Silver Solider Ranma

I do not own Ranma ½,Sailor Moon. Or Tenchi Muyo some characters will be OOC this is my first Fic after reading a lot of fanfics from various sites and decided to put some of my ideas to story. Constructive critique is welcomed as it will help me know if I am doing ok or suck lol Major thanks to Greenicedragon1789 for his help with correcting errors with this story.

3 months have passed since the disaster of the wedding and Ranma was sitting on the roof of the Tendo dojo looking up at the stars thinking "what am I going to do now?" Akane is getting worse with her anger towards me, Pops and Mr Tendo are off on a "training trip" more like off to plan another of their joining of the schools plans. Mom has been quiet none of her talk about needing me to be manly and give her grand babies. Nabiki is still being her usual self as well as Kasumi so nothing to worry about there.

500Km above Ranma in Geosynchronous orbit the NFS* Chimera finished scanning the Pig Tailed young man and determined he was the person that it has waited for since the fall of the Silver Millennium when it received its last command twelve years ago. On the bridge a beam of light formed near the chair in the center of the room that coalesced into the form of a women.

At 5'8" with silver and black streaked hair that flowed down to her waist and wearing a black uniform with silver trim the A.I computer hologram Kiva looked at the forward viewscreen as it brought up a image of Ranma sitting on the dojo roof looking up at the stars.

Kiva knew it was time to get things ready for the return of her Captain to command and as she walked off the bridge heading to the quarters belonging to the captain she commanded the service bots to prepare everything for operations. Service droids checked inventory of supplies, in the reactor/engine area repair droids began rechecking everything to make sure all systems was running at peak working order.

In the hanger bay all the ships were being being checked out and diagnostics ran on all systems. Kiva walked thru the door to the captain quaters and walked up to the desk in the corner of the room where a simple black metal box lay. In the center of the box was a etching of a winged horse, with a slight smile on her face and a look of hope in her eyes as the box vanished she whispered "Please remember"

As Ranma was finishing getting into bed on his futon a feeling of uneasiness crept into his mind that something was going to happen the Winds of Change was about to prove him right as he closed his eyes for the night a black metal box appeared on top of his dresser.

Shortly after appearing something inside the box began to glow and a red bean of light scanned the room before settling on Ranmas forhead and pulsed for 10 seconds before fading away.

In another part of Japan in a lab in subspace a terminal that had been dormant for a long time started to light up and make small chirping and beeping noises alerting the occupant of the lab who walked over to the terminal with curiosity. Washu study the reading on the terminal for a minute before she finally realized what was happening.

"Shes back online!" Washu gasped in excitement as she brought up her portable computer and started rapidly typing commands to start a search for 2 things, the one responsible for the terminal activating and second the person that caused the action of the first. Typing with her usual enthusiasm she finished what she set to do and closed her computer to go inform Katsuhito of what has happened. As she left the lab one thought came up as she walked up to the shrine[things are about to get exciting more than usual hehehe]

*Nemesis Fleet Ship