A/N: Well, damnit, if no one else is going to write YasuBou fanfiction, I will! These words were being passed around on LJ for a while, but I'm not sure of their origin. None of my longer fics have been working for me, but these were quite handy! It's not always clear who is talking, so bold is Yasuhara's point of view and underlined is Bou-san's. In number 18, the speaker is Mai. In number 16, I cheated a bit-poetry is the food of love, no?

1. Scars

They're very deep," he said worriedly, ignoring Bou-san's wince as he pressed peroxide-soaked cotton to the wounds.

2. Vacation

"Page boy, bring me a lemonade!"

3. Jealousy

It must be nice, to be normal, Takigawa mused as he dispelled yet another evil fox ghost, with Yasuhara watching on placidly.

4. Life or Death

Spirit hands wrapped around Yasuhara's wrists, and the familiar Buddhist chants had never seemed so hard to say.

5. Music

"You really don't have to come," he said, trying his hardest not to blush.

6. Kiss

Every day, Yasuhara looks at him and says "Kiss me" with his eyes, but maybe the glasses waylay it, because Bou-san never gets the message.

7. Sated

"What do you mean, finally?"

8. Hunger

"Want some dinner?" he asked with a grin as Yasuhara looked up from his research with an eager expression.

9. Drunk

"You're kind of beautiful, you know?" he mumbled serenely.

10. Moment of Clarity

"Yasuhara… did you do all of this just for me?"

11. Weather

"I'm cold," Yasuhara lied, forcibly placing Takigawa's arm around his shoulders.

12. Pain

He will spin tales all day long, use up thousands of words, but he will never say "I wasn't joking."

13. Comfort

Long nights of research become a treat, when one is accompanied by hot tea and a good friend.

14. Tattoo

"Do you remember anything about last night?" Houshu asked, wincing and gingerly massaging his lower back.

15. Making Up

"Just… just kiss me, silly bou."

16. Food

Beneath the joking,

there is true affection

conveyed in soft smiles.

17. Drink

"Happy birthday, have a drink!" was echoed on all sides, and Yasuhara wondered if inviting Takigawa-san and Matsuzaki-san had been the best idea.

18. Bed

"Since when do Bou-san and Yasuhara share a room?"

19. Blood

He can feel Yasuhara's eyes on his back, and is grateful that the blood soaking into his robes is indistinguishable in the dark.

20. Betrayal

"I'm sorry, Mai-no secrets from now on, I promise!"

21. Trust

"Don't worry, they're going to love you."

22. Five Senses

Taste, touch, smell, and hearing; he misses his sight.

23. Memories

"You thought I was flirting with Mai, and I thought you were flirting with me."

24. Time of Day

He likes to think that sunset is the time of life, not death; the time when a battered hitogata suffered no more than a broken leg.

25. Kissing in the Rain

"I thought you said you exorcised the park ghost!"