E/O Drabble Challenge, word: tilt.

Summary: Tag to 2.14, BUABS. There are things even a hunter can't fight – and it hurts to be a helpless witness.

AN: Happy birthday Mainegirlwrites – I hope you've had a glorious day, unlike Sam, I'm afraid. This might be a bit darker than what you've wished for, but blame it on my muse. Hope you enjoy anyway...

He heard Dean's skull hit the floor with a dull thud, watched bloody knuckles beat the crap out of his brother, felt the demon cheering all around him with satisfaction, but he couldn't talk his fists into relaxing, couldn't fight against the cold and insane darkness inside anymore, wasn't even sure how to separate his own self from the alien one and the burning sensation in his side only added to the searing pain he'd felt the last few days watching, hearing, witnessing without any control until finally it tilted his head and vanished... and he could let go consciousness.