Long tooth pack queen

1. Alcide visits the Pacific Northwest

Author: mrstrentreznor

Title: long tooth pack queen

Rating: MA for sex, language
Fandom: crossover of Twilight and The Southern Vampire Mysteries.
Pairing: Alcide Herveaux and Leah Clearwater

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Summary: Alcide wanders into Quileute pack territory. Set post BD. Weres and shifters are still a secret in the SV world.

AN: garbled explanatory notes from the author

Set some time after 'Breaking Dawn' in the twilight world. Hereinafter referred to as BD or 'that book that will not be named'. So that puts this sometime in early 2008. The big vamp (non) battle with the Volturi in BD was 31 December 2007.

I have had real problems with reconciling some of the things from both books. I've not really tried to write a cross-over fic before and I suspect this may be a common issue.

One major issue is of course, that the Cullens are non canon vamps. They are day-walkers, with weird coloured eyes, who can't be staked because of their marble skin and have none of the 'normal' vampire characteristics. I'm assuming real vampires want nothing to do with them either. Maybe they made a treaty? You weirdos stay over there in the Pacific Northwest. No really; it's yours.

Of more difficulty is that in the Sookie world, or the Southern Vampire Mysteries world, vampires are real. They own businesses. Run Goth bars and have divided up the world into kingdoms of their own. They are on the TV and it is big news. Fashion Police for vamps? They literally have been wearing that suit since 1970.

I can't explain in a rational way, why the Quileute don't know about this. Or maybe they do, but continue to kill them anyway and after scaring off the freaking Volturi, who is going to argue with them? No vampire in their right mind is going to stray onto their land or go near the weirdo Cullens. The pack didn't go to Seattle to hunt Victoria's army, a mere four hours away by car, so I am assuming that they have an outer limit of responsibility, beyond which they don't patrol. ALL vamps stay over there and we won't hurt you.

There are more vampires in areas the vamps prefer, like New Orleans. In the Sookie world, they are quite the tourist attraction.

Bon Temps, where Sookie lives, is a fictional town. I will admit I only found that out after I had looked it up on Google maps… yeesh. *rolls eyes at self*

Another issue is, this is book Alcide not true blood TV Alcide. So I will follow the book storylines as to what has happened to him. BUT Joe Manganiello is the finest piece of man flesh I have seen in many a year. So I want him on the banners. Deal with it. In the books Alcide has black hair and green eyes, so I have compromised and given him a beard (for Joe), but I like the green eyes, and the black hair, so they can stay.

There are spoilers for what happens to Alcide in the Sookie books, but he is a minor character really and it shouldn't interfere with your enjoyment of the books if you wanted to read them for yourself one day, if you haven't already done so.

I have set this at a time when the shifters and Weres have not yet revealed the truth of their existence, which is why the Quileute don't know about other wolf packs in the world. Because there is just no way I am able to explain why the Quileute missed that!

Really, I have taken bits from the Sookie books as I see fit. It doesn't quite fit in the book chronology anywhere.

Sookie is one eighth fairy and has the ability to read minds. That makes it basically impossible for her to date humans. Imagine knowing what your date is thinking? I mean really? It is harder for her to pick up clear thoughts from Weres, and almost impossible to read the mind of a vamp. Touch increases the strength of her mind reading. In the books, she and Alcide tried to date for a very short time (mentioned in one of the short stories), but currently she is blood bound to vampire Sherriff Eric Northman.

So, to summarise, in the Sookie world, vampires are out and proud, but the two-natured (shifters and Weres) are still secret and have not revealed their existence to the world, yet.

And in the twilight world, Jake has imprinted on Renesmee. I have changed one thing, and left Quil and Embry with Sam's pack.

I think that's everything…if you are confused, just ask me and we can all be confused together…

Disclaimer: the characters and all recognisable situations belong to Stephenie Meyer or Charlaine Harris - this is a work of fan fiction, except for the legends and histories of the Quileute that, of course, belong to them. I pay my respects to their Gods.

1. Alcide visits the Pacific Northwest

March 2008

Alcide Herveaux stood in the hardware store in some pissy town in the damp Pacific Northwest. Port Angeles. He was holding a laser measurer in his hand and wondering if he could claim it as a business expense. Might be able to. He needed it to do his job. But he had always had one of these and he had left it at home. They were cool, but expensive. He sighed. This probably wasn't the right place to be buying it, even if he got a trade discount.

He put it back on the shelf.

He was a surveyor in the building and construction industry. He owned his own business with bi-state offices in Shreveport, Monroe, Jackson and Baton Rouge. Business was good.

And he was also a werewolf. Not just any wolf; he was the pack-master of the Shreveport, Louisiana Long Tooth pack. That was what they called themselves. After Hurricane Katrina, his pack had swelled in numbers, taking in other groups of surviving shifters from the destroyed New Orleans. Not without some casualties along the way, and one or two fights, but at present, they were all getting along fine.

A man crossed behind him and Alcide stiffened.

He turned slowly and checked the guy up and down. Native American. And solid. He was big; maybe bigger around than Alcide and that was saying something. But not as tall. Alcide stood 6ft 5 in his bare feet, but as he was wearing safety boots as he always did when he was working, it added at least another inch and a half to his height.

He studied the guy. Young too, although he looked older. Mostly in the face. Aged too quickly. Seen some battles. Probably not even twenty. But big and muscular. Large round native tattoo on his upper arm.

