A Whole New Competition

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Couple: Alex/Juliet

Rating: M

Chapter 5


"I can't believe you kissed my sister, Juliet!" Justin said as tears fell from his eyes, he paused to catch his breath before turning to glare at his younger sister. "I can't believe you kissed my girlfriend either!"

"Really, you can't believe it?" Alex asked sarcastically, silenced when her brother's eyes again filled with tears. Guilt was not something that she felt on a regular basis. In fact she had only felt guilt a few times in her lifetime, but now was definitely one of those times. Seeing him so broken and knowing it was her fault, that was not as easy as she pretended it was.

"You're right, I can believe it. I guess I just didn't know you hated me so much that you would steal the only woman I ever loved." He said louder than he expected causing his younger sister to jump startled.

"She did not steal me Justin. " Juliet informed.

His eyes filled with hope but he continued to remain upset with the situation and his girlfriend, though if she told him it was a misunderstanding and she loved him he knew that he would forgive her and take her back. Perhaps that was all it was, his sister attempting to steal his girlfriend. "It certainly looks like she stole you from me, you said that you kissed her back!"

"I did kiss her back. I even enjoyed the kiss Justin. That is not what is in question here."

Alex could not help but smile smugly at her brother as Juliet informed him that she had enjoyed the kiss they shared, she held back the urge to stick out her tongue at him and gloat though. Perhaps because she knew how much this was actually hurting the young man and that stupid feeling of guilt continued to torment her.

"What is in question then?" He asked his voice shaking, heart pounding in his ears, body threatening to give out and fall to the floor.

"The question is who I want to be with and who I love."

Now hope was beyond evident in the male wizards eyes, as worry became evident in his sisters. They both assumed that this was a positive for him. He loved her more than anything in the world and showed it in so many ways that Alex never would and would find repulsive to ever have done to her. It was an obvious choice, she had to want him. Both knew it. Moving closer to the blonde vampire he placed his hands on her arms earning a loud disgusted sound from Alex. "Juliet, it must be me you love right? You can't love Alex."

"And why can't she?" Alex interjected moving closer to the two of them, hands on her hips and anger in her voice. As improbably as it was that Juliet wanted to be with her and loved her she still had to stand for what she wanted.

"Alex really? Are you even capable of love?" Justin asked with laughter and that all knowing tone of voice that he used pretty much all the time.

She did not answer right away, brown eyes glancing between Juliet and her brother. Was she ready for love? Could she give the blonde what she needed? Would she just hurt her? Of course she would, she always hurt everyone that she loved, look what she just did to Justin. Still, she ignored all of these worries and again stood up for what she wanted. "I could love Juliet."

"Oh and what makes her different than all of the other people you claim to love and continuously hurt Alex? She deserves better than you. She deserves someone who can show her what true love is."

"I can show her that." The female wizard stated catching Juliet's blue eyes with her own.

"Sure you can." Justin laughed like a mad-man before turning to smirk at his sister smugly. "You would buy her flowers, and take her to a dance, take her on dates and serenade her?"

"Ew no." Alex laughed. "Definitely wouldn't do that."

Turning back to Juliet he wrapped her in his arms and continued to talk, neither of the siblings actually giving her a chance to tell them what it was that she wanted. They just continued to fight about it and talk over her. At least Justin did, Alex seemed to simply be defending herself. "See what I mean Juliet? She could never love you like I do. Alex doesn't even know what the definition of romance is."

"Be that as it may." The blonde vampire stated pulling out of the embrace and putting some distance between the two of them she smiled softly. "I cannot say that she could not love me."

"You are choosing her?" Justin asked surprised as his sister smiled triumphantly.

"I am not choosing her nor am I choosing you. I am choosing to spend some time alone in order to figure out what I want and in order to give you two time to figure out what you truly feel toward me. I do not want to rush into a decision that could change my entire future and neither should you two." She smiled and started toward the door in order to make her exit and give everyone some space to breathe. Or in her case, not breathe.

"But Juliet I know what I want, I want you! I have never loved someone as much as I love you; you mean the entire world to me and more! I will die if you leave!" Justin said being as over-dramatic as usual. Alex was sure that it was hurting him but she doubted he would physically die if the vampire left. It hurt her as well but at least she still had a chance, she just had to show Juliet that she could be lovey-dovey and all that crap.

The blonde vampire used her vampire speed and quickly made her way out the door and out of the apartment, leaving the boy she had loved behind crying. It was such a difficult decision for her and she was not yet ready to choose one Russo over the other and break someone's heart. She knew that she needed to take time with this subject and see what happened, not rush after her feelings or what her body wanted.

Justin fell to the floor reaching after the door as if he had just dropped Juliet off of a cliff, again over-dramatic. At least Alex thought so. "Look what you did, you scared her off with all of that clingy crap."

"She loves when people are clingy, Alex. One of the many reasons she is going to choose me and not you." His voice held venom and his eyes though full of tears were also full of hatred as he stood to his feet and started toward his room.

"Yeah, yeah." She waved her hand as if she did not care which made him even more upset. The truth was she did care, of course she did. She would be trying as hard as Justin to get Juliet to choose her, okay maybe not as hard as him because he is crazy when it comes to love, but she was going to try.

"You don't even give a damn about her! Look at you! You just wave it off like it means nothing and that is the woman I would do anything for!" He yelled at her as she went to the refrigerator and got another piece of cake before sitting down and eating it, crossing her legs on the table. "You can just sit there and eat, I don't get you Alex!"

"It's delicious, what more is there to get?" She asked shoving another bite in her mouth and smiling as her brother grew even more furious before storming up the stairs.

Even though she was acting as if she did not care, mostly to piss off Justin, she did care and she was already thinking up some clever ways to get Juliet to see how much she cared about her. Did she love her? Not yet, but she could love her and that was worth it to her to be completely corny and ridiculous. She only hoped she would not make a fool of herself in the process.


End Chapter

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