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Bella knew exactly why her marks for that particular piece of homework had been bad, it was one she had been working on when James had walked in when she was taking a bath. He had claimed it was a complete accident, but, she knew it hadn't been, she had seen the way he smirked added to the fact his bedroom was situated right next to the bathroom, so he would have heard the water running. He had then proceeded to tell her their parents had popped out so putting her on edge for the rest of the night. She had then found it impossible to concentrate on her work, just writing anything down, to be honest she had paid so little attention to it, she couldn't even remember what she had wrote.

All through lunch she had picked at her sandwiches, until she ended up chucking them in the bin. Bella often sat alone, she sometimes sat with Angela, but, she had recently hooked up with her boyfriend Ben and so sat with him and his friends, they had asked her to sit with them but she had declined, because she really preferred to be alone. The reason she chose to sit alone were that she felt shy and self-conscious around the boys who stared at her blossoming chest, she knew the boys had bets who would be the first to pop the cherry of the fridge, her name amongst the boys. Ben and Angela had informed what was going on so that she would be on her guard against Casanova's. She didn't sit with the girls both because they spent all their time talking about boys and who had done what with whom.

Edward sat in the lunch hall, he sat and watched Bella's downturned face, he didn't know what it was about the girl, and he had never felt this way in his life about anyone. Every protective instinct and other urges came over him when she was about. He had spoken to other teachers about her and they all said the same thing, which she had always been a quiet, conscientiousness student but this last two months, since her nanna had died, she had become quieter than ever, she appeared to be losing weight and her school work had started to suffer. Unfortunately every time a guidance counsellor had mentioned talking to her family about counselling or some extra help, she had cringed and begged them not to say anything, there wasn't a problem and her mum was still really upset about her Nan's death. They said she appeared to be terrified of what all accounts appeared to be a very loving family. Which in a whole didn't make a lot of sense to him, added to what Alice had told him about her controlling brother James? Unbeknown to Edward and Bella, but someone was watching the way Edward watched Bella, Victoria Hunter, known as an easy conquest to the boys, she was the only girl to openly dislike Bella, she hated the way all the boys wanted her and the girls mostly ignored her. Now Mr Cullen was always watching her, just like James does, she hadn't known who he was. They had hooked up at a college frat party she had managed to wrangle and invite too. He had appeared to be into her as she was him, until one fateful day they were out shopping when she happened to notice Bella and had made a bitchy comment to him about her. James had gone really funny with her and later she had received a text from him telling her she was dumped. She had gone around to his crying, begging for another chance, wondering what she had done wrong and all he did was show her a picture of Bella on his phone, when she had made a scene saying she would never do anything to him she wouldn't be prepared to do, he had told her, it was his sister and to never darken his doorstep again and never to breathe in the same area as his sister. She honestly thought he would relent and tried to suck up to Bella, but, she wouldn't have anything to do with her and he had told her if she didn't stop pestering them, he could arrange for her dad to get arrested, something he couldn't afford, as in the past he had served time and they depended on him keeping his current job. So in her mind, it was all Bella's fault and she wanted revenge.

Bella slowly dragged herself to her meeting with Mr Cullen, she was terrified they were going to tell her parents and demand to know what was wrong. She was close to tears by the time she knocked on the door, she didn't think she could take much more, as she knocked she hoped he wouldn't be there and had changed his mind. Her luck was not to be as she heard a distinctive "come in", opening the door slowly she walked in as if going to her execution. "Sir," her voice no more than a whisper, "Bella I've told you I don't know how you well enough to bite you, come and sit down here," indicating a seat by his own. "Do you know why I have asked to see you Bella?" Bella just nodded her head in answer, all the while keeping her head down, slowing shredding a piece of tissue to pieces. Edward gently removed the tissue from her hands and chucked it into the bin and putting his hand under her chin raised her face up. As he touched her Bella felt a shot of electricity running through her body, stirring strange sensations in her breasts and stomach and was sure he could see her heart beating out of her chest. This came from a single touch of his hand, on her face and hand. It must be me, I must be a sex freak, and not realising her body was just acting a natural desire at being in the presence of an attractive male. He took both of her hands in his and felt a shudder go through her body and against his will, his body started to react, hoping the table kept his tent pole that he now had stuck in his trousers hidden. Trying to remember he was her teacher, she was his pupil, a pupil that needed help but at the moment they needed to discuss her work. "Bella, I want to know if everything is alright at home, I'm told by other teachers you are really bright and looking at past work I can see where they are coming from. But some of your latest efforts to put it bluntly are rubbish," later on he would wonder why he said what he did, "I shall spend an hour after school every day with you as you sit and do your homework and ensure nothing disturbs you and be on hand to give assistance if that is what is required." Bella went from bright red to chalk white in a matter of minutes, shaking her head in a negative response before finally saying, "I can't" tears appearing in her eyes. Edward knew he had to be firm with her for her own sake, "well then you leave me no choice but to get in touch with your parents over the matter." If he thought she was pale before, now there was no blood in her at all and this time her shaking was nothing to do with her reaction to him. Edward felt horrible but he needed to get through to her. "It's your choice Bella, an hour after school or we talk to your parents." As far as Bella was concerned there was no choice, "an hour after school, Sir", she whispered before bursting into tears. Edward took her into his arms to comfort her and at that moment Victoria walked in, "sorry, I didn't realise I was disturbing something private," she spoke with a sneer to her voice. Bella fled as she couldn't take anymore, Edward spoke more sharply than he intended, "Miss Swan was upset, I was just trying to comfort her, Miss Hunter! Was there something in particular you wanted?" "oh that I've forgotten now, but, a word of warning to you Sir, Bella's brother James, wouldn't like to hear you've been comforting her, he's very possessive of her, some might say, what he feels for her is unnatural." With that she sauntered out, leaving Edward thinking that might be where the problem lay.