A Whole New Competition

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Couple: Alex/Juliet

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Sibling Rivalry

Alex's POV

She was Alex Russo, she was never jealous of any one, especially her older brother. Justin was everything that the young girl never wanted to be. He was a hopeless romantic, boring, predictable, and far too responsible. In her opinion he did not know the definition of fun or exciting aside from whatever he had read in the dictionary. Yet, despite all of this, she was going insane with jealousy toward him.

Her brother somehow seemed to obtain the one thing she desired more than anything. No not thing, the one person she desired more than anything. Juliet.

Alex had never thought of herself as even bisexual, her interest had always been on men. That is until her large brown eyes landed on the beautiful vampire who worked at The Late Night Bite down the street. This woman was like a goddess herself. She had long blonde hair that looked soft to the touch, shining blue eyes that tempted her to stare into them despite herself, and the perfect frame.

The young woman had seen the blonde before her brother, talked to her before him, and yet he had managed to steal her heart. It tore her up inside. Watching the two of them joke around and quote Shakespeare, give each other Eskimo Kisses, and all of the other "dorky" romantic things made her sick to her stomach. Also oddly enough she wanted to be the one doing those "dorky" things with Juliet. Alex had even started to hate Justin for having the woman she loved.

"What does he have that I don't have?" She shouted out into her pillow in annoyance.

After thinking over the most obvious thing that he had she didn't she finally drug herself out of bed. Honestly she would have stayed in bed all day but her stomach was protesting with hungry growls. "Gaah." She groaned out as she started out of her bedroom and down the stairs toward the kitchen.

Upon entering the living room the first thing that Alex noticed was the laughter. Some of which belonged to Justin and served to agitate her, while the softer giggles belonged to a certain vampire she had feelings for. Quickly brown eyes shot up to connect with beautiful blues. 'God she is too cute… stupid cute! Why can't she be like Justin's other girlfriends? Lame.'

"Alex you will never guess what Juliet just did!" Justin said excitedly. Too excitedly, it made the brunette girl feel sick to her stomach with jealousy. He always got everything that he wanted.

"The question is will I care?" She retorted with a roll of her eyes as she opened the door to the refrigerator pulling out a piece of cake she had saved for breakfast.

Honestly she did care; she wanted to know everything about the blonde vampire. Just seeing the sadness flash across Juliet's face due to her despondent reaction caused her an unfamiliar ache. She was Alex Russo, she never cared about anyone, but she cared about her. What she did not care for was finding out things about the young woman through her brother instead of first-hand. "Alex don't be rude, it was really cool. She completely drained this jelly doughnut!"

"Ah." She responded with a monotone voice as she took a bite out of the delicious cake.

Juliet still wore the hurt expression as she walked toward Alex wearing a smile. As their eyes came into contact the brunette felt her heart leap in her chest but she tried to ignore it, as well as push the blush away from her cheeks. Still, she could have sworn the vampire knew. "Alex, do you have a problem with me?"

Immediately brown eyes widened and she felt something she rarely felt, guilty. "No, No. Sorry, I'm just having a bad week." She tried to make an excuse laughing and waving her hand in front of her. "That really did sound cool Juliet."

"Oh okay." The blonde vampire stretched the words hesitantly obviously trying to read through whatever façade the brunette was hiding behind. "Well in that case maybe you would like to go to a movie with me tonight?" The way that she stated the invitation was so sweet and innocent, it was insane that a creature who drank blood for thousands of years could still be so courteous and—'DID SHE JUST ASK ME OUT?'

"What?" Both Alex and Justin shouted in shock, before looking toward each other and then back toward Juliet.

"Juliet sweetie, do you really think that's a good idea?" Justin asked walking toward his girlfriend wrapping a protective arm around her shoulders. 'Look at him getting all protective… touching her beautiful shoulders… I hate him so much right now.'

"Of course, if I'm going to be dating you then I want to be friends with your sister." She said with a toothy grin.

"Why?" Justin questioned confused.

"Because you two are close." Juliet responded.

"We're really not that close." The young man defended. Alex could tell that her brother did not want her to spend time with his girlfriend and it was agitating her. Why did he have to ruin everything? Even her chances of starting a friendship with the young woman of her affections.

"Oh come on Justin, what will it hurt if me and your girlfriend are friends?" She questioned with a devious smirk as she walked toward her brother slapping him across his chest. In that moment she devised a plan, that plan was to charm and steal the blonde vampire away. Justin always would win when it came to the Wizard competition, but when it came to love and social situations Alex was the expert.

"Everything!" He said overdramatically which earned another roll of brown eyes.

"It will be just fine babycakes." Juliet said with a grin as she kissed him on the cheek to Alex's disgust. The kiss mixed with the cute name was almost enough to elicit vomit. 'If I do win her over we will HAVE to discuss NOT using those names…' "Besides if I want to be a part of this family me and Alex will have to get to know each other right?"

"I guess…" He said with rightful hesitation.


End Chapter

Authors note: Started this, I know the first chapter is not all that long but I wanted to see if people reviewed and wanted me to continue it before I added too much! So tell me what you all think about it! I love Juliet and I think her and Alex were always pretty close. :) SO I went for it. My favorite Wizards couple. Hope y'all like! Thank you for reading! You all rock!

-Tracy Cook