Summary: Maria- When Maria returns home after four years away, she's welcomed with open arms. But, when she meets a certain group of orphans, her "perfect" summer will be changed drastically, and she's unsure if it's for better or worse.
Scipio- It's been two years since the merry-go-round didn't work, two years since his friends found out his secret. They've forgiven him, for the most part, after "the break-in", and are back at the
Stella. But, when a certain someone comes to Venice, their lives are turned upside-down. Rated T just to be safe. ScipxOC

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I stepped out of the airport after a very long flight, relishing the feeling of fresh air on my skin. I looked around for my ride, which, knowing my parents, would be elegant.

I spotted the limo, 'classy, mum.' and picked up my guitar case in my left hand, my suitcase in my right and shrugged my backpack further onto my shoulder.

"Miss," the driver said, nodding to me and taking my suitcase.

"Good morning." I replied, smiling, hearing my Italian accent coming back. He put my suitcase in the trunk and opened the door of the limo for me. "Thank you." I said, climbing in. I put my guitar at my feet and placed my backpack next to it.

"Maria!" someone screeched. I felt a pair of small arms latch around my neck.

"Hey, Katerina." I said, hugging my little sister back. She sat back, grinning like a fool. We shared the same looks, long blonde hair and blue eyes.

"How was England, sorella?" she asked.

"Stupefacente, it was awesome." I hugged her again. "I've missed you so much, though. I think mum and dad are sending you there, as well, for high school. You'll have so much fun." I smiled. "How's everything been here?" I asked.

"Bene, I got a new kitten!" the eight year-old said excitedly. She began to go on about her kitten, Carota, meaning carrot, which was bright orange, hence the name.

We talked all the way to our house, in the heart of Venice, Italy. Home.

I should start with a bit about me. My name is Maria Vargo. I'm eighteen years old and have been going to a very exclusive private high school in England for the last four years. I have a little sister, Katerina, sometimes known as Kat, who is eight, and my brother Marco, who is sixteen.

I'm average looking, straight, long blonde hair and about five foot eight. The only non-average thing about my family is our electric blue eyes with flecks of silver, a very old and proud family trait.

We pulled up to the house and were met by mum, dad and Marco, behind them, the staff.

I climbed out of the limo and smiled at the sight of the mansion, then hugged my mother, father and brother, who tried to seem like he hadn't missed me. The staff each nodded at me, then returned to their previous work.

Oh, yeah. Did I mention that my parents are rich?

A/N: So, this is my first fanfic, I hope you all enjoy. This is sort of a prologue, I guess, I'm sorry it's so short, but longer chapters will be coming soon. Constructive critisim is always appreciated, so let me know you're thoughts. As they say, R&R, if you'd like.


Translations (Italian-English):
sorella- sister
stupefacente- amazing
bene- good
carota- carrot