We Stand Alone

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Men: First Class Crossover

Author's Note

Hello everyone! This is going to be one of my new crossovers! I hope everyone likes it! I am currently experiencing writers block and its kicking my ass! Sorry! So to pass the time I am going to try and write something new!

However I am in need of your help! I can't come up with a code name for Buffy and was wondering if you could help me figure out which name I should give her! Not only that but if I should give her a mutant power(s) or not! So please tell me what name I should give her, which will be listed below! So please comment! Also the list of mutant abilities of which to give Buffy are below, if you don't wish to comment on what abilities to give her just take my poll on my profile (LovingHearts) and vote!

Here is the list of code names:

Sineya (First Slayer, Primeval One)
Zehira (Protected)
Proeliator Preliator (Fighter/Warrior)
Patronus (Protector)
Etc (your code name that you think would be good for Buffy, must comment)

Here is the list of mutant abilities:

Force Field Generation
Leave Buffy with her abilities that all of them will be changed to a superhuman ability or one of her abilities
Animal Morphing
Animal mimicry
Elemental Manipulation (one element or all)
Ability to use any weapon and know how to use it when in their hands
Take away Buffy's powers and leave her with just one ability (must comment me and tell me what power you would like Buffy to have from this list)
Aura Reading
Leave Buffy with the abilities that she already has
Light Manipulation
Superhuman tracking
Superhuman intelligence
Medium ship
Darkness Manipulation
Enhance one of Buffy's known power or powers (must comment on which power to enhance)

Thank you for listening and please comment or take my poll please! I really need your help!