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What are friends for? Well, besides kidnapping you or course...

Derek was sitting at the base of the stairs, completely immersed in thought. He had been there for the whole day. Tomorrow was the the anniversary of the arson that destroyed his home. The arson that took his family away from him and derailed his life. It would be his first back home... and though at first it seemed like an easy thing to do, just another day inside the dusty, semi-ruined manor, he wasn't that sure any longer. There were simply way too many memories inside those walls... true, there were happy ones from when his family was alive... but those had the annoying tendency to be overwhelmed by the sad ones. The guilt ridden ones.

Stiles had entered the house on his own. The door being open turned his intentions of nocking pointless, so he just walked right in. To his surprise Derek was sitting at the stairs right in front of the entrance, not working out like he usually was. That was a light disappointment for the teen... he loved to walk in while the werewolf was half naked and sweaty and grunting. The sad look on Derek face, though, was enough to erase those kind of thoughts from his mind.

The lycanthrope was so immersed in his own world that, for the first time ever, he didn't realize that someone was approaching... worse, that someone had gotten his close to him. That made Stiles both sad and reaffirmed in his convictions.

"You know, sad puppy eyes is not a good look on you."

Hearing the sound, the wolf pounced on the young human knocking him to the ground, trapping the intruder under his body. He had transformed and his claws had come out, holding his prey in position. He was going for the throat


Hearing the familiar voice, Derek stopped on his tracks. His eyes still blue and his body still pinning the lacrosse player down, but no longer a full wolf. Not moving a muscle but his eyes, his mouth still directed at the teen's throat, he asked:

"Just how stupid are you? Walking in like this into a werewolf's layer..."

Breathing heavily, his eyes wide and never leaving the blue ones in front of them, Stiles said:

"The door was open and you were right in front of it. I stood there for a good couple of minutes but you didn't give any sign of life. Now can you please get off of me?"

"No." the werewolf said, but he still got himself face to face with Stiles. "What do you want?"

The teen started rambling about, talking all sorts of things. Derek involuntarily turned a deaf ear to them... He was so close, so close... just a few more inches and those gorgeous lips would be his. That slender, firm body beneath him...

"Wait, what?" Derek was brought back from his thoughts by something Stiles had just said but he didn't quite understand.

"Yeah, you heard me. So? Go get your stuff."

"No, repeat that last part."

"Ahm... Go get your stuff."

"No genius, I mean what you said before."

"You weren't listening to me were you?"

"No. I was... thinking about other things."

Letting a fake exasperated huff come through his lips, Stiles wondered how cute Derek looked this close. If he could just raise his head a bit...

"You were scanning the area for other intruders right?"

"No, I was thinking of ways to dispose of your body. Now, what did you say?"

"Ok, from the beginning and now pay attention ok?"


"Fine, fine... no need to bite my head off..." and Stiles suddenly had a serious expression "I know what day is tomorrow."

"Really? Your father must be so proud, you now can tell the days of the week. Did they give you a medal?"

"Har-de-har... very funny. Now, seriously Derek. I know what day is tomorrow."

The werewolf cocked an eyebrow.


"So... that as your friend I won't let you be alone on a day like that. I thought it would be good for you to get away you know... go to a happier place. Remember them on your good times and such. So, being the amazing friend I am, I booked us a hotel on Chocolate Beach for the weekend. Now, go get your stuff and lets go. Come on, chop chop."

Derek was surprised. Really surprised. Not really thinking what he was doing, the werewolf simply sat were he stood. Letting go of the arms and legs he was pinning and ignoring the moan from the teen beneath him.

"AH... ahm, Derek..." Stiles was trying for all he was worth to not have a boner, but it was difficult considering that the man of his dreams was sitting exactly on top of his privates.

"You consider us to be friends?" Derek said most to himself than to the other... the whole thing was a bit much to his head, so he was taking it by parts.

"Yes... amh, stop moving please... we are friends. I mean, sure most friends say 'Hello! How are you? Nice to see you!'... but hey, who said that it has to be like that right? Like, you say 'I'm gonna rip your throat out' and I say 'Irrk! Please don't kill me!'... and it works! I mean, look at us now." pointing at the both of them.

