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Masaki Home and Shrine

Ranmas arrival caught him by surprise when Sasami came running out and tackled him in a hug, Kou had received the same from her sister Ryo Ohki. Once inside the house he greeted Ryoko with a wave and tossed her a jug of Sake that he pulled out of his stuff space earning a smile and a unusual squeal from the former space pirate. Ayeka was sitting at the table drinking tea and asked Ranma to join her. After Sasami returned with snacks Ayeka informed him about his family, who was related to who as well his standing in the family. Ranma groaned and rubbed his temples with the onset of the headache that surfaced, Being in the Military and being a soldier and warrior is one thing but to know that he was royalty did not sit well as his experience with Prince Herb, God King Saffron and the others he did not want to just sit around dealing with politics and society he was a hands on person not paperwork.

Ayeka went on to explain when the rest of Jurai finds out about him being found many other families royal and nobles alike will be sending their daