Disclaimer, the Twilight Saga belongs to Ms Meyer, we just like to take the characters and have fun and games with them.

James and Bella are not related, his father has raised her as his own. A person can be aroused even if it is against their will.

Bella looked at herself in the full length mirror, critically surveying her long dark brown hair, her deep brown eyes, which while she considered plain others said resembled melted chocolate. Her colouring she had inherited off her Italian mother, only her eyes, was so like her natural fathers, or so she had been told by her mother. Her father had left before she was born, but, surprisingly her mother was not bitter, she said Charlie had given her a wonderful gift, she had then gone on to have a happy marriage to a wonderful man and given her child the name of Charlie's grandmother and his last name. Bella's eyes fell on the eyes of her beloved grandmamma, who had lost her battle against cancer, just 2 months' previous. She picked up the picture of herself and her gran, the last taken of them together, as just days later, she had breathed her last. It had been on Bella's 16th Birthday. Days later the beginning of her nightmare started.

"Isabella", oh no she thought, not him, where Bella loved her step father Phil Dwyer, she hated his son James, he was a nasty sadistic person whose main pleasure in life was controlling hers.

The sound of him pounding on the door brought her back to the present. Realising she had locked the door, made James madder and so bang louder. At 21 and 6 years Bella's senior, he was often given the job of looking after Bella as he was tonight and didn't he enjoy it and the power it gave him. James was tall like his father, 6"2 with a muscular physique, which he maintained by regularly working out at the gym, women adored him, including his step mother Renee; he could do no wrong in her eyes, all women apart from Bella.

Unfortunately for Bella, that made him desire her more, so far his molesting hadn't reached that far yet, she eventually he would go all the way, because of that she feared him and her fear made his desire stronger.

"Isabella, open this door now," he snarled through the door. "I'm doing my homework," she cried back through the door. "You wouldn't be lying to me, would you darling?" When he whispered he sounded more menacing than his shouting and snarling. Bella slunk to the floor by the door, tears slowly rolled down her face. "Mum and dad will be home soon, James. Please leave me alone tonight." She pleaded with him.

"If you don't let me in now, I'll make it ten times worse the next time", he menaced, making the threat sound more like a promise. Bella glanced at the clock; the dial showed it was 11 minutes past ten. James knew that, he regularly baby sat her when their parents were out or working.