A/N okay, so I'm a huge fan of Wes and Macy, but in practically every FanFiction I've read, Jason is being portrayed as the bad guy. The guy with absolutely no heart. I'm starting to feel a little sorry for him. Even if he's not real. Anyways, so I decided to write this so that for those of you out there who think Jason isn't all that bad. Okay, here we go. Please R&R.

I stared at my laptop in shock. I read the last line over and over again. I leaned back against the tree behind me and sighed in frustration. Why does she have to do this? Everything was going just fine until she had to say that. Why? Does she really feel that way? Is she just trying to mess with my head? What was she thinking when she wrote this? Again, I looked at the screen that showed the e-mail I had just received from Macy.

I love you, Macy.

Why would she end it like that? Does she really love me? For a moment, right after reading this I had felt inexplicable joy. To know that my beautiful girlfriend felt this way was incredible. Until it wasn't. Now, after re-reading it six times I've come to the conclusion that we can't continue. Slowly, I began typing.


I've taken some time before writing back, because I wanted to be clear and sure of what I was going to say. It's been a concern of mine for awhile that we've been getting too serious, and since I've been gone, I've been thinking hard about our respective needs and whether our relationship is capable of filling them. I care about you, but your increasing dependence on me- made evident by the closing of your last email- has forced me to really think about what level of commitment I can make to our relationship. I care about you very much, but this upcoming senior year is crucial in terms of my ideological and academic goals, and I can not take on a more serious commitment. I will have to be very focused, as I'm sure you will be, as well. In view of all these things, I think it best for us to take a break from our relationship, and each other, until I return at the end of the summer. It will give us both time to think, so that in August we'll know better whether we want the same things, or if it's best to sever our ties and make this separation permanent.

I'm sure you can agree with what I said here: it just makes sense. I think it's the best solution for us.

I re-read my reply again. I knew it was cold, but before I could change my mind, I pressed send. I turned away and didn't look back until my laptop made a ding!

Your message has been successfully sent to: MACY. I stared at those eight words. I did it. I just broke up with Macy. Immediately, I closed my laptop and let my head drop into my hands. What have I done?

"Jason? Are you okay?" Carol, another student here at camp, asked me.

"I'm fine. I just need to be alone." I felt a pain in my chest as I came to the realization that Macy might never want to see me again after this. I knew when I sent it that she wouldn't agree with me. Why did I send that email? Why? I stood up, my computer tucked underneath my arm, and began walking back to my cabin. What have I done?

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