 'youngest'. Emma Boehler looked more like her father, with dark red hair, shimmering blue eyes, and tan skin. She was nineteen years old, and studied children's education at the local college.

Lastly was Jacque Boehler, a French immigrant. He had came to the country at age eighteen, and married Gisela. The man worked for the police, and had only been at it for a year. He had once been a part of a not so secret set of police, but he was able to get out right before the downfall. He had dark red hair, stern blue eyes, and tan skin.

A knock sounded from the door.

"Emma, would you get that?" Gisela asked her husband.

The 'youngest' nodded. Pushing back her chair, she walked over to the front door, and opened it without knowing just how much her life was about to change.

A young girl, probably only sixteen, stood at the front door with a duffle bag over her shoulder and a small, scared, smile. The girl had straight blond hair, dark blue eyes, and tan skin. She seemed to be average height, but the timid expression on her face made her look smaller.

"Hello, is Rhoda here?" The girl asked.

"Who are you?" Emma demanded.

"Um," the girl paused, clearly conflicted. "I'm, a close friend of her."

"You're barely fifteen!" Emma snapped.

The girl's body tensed, and an anger flashed in her eyes. "I'm sixteen. Please, just let me see Rhoda."

Emma sighed, "one second." She said, gesturing for the girl to come inside. She shut the front door and told the girl to stay.

"Aunt Rhoda, there's some girl at the door for you. Says she's a close friend." Emma said, sitting at the table again.

"What does she look like, Emma?" Jacque asked, confused. Why would some girl be looking for his old sister-in-law?

"Blond hair, blue eyes, tan, short, sixteen." Emma said, taking a bite of the chicken salad.

Rhoda smiled and exchanged a look with her sister. Gisela's face went pale, as her eyes filled with tears. If they didn't know any better, that sounded like Elodie. Yet, Elodie could not have possibly live these past few years with the Population Police cracking down.

Rhoda stood up and walked painfully down the hall to the front door. Her smile lit up as she glanced at the little girl, knowing it was her niece. The quirky, shy smile, the big blue eyes, and the long blond hair, it had to be Elodie. "El, is that you?"

Elodie nodded, still not use to using her first name. Her former name had been Nina Idi, the name of a girl who had died. Twice, actually. The real Nina Idi had died long ago, but the one that took her name, well she had buried the ID.

"Oh, come here, baby." The old woman said, tears falling down her cheek as she wrapped the little girl in a hug. "Oh, honey. I was so worried about you."

"I'm alright, Aunty Rhoda." Elodie said, letting her old aunt hug her tightly. She already knew the sad news about her other aunts and Gran. All had died in the past few years. Two aunts and her Gran had all died in a fire only two years ago. Rhoda had been the only to escape.

Mr. Talbot had told her the news, before sending her Rhoda's new address. Elodie guessed that the woman lived here with other family.

"Oh, darling. You're all grown up." The old woman said, holding the girl at arms length away.

Elodie smiled. "I'm only sixteen."

"Now hush, the last time I saw my baby niece she was barely eleven. Now, look at you. You're as beautiful as a Hollywood actress. Perhaps even more." Rhoda said, smiling as the girl blushed.

"Thank you, Aunty-"

"Rhoda, is everything alright?" Gisela asked, walking into the small space. Her eyes went wide as she saw the little girl she hadn't seen in sixteen years. "Elodie?"

Elodie looked over at her aunt. "El, meet your mother. Gisela, this is your little girl. Not little so much, now." Rhoda said, stepping back to let Gisela get a good look at her late daughter.

"Hi mom." Elodie said, the word 'mom' feeling foreign on her tongue.

"Elodie." Gisela said, tears sliding down her face. She caressed her daughter's cheek and smiled. "You're so beautiful."

"Thanks." The old Nina Idi said.

"I- I don't even know what to say." The woman said, grabbing the girl in a hug. "Elodie, I've always wanted to see you. The pictures they sent me, you were always a cute little girl. Now, you're a beautiful young woman."

Elodie nodded, not sure what to say.

"Gisela, what are you-" Jacque cut off, seeing the girl wrapped in his wife's arms. "Gisela, who is this?"

Elodie tensed, knowing this man must be her father.

"Jacque, this is Elodie. She's-" Gisela looked over at Rhoda, who smiled sadly. Both silently decided he should know about his third child.

The woman let go of her long lost child and walked over to put a hand on her husband's arm. No telling how he would react to the news. "Jacque, do your remember when I went to help mom about seventeen years ago?"

"Yes, you were gone for almost ten months." The man stated.

Gisela nodded. "Well, I lied. I was with Rhoda and my sisters, hiding with them. You see, Jacque, I hid for nine months, and for the tenth, I whipped myself back into shape."

The man stared at her, the answer dawning in his head. He looked over at the girl, then back at his wife. The blond hair was the only similarity. Yet, he knew the blue eyes and tin skin were like his.

It was like the whole world was being ripped out from under him. He had once believed so firmly in the Population Law. He had once been one of those people blaming third children for everything. He had helped execute many of these children.

Now, one was staring at him with his eyes.

And his wife was right, she was beautiful. She had a calm, controlled, logical demeanor. Yet, she also had a timid, shy, and scared demeanor. Unannounced to him, the first demeanor was something she had built up from playing undercover in a dangerous world. The second was the old Elodie, the one that still reared it's ugly head once in a while.

"Jacque-" Gisela began, worried.

"How- why- what-" he stuttered, shaking his head. "Elodie." He whispered, letting the name roll of his tongue. It was a name that demanded class, beauty, and elegance.

A name perfect for the girl in front of him.