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The Galactic Guardians

Somewhere on a distant, unknown planet in space…

The princess ,who-would-be-queen, waited anxiously for her sister to return from the King's court with news on the next assignment.

(one hour later)

"Where is she?" sighed a very frustrated Princess Star.

Just then, her sister, Princess Saralina, entered their shared bedroom. She sighed heavily as she plunked down on the bed.

"Well…?" inquired Star.

"Father was contacted by Neo Queen Serenity." answered Saralina.

"WHAT?" screamed Star.

"Yeah, apparently she is worried for her daughter, Rini, who has gone back to the past to revisit Queen Serenity when she was young. The present queen is worried for her daughter because of something Sailor Pluto said about Rini begin in eminent danger or something like that. Since Father owes Neo Queen Serenity a favor, she came to us to ask if we might provide protection to "Small Lady" as they call her. Father has agreed to send his two most powerful daughters to help out the worried queen." explained Saralina.

(sigh) "Oh man, just when I was getting the idea of being home and, someday, ruling the galaxy. Queen Serenity is so powerful though, she doesn't normally require our help so it must be something only we can handle! So, where are we going?"

"Earth, in America.." Saralina proclaimed solemnly

" I thought the princess was in Japan, not America!"

"Yes but in order to be near Rini, we have to project ourselves as non-threat entities. Queen Serenity mentioned that ,when she was young, she had always wanted to meet an American. Therefore, Father has conjured up the idea that we, as foreign exchange students, will be staying at the princess's home in Japan as our "host" family."

"Ahh…I see now! When do we leave?" asked Star.

" Tonight! Let's pack!"

The two princesses went off to pack very minimal items for, they would be getting clothing in America as well as Japan. The two most powerful girls, next to Queen Serenity, were on their way to Earth.


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