"How do you know that it is tomorrow?"

"Hello, Sheriff's son here? I literally grew up inside the Police Dept."

"Why do you care? No one cares! No one ever bothered with me or my sister! Why do you care?"

"Because..." Stiles said, supporting his weight on his elbows and raising himself a bit "... I know what it feels like to lose your family. True, you lost all of yours while I lost half of mine. But it works the same man... I know that you walk around here, looking at the walls as if they could explain why it happened the way it did. That you look at the door expecting them to come home and tell you that it was nothing but a bad joke. That no matter how hard you try to conjure up the great memories, the happy moments you had together... the bad ones are always easier to come by. It is hard enough for me and my dad... I can't imagine how much harder it is for you, having it rubbed in every day. Having to look at the debris and that Argent woman walking free with murder..."

"You know it was her?"

"Yeah man... dad is after her. They don't have that much yet but she won't escape . My dad is the best Sheriff in California." Stiles beamed with pride.

Derek gave a weak laugh, thinking if that maybe he should go to jail as well for telling her about his family.


Derek squeezed Stiles' mouth shut with one hand.

"Shut up!" and like that he got up from the floor and turned around, talking while he walked out the house "Wait here. I'm going to get my stuff."

Stiles was left on the floor, with a smile on his face. He was glad Derek had agreed to join, it truly was going to be a whole lot better for him to be somewhere else during the weekend. But what made him smile was the fact that apparently Derek hand't noticed the growing erection he had the whole time the werewolf was sitting on his lap.

The both of them were in Derek's Camaro, bags in the trunk and ready to go. While turning the car on and leaving the house, the werewolf asked:

"Does your father know you'll leave town for the weekend?"

"Yeap. I told him a friend of mine was in a situation like the one we face every year... so he was cool with it."

"And you'll leave your car like that? In front of my house? Don't you think it will be a bit suspicious?"

"Scott is going to come pick my baby up later today... so no biggie."

"So he is not coming with us?"

"Nah... I even asked him, you know, if he wanted to. But he said no... anyway, he isn't the most helpful guy on-"

"Any situation?"

"Not 'any situation' like any situation... but yeah, I know he IS self-centered and not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box... Still, he is my best-friend and a fairly decent guy."

"When his head is not up his butt... or Allison's for that matter."

"AHA! And it makes ambiguous jokes as well! Aren't you quite the little box of surprises Mr. Hale?"

Derek then, seizing the moment, turned his head to Stiles and said with a sexy face and a rough voice:

"You have no idea..."

That gave Stiles the best tingle he ever felt down his spine. He just laughed and at the same time Derek scoffed lightly, half smiling and turning his gaze back to the road.

"Ahm... was there anything that your parents liked to eat that was, hum, especially made someplace in Beacon Hills?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know... like a pie or bread or a dessert... something that we could only get here?"

"Hum... my mother really liked this Dark Chocolate Mousse from... what was the name? Cassandra's. Casina's? Cachouchou's?"

"Cassandra's Bakery. My mother used to go there too."


"She liked the chocolate chip cookies. They were her favorites."

"Hum... thats not what I asked. Why do you want to know?"

"Well... hear me out on this..." Stiles said while turning on his seat to face Derek "... I thought of, as a way to celebrate the good people your parents were-"

"How do you know they were good people?"

"Hear me out first, you can interrupt later. So, as I was saying... as a way to celebrate them I thought of sending Japanese Floating Lanterns into the sea during the low tide. You know, at night... under the moon. Not only that but ALSO sending them their favorite yummy treats. I asked the hotel and they said that the city has anything we need for the lanterns, which is mostly now glue and colored silk paper in their favorite shades, as I already have the lantern skeletons with me. So, if you agree we can totally send them the yummy stuff... we just need to go to Cassandra's." And he finished with a toothy smile. "Now interrupt away Mr. Wolf."

Derek was quiet. He had never actually had a real friend that wasn't his sister. When young the secretive nature of, well, his life and family kept most children at bay... then he met Kate and that lead to were he was now. They may have been before but finding friends weren't that important after the fire. When he came back to this place his only wish was to find his sister and leave. He didn't plan on finding someone he liked. Life truly was a horrible bitch. His first crush, he met her here... and she ruined his life. Killed his family. And it was all his fault. Now, life threw someone else at him. Worse, this guy might just be his mate. HIS mate. Of all people in the world, of all the moments for his other half to appear, it had to be now. Here and now. This guy sitting by his side. Life was truly a horrible, toothless bitch... what would this one do? Castrate and rename him Fifi?

"Hey, earth to Derek. Earth to Derek! Hello! Dude, did you like it or not? Hey, watch the road!"

"Oh, sorry... yes. Its a great idea, lets go over to Cassandra's."

"Glad you liked it!"

"Don't get cocky."

"I won't... I won't... but you liked it."

It didn't take them long to reach the bakery, but since it was almost 5 on a Friday the place was bursting with people. Cassandra's Bakery was a large, red brick store filled with anything her customers might fancy... cakes, rolls, buns, mousses, cookies. Anything you wanted, Cassandra had it. Derek got in line while Stiles went rampant on the place, tasting one dish after the other... that is, until the werewolf grabbed his arm and pulled him close.

"Stop that, we have a two hours drive 'till Chocolate Beach and if you puke on my seats I'll use your ass to clean it up."

"Ok ok, no need for violence. Geez."

"You haven't seen me get violent... yet."

Stiles was about to give a witty comeback when the attendant asked what they needed.

"Do you still have that Dark Chocolate Mousse you had a few years ago? With truffles?" asked Derek, still gripping the teen's arm.

"Yes sir, would you like one?"

"Yes please... also, I'd like five chocolate chip cookies..." and with a swift move he squeezed Stiles recently opened mouth shut without ever stop looking at the girl taking their order "... to go. Thank you."

The attendant looked from Derek's nice smile to Stiles' fishlike mouth and back, smiled lightly and left. Derek then turned his attention to the teen whose mouth he had his hand squeezing. The younger man simply looked at him and, in a bold and highly flexible moment, licked the palm right in front of his mouth. To his surprise the wolf didn't let go but simply cocked an eyebrow and said:

"Best you can do? Come on... anyway, I decided to get some of those cookies you were talking about. If... if we are sending lanterns to my family why not send one to yours?" and then he let go of Stiles' mouth.

The teen was touched, massaging his jaw but touched.

"Thank you man, I appreciate that."

"Don't mention it... ever."

After they had the desserts they needed, and Stiles had bought some other things to eat during the trip, they left. Stiles was happy that they had decided to go with Derek's car... he was sure that if had they used his jeep they'd get to Chocolate Beach without their asses. She was sturdy not made for comfort...

After some good time in silence, eating their chocolates and cookies, and a stern warning from Derek to not smudge the seats with the grease, they resumed talking.


"Yeah" the teen replied, looking out of the moonroof into the darkening sky.

"What happened to Scott's father?"

"Ah..." and he turned his body a bit on the seat, looking at Derek now. "His father is alive, if thats what you're asking. But... ahm, they don't have a great relationship. Well, actually they don't have any relationship period.

"Can you tell me why?"

"Hum... I won't go into details, like, this is his story to tell you know. But, what I can say is that every time that douche appears... its like he is the Harbinger of Chaos or something. Melissa, Scott's mom, gets so nervous it is actually sad. And Scott..."

"That bad?"

"Oh yeah."

"Can't he see that he is not welcome?"

"Derek... you're assuming that he actually cares. He doesn't."

"Parents are supposed to love their cubs, to cherish them and protect them. To take good care and teach them to be good people. Not to cause them harm and distress! See, I'm not talking about being a pushover or not teaching them respect and limits... I'm talking about being... well, being a good parent!

"Derek... do you want to have children? I mean, once the whole Alpha thing is done... and the Argents are gone, that homicidal freak is behind bars... what do you want to do?"

"I..." and he breathed deeply a bit, debating how much to tell the guy on the shotgun seat "... thats not important."

"Aaaa, come on! Come on, come on, come oooooooon! Tell me!"


"Fine, I'll tell you then what I want!"

"No, you're not."

"Hey, why not? Its my wishes you know..."

"Because we have arrived."