We Stand Alone

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Men: First Class Crossover


Real Name:

Buffy Anne Summers


Looks to be about 18-21 but is actually 30


Publicity Known


United States of America

Place of Birth:

Los Angeles, California

Date of Birth:

January 1981


Currently a traveler, does a varied of jobs but most are never steady.

Known Relatives:

Dawn (Sister, Unknown), Joyce (Mother, Dead), Hank (Father, Alive)

Physical Attributes:

About 5'2-5'3 without heels, about 5'4-5'6 with heels. Weights about 100 or more lbs. Has emerald green eyes and golden blonde hair that reaches her waist.

Slayer Powers:

Has most of her Slayer abilities, such as Superhuman, strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and durability.

Does have accelerated healing but because she rarely gets hurt now, it takes a lot more time to heal then before, possible 2-3 days instead of overnight.

Does have a slight sense of the paranormal but not as strong as before.

Precognition from dreams still happens when the balance is upset but seems to be disappearing, but when something threatens the balance this ability comes back with painful force.

Mutant Abilities:

As some of her abilities of a Slayer fades away, she notices that her ability with handling weapons and their use increases, such as if she holds onto a gun she immediately knows how to take it apart and put it back together again.

Ability: Able to use any weapon and know how to use it when in her hands

As time moved forward, Buffy notices that she hasn't aged as years start to go by, so she begins to travel however she soon realizes that she can't be killed when she saves the life of a women and dies while doing so but soon comes back to life after a few minutes, healed but scars of the attach remain.

Ability: Immortality

Notices that she is able to sense emotions from other people. Realizes that she was able to manipulate a persons emotions when a man was yelling at his wife and without realizing it she was able to calm him down from across the street.

Ability: Empathy

While some of her Slayers Powers might be leaving her, she recently discovered that Sineya soul somehow was able to combined with her, making her feral. All of her senses became heightened to an extraordinary level. Due to becoming feral, she appears more cat like in actions almost like a tiger or panther.

Ability: Feral


Scars on the right side neck to shoulder from vampires. Scars on her stomach and back during the fight against The First. Scars on her arms, hands and fingers from fights. Has a tattoo on her left shoulder and back that starts from the collar bone to her shoulder and around the back. (Picture on profile)


After defeating the First and Sunnydale is gone, the balance is restores in the world and the Hellsmouth is closed forever. After stopping in LA to recuperate after the ordeal, the Potentials powers soon fade which allows them to become normal girls and that Faith and Buffy are the only two Slayers again. Buffy soon leaves LA, with her former friends behind her, only to meet up with Whistler. Whistler tells Buffy that the Balance in the world is restored and that Buffy is free from her duties as a Slayer, but was able to keep most of her powers. Whistler tell Buffy that since she died and was resurrected, she does not have a place in this world and asks her if she wants to go to a new world where she won't have to sacrifice her life to save others anyone. Buffy agrees with Whistler and allows him to send her off to a new world, however Whistler not realizing that they world he sent Buffy to does not have any supernatural forces, but a world where people with special genes are starting to exist giving them incredible powers and that one Buffy was in that world she will be one of those people.