I don't own A.N.T Farm and this is my story... It's Angus and Olive :o so it there a name for this? OH and I made up Angus's last name.

"Hi my name is Olive Doyle, what's your name?" said the 10 year old Olive Doyle. She had just entered the A.N.T. program, or the Advanced Natural Talent program at the high school. She was wearing her favorite outfit for luck: jean capri's with green flip flops, and her purple cardigan and a green tank.

"Angus," he said looking up from his gameboy. His hazel eyes meet her beautiful blue eyes and he was instantly attracted to her. It just took one look into her eyes. "You're pretty."

Olive looked at him her cheeks turning pink.

At 15 both of them had entered the advanced math class. All the ANTs were in all of the advanced classes pratically from the start. Mrs Taylor the teacher was assigning partners and looked at Olive and Angus.

"Olive Doyle and Angus Holmes," said Mrs. Taylor. Angus smiled at her from across the room and Olive groaned. He was never going to stop trying to woo her. Both of them were sitting next to each other for the rest of the school year and almost every Saturday...

You want to go out with me, was something that was asked. Her answer was always no.

At 20 she surprised him by saying yes to asking her out. She never really hated him she just didn't care much for him. He looked at her suspiciously as she said yes but they went out to a pretty nice place in town. She actually had a fun time.

He had really changed since they were 11 year old kids. He had gotten taller and thinned out since she had last seen him. He did change for the better and he really hoped that Olive would say yes this time.

"So can I ask you out again?" he asked.

Olive looked at him sighing looking at him, she knew exactly what she was going to say. She did have fun believe it or not. They went ice skating and had dinner at this 50s style resteraunt.

At 25 they got married. Her mother loved him, and her dad agreed. The only thing that her mother didn't like was that her wedding dress was at the bottom of the dump. She had to use it for a science project years and years ago. So they had to go buy a new one together.

A year after that they had twins Oliver and Angela.

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