And he was definitely a shifter. He smelt like wolf. He was a Were.

The guy noticed his scrutiny and gave him a look. But then he stiffened himself and inhaled sharply.

He gave Alcide more than a look now.

The two men would have circled each other warily if they were in the forest, but they were in a shop so they just studied each other, without moving.

The two natured as shape-changers and shifters liked to call each other, had not revealed the truth of their existence to the world yet. Not like the vampires; the deaders. But there was much agitation in their community to do so. They had to balance the advantages with the disadvantages. They could frighten people; be ostracised or marked somehow. Lord knows it had happened before in the world. People weren't good with different.

True shifters like Sam Merlotte, Sookie's boss and owner of the bar she worked in, could shift into any animal they wanted. He preferred a nice friendly collie; he argued that people tended not to get frightened of him that way. He said dogs didn't get shot. But Alcide had seen him take on the form of a lion during a battle and he could be a bloodhound when the need arose or anything else he wanted to be. The weres could shift into one thing only: werebat, werepanther, weretiger, weredog whatever… and of course werewolf.

Given there were so many that took the form of wolves, they just called themselves Weres with a capital W and let's see anyone fight them for that honour. Nobody did.

Alcide was surprised to run into another Were here; he didn't know there was a pack in this area. And if there was one thing packs fought over it was territory. He should not have entered another packs' territory without seeking permission first. Especially as he was a pack-master. It could be taken as an insult or alternatively a takeover attempt.

But he had checked; he was a careful man. He didn't make stupid mistakes. The guy with the tattoo didn't appear to be a lone wolf. But you never knew.

They eyed each other warily. Alcide nodded at him.

Quil Ateara lifted his chin in a nod at the big dude. Shit, he was nearly as big as Jake. Then he gave another jerk of his head. "Outside," he said calmly.

"Okay," a deep rumbly voice answered evenly.

Alcide followed Quil out of the store. They stood on the pavement.

They both looked around. No one was within earshot. But they could speak below normal hearing levels anyway and know they would be heard and understood.

"I apologise," Alcide started. "I didn't know there was another pack in this area." His accent was Southern. He assumed the guy was part of a pack; the tattoo looked like a group thing.

Quil was still processing the fact that this guy was a wolf and that he seemed unsurprised to have run into another one. He wasn't even native American. His skin had a swarthy tanned look, but he was sporting a full beard.

He didn't know what to say, so he went with, "Hmmm."

Alcide studied him. "I need to meet with the pack-master to explain why I have come without permission onto this territory. This is your territory?" he checked.

Quil nodded. "I can talk to him. You here for work or pleasure?" He assumed the guy meant his pack leader; the Alpha. Sam Uley.

"Work. Construction." He reached into his shirt pocket and handed him a business card.

Typical. They all kind of worked in construction, too. Mostly for Sam's business. He noticed the name on the card. AAA Accurate Surveys, and underneath in smaller print. Herveaux and son. Weird spelling.

Alcide's father had passed, but he had kept the name; it had a lot of respect in both communities. The two natured and the oneys.

"Alcide Herveaux, that's me."

Quil nodded. Fucker owned the company. "Where are you staying?" he asked.

Alcide told him. They arranged to meet in a bar a few blocks away at 6pm that night. The noise of the bar should hide their conversation. And a public place, meant they had to behave.

They didn't shake hands, but they gave each other a nod.

Quil ran home to tell Sam. He and Embry were thinking of jumping ship and joining Jake's smaller pack. At the minute it was just Jake, Leah and Seth. Sam had asked them to hold off for a little while until he got all the newbie wolves under better control and they had done so, out of respect for him. But they were twitchy; they wanted to be with Jake, their best friend. The wolf packs totalled seventeen now. Luckily, after the Volturi altercation, no more kids had phased.

The fastest way for Quil to show Sam what had happened, was for them both to phase. Sam studied Quil's memories of the man. He was big and he smelt like wolf.

Sam: fuck! He's definitely a wolf.

Quil: and big too… he's Jake's size.

Sam: construction?

Quil: yep. Gave me his card.

Sam: we'd better look him up on the net.

There was a pause.

Sam: another wolf… he wasn't surprised to meet you?

Quil: just said he should have asked permission before coming onto our land… Sam, he made it sound like there were other packs and that there were rules about how packs dealt with each other… how come we haven't heard of any other packs?

Sam: I don't know…

Quil: six o'clock at Bar N9ne on West 1st street. Quil managed to make his wolf look mischievous. You'll be home in time for dinner.

Sam growled at him.

Quil just laughed. He knew that bar was so not Sam's style.


Sam didn't tell Quil NOT to tell Jake so he did… tell him, that is. He rang him. Jake hated to be parted from little Renesmee right now and Quil understood that, having his own small girl imprint. Jake said he would send Leah, his second, in to check it out.

Quil didn't think that was such a great idea, but Jake knew Leah and maybe she was a little better with Sam these days. Once she had joined Jake's pack, life for Sam had become a whole lot easier. She usually didn't pick fights with Sam in front of strangers. But Quil had a bad feeling about this. Maybe Seth would have been a better idea. But it wasn't Quil's job to tell Jake how to run his pack and she was his beta wolf; his second.

But he kind of forgot to tell Sam that he had told Jake and that Leah would be attending. Quil's loyalties were a little divided right now.

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