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"How my I help you?"

"Hi, I want a tall, muscly, brooding, dark haired, manly, gorgeous werewolf with great lips and a cute butt to go please." said Stiles

They came crashing into the room. Hands everywhere, kissing non stop even when Stiles tripped on a chair and they both fell to the floor... In a swift move Derek had his lover, now very much his lover, up on his arms. With a last kiss, he playfully tossed the teen onto the bed and started rummaging on the basket the hotel had sent them as a gift.

"What are you looking for?" asked Stiles, still trying to catch his breath.

"Not this... where is it, I'm sure I saw one... come on, help me ou- AHA! Found it!"

With a toothy grin Derek showed his mate what was it that he had been searching: Chocolate Syrup. An even wider smile appeared on the lycanthrope's lips, ideas popping all around.

"Hum... so many ideas... So. Little. Syrup." Derek said, with a husky voice, sending thrills of anticipation through his mate's body.

"Why, Mr. Wolf what are your plans for little me?"

Derek leaped onto the bed, keeping his body hovering just above Stiles' in a tease, and said:

"I'm going to make you see stars. Do you want to see stars?"

"I can live with that." the teen replied with a minx smile.

"Good." And then he werewolf dropped his body very slowly, pressing himself against every inch of his lover, and continued. "'Cos now that I've claimed you in front of my family..." and he kissed Stiles's neck "... now that we are officially an item..." and he licked Stiles' earlobe "I am going to... Make. You. Mine. All of you."

And he passionately kissed the younger man on the lips. Very gently the wolf tugged at Stiles' shirt, asking a silent permission to remove it. He got one. And so the shirt was gone. And then the pants. Finally, the boxers too. Stiles' was laying there, all of him for the werewolf to see... to take in. Stiles blushed and instinctively covered his face while the wolf sat at his feet so as to better enjoy his view.

"No. Don't cover yourself... you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are truly the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Don't hide it."

Derek was drinking in every detail of that body, every curve and hard muscle and inch of soft skin. His mate's scent was intoxicating to the point of utter madness. Very lightly, with the tip of his finger, the wolf went from the human's lips to his chest. From the chest to the abdomen. And there, purposefully moving around the throbbing manhood in front to him. Hearing a frustrated groan that made everything more delicious, he went to the thighs. Then, to the calfs and feet.

"Why am I the only one naked here? This is so unfair."

"Who told you this was going to be fair? But, if that is what you want..."

Getting up, with a deliberately slow movement his shirt was on the floor. The look on Stiles' face made him smile... the need and awe and loved all pressed together... It was the turn of his pants now... wanting to add an edge to the whole thing, Derek took his boxers at the same time. The gasp the other gave was all he needed to hear.

"Oh my God, I've died and gone to Heaven."

"Oh no, you're just..." and Derek climbed on the mattress "...in bed with me."

"Isn't that the same?"

The wolf's laugh was a warm and happy one, he had never been compared to Heaven before.

"Now... I think you're gonna like this."

"I'm sure I'm gonna love it."

Derek was laying down on his right side, his arm supporting his head up. With a sexy smile, the werewolf spread some of the syrup on Stile's lips. And then, very slowly, he lowered his head with his gaze fixed on those chocolaty eyes. He licked his lover's lips, lightly nibbling the bottom lip. And then, they kissed for all they were worth. The little moans of pleasure escaping the teen's lips were music to the wolf, encouraging him to more further... to do more. So, the lycanthrope sat in between Stiles' legs and draw a fine line of chocolate from the young man's shoulder to his hips. Derek looked straight into his soulmate's eyes and said in a husky tone:

"Look at me."

Their eyes never breaking contact, the werewolf started to lick the chocolate. To leave small love bites around the torso and kiss it. He especially paid attention to the abs, playing with his tongue in between each muscle, scratching a few very gently with his teeth. All of that was driving the teen to the brink of his sanity. Stiles moaned and twisted his body in an attempt to get more of it into his lover's mouth. And when Derek grabbed his manhood with those firm, rough hands, he held onto dear life so as to not climax right then and there.

"Look at me."

That was a command, one that accepted no arguing. And for the first time in his life, the teen didn't wanted to. When Stiles realized what Derek was about to do, he whimpered with anticipation and want... the wolf was pouring chocolate on his lover's penis. He was going to lick it, to suck it. As soon as that warm, moist mouth closed around his member Stiles couldn't help but arch his back and close his eyes in the most absolute pleasure.

"Told you to look at me."

"Don't... ssstop, pleeeeeahhhhse... hum..."

The teen climaxed into his werewolf's mouth.

"That... was... ah... amazing."

"Thank you Mr. Hale."

"You're welcome Mr. Hale. Now..." and Stiles used his legs to lock Derek in between his legs, making the older man's privates touch his bottom "... how about I help you reach happiness?"

"Are you sure you want this?"

Stiles was never as happy for his lacrosse training than now. Using his legs, he lifted his body up. His torso pressed against the wolf's, his arms around him. Looking straight into Derek's eyes, he said:

"I have NEVER been more sure about anything."

"I may hurt you."

"You won't. Both because I know you love me..." and touched their foreheads together, using one of his hands to position Derek's throbbing large member at his entrance "...and because I have practiced by myself."

Before a pleasantly shocked Derek could reply, Stiles plunged taking the werewolf's manhood into himself with one go. They both groaned and moaned, holding each other. And both started to move as one, Stiles sitting on Derek's lap. When they were not kissing, they were looking into each other's eyes mumbling incoherent words of pleasure...

After some time, their rhythm became faster. More and more urgent as the wolf neared his moment of bliss. It was too much to bear, too much to feel... and all Stiles could do to stop himself from screaming was close his eyes and bite his lips.

"No... look at me..."

And Stiles obeyed.

"I love you Derek."

The teen looked at his lover... and to Derek's surprise he saw more than love... Stiles' eyes were an almost blinding electric blue. The werewolf was actually seeing Stiles' pure soul during their first love making... and so, calling his mate's name he climaxed inside his body.

"I love you too."

They stood there for a few minutes, panting and exhausted but utterly happy.

"By the way..."


"Your soul is electric blue."

"What? How do you know that? I th-"

"I just saw your soul."

Stiles, who'd been resting his head against the werewolf's torso, looked wide eyed at Derek.

"You... saw my... soul?"



"Because..." and Derek gave a small kiss on his lover's lips "... you are mine for Eternity. And I am yours."