Their favorite aunt had just tried to get them to kill each other!?

"Hey saralina, it's alright!" star cautioned when she saw how pale her sister had gotten. " I mean, it's just a guess for now okay, so don't get so upset." Saralina just nodded her consent with sad eyes. To her, this aunt was like a second mother to saralina. Star knew it was bad to lie to her sister but she didn't want to hurt saralina even more. Star got up, showered, and dressed in time for everyone to arrive carrying a lot of food.

" So here you are Star, we've been so worried about you!" lita said.

" Yeah I know and I'm sorry but it was really imperative that I meet my friend." star smiled apologetically.

" What's with all the food guys, I thought you'd be here when I got back." saralina said, trying to change the topic. Thankfully serena latched on to the new conversation to describe how hungry she was and finally broke Rei down into buying some food for her. Even though Star knew serena was lying, she decided to go along with the act in order to preserve her own secret.

" Awesome because I'm positively starved for something to eat! All we did was get work done and we didn't stop for any breaks at all. *sigh*" star said.

" Oh really…what kind of work took you so long to do that you didn't even eat." Yaten inquired.

"Oh well…you know…modeling work and stuff like that…So what'd you guys get." star said. However Yaten's gaze on star increased to a look of suspicion. It was obvious he was on to them but Saralina didn't know what to do. Thankfully, Seiya walked over to embrace both sisters, forgoing their having to answer Yaten's gaze. Seiya shot a look a yaten that star didn't quite catch but it caused him to turn and stomp away. What a horrible personality! I'll be glad when I don't have to deal with him anymore! Star thought. Finding a girlfriend, ha! Who'd ever be wanna be caught dead dating him. Star thought with a smirk.

Next day:

"Ugh! Why'd I get stuck with getting the groceries for dinner tonight?!" star muttered


"Oh dear, we're all out of noodles and a few other things!" serena's mom said, "Serena dear, will you please go pick some up at the store real quick, and take star with you so you don't wander off. Serena begged her mom not to make her go but she dredged out of the door anyway, dragging star by the arm the whole time.

"Okay look, You get the ingredients while I go down to the arcade for a while." serena called out as she ran off in that direction. End flashback;

"Well this is what I get for not putting my foot down and telling serena to help me with the groceries. There are so many things on this list that I can't even see over this sack of-oof!" Star didn't get to finish her mini-rant when someone ran full-speed straight into her. The groceries went flying everywhere, the eggs broke open and Star landed with a hard grunt. Star looked over to give the offender a piece of her mind….only to see that it was Yaten.

" Hey! What do you think you're doing?! Why the h*** did you just run into me when you could clearly see that I was standing there!? Do you have any idea how long it took me to find all of the items on the list?! On top of that, you've not yet issued an apology!?" star paused in her rant long enough to catch yaten rolling his eyes.

" Look, I'm sorry but you haven't exactly given me the chance to apologize have you! I'll reimburse you the money on the groceries but that's all you deserve." yaten stated as he threw his money at Star.

" You could at least try helping me up since it was your impatience that caused me to fall in the first place!" Star said and reached her hand up to Yaten's. Yaten sighed and picked Star up off the ground by placing his hands on her back and shoulders. Star stared into Yaten's gorgeous green eyes for a few seconds, allowing herself to become entranced when she heard a familiar 'click' come from the bushes. Yaten and Star sprang apart and headed in the direction of the click. A paparazzi photographer jumped out of the bushes and ran across the packed street. Yaten let out a groan and took off in pursuit of the photographer. Five minutes later, Yaten returned out of breath and defeated.

" I couldn't..(gasp)..catch him..(gasp)..he got into a car and sped off."

" You idiot! Do you realize the compromising position he snapped us in?! This could ruin both of our reputations!" star angrily reminded him.

" Yeah, yeah I don't need you to remind me but it was your fault were in that situation in the first place! If you hadn't have insisted on being helped off the ground like a baby, none of this would have happened in the first place!" this was the most mad that star had ever seen this normally cool, indignant boy.

" Need I remind you who it was that pushed me down in the beginning! What was so important that you just had to bowl me over to get to it?" Here yaten blushed and his mask of indignance replaced his fiery one of a moment ago. "It's none of your business, now if you'll excuse me I have somewhere to be." yaten said and walked away.

Star went off to salvage what she could and replace what she couldn't. By the time she returned home, Serena's mom had decided to order pizza instead. She thanked Star for her hard work and gave her something to eat. Yaten didn't acknowledge star's entrance and simply ignored her existence for the rest of the evening.

" hey, you okay star?" saralina asked with worry.

"I'm fine sis, just get some sleep okay?"

" Alright. Goodnight."


The Next Day:


Someone was banging on the front door. Serena opened the door to see Mina standing there holding a magazine in her hand.

"Hi mina, what's going on and DO YOU REALIZE WHAT TIME IT IS!"

"I know, I know! Serena, you've got to see this! I already called Lita, Ami, and Rei about it!" Mina announced as she showed serena the magazine. The front cover had a picture of a rumored new couple. Wait… those two looked familiar. Serena looked closer to reveal…Yaten and Star in an embrace?! Serena ran upstairs and banged on the door to the guest room the boys were using. Then she went across the hall to wake up the girls. The boys crawled out sleepily while the girls rushed out into the hall and assumed attack formations.

"What's wrong. Where's the fire, Serena?"

" This is what's wrong! When were you two going to tell us you were dating?!" serena asked with a smug look on her face. Star snatched the magazine before Yaten could and gasped, a flush of red crawling up her face. Yaten snatched if from Star, who was trying to reassure her sister that it was all a mistake while Saralina was giving her a knowing smile, and groaned. Seiya and Taiki grabbed the magazine and demanded some answers from a recalcitrant Yaten. Finally, star couldn't take it anymore and whistled loudly. Everyone looked at her expectantly and Star relayed the series of events that led up to this picture. By this time, the other sailor scouts had shown up at the house to demand some answers of their own. After finishing all the people in the room turned on Yaten in disgust.

"Don't, Do not look at me like that! It was a really important event and , thanks to this one, I missed it completely. Besides I already apologized,"

"Look guys, It's not going to do any good to keep glaring at him, what's done is done and there's nothing we can do about it. Let' s just try to act like adults about this hmm?" star suggested. Yaten gazed at star in surprise but then nodded his head and went back into their room. So, as far as the world was concerned, he was dating this american model so much for his social life increasing. As for Star, she didn't really care to be connected with such a pompous, stuck-up pop star who only had time for himself. She had to help Serena save the world…again! She needed to get this matter settled so she'd just have to learn to put up with this spoiled playboy.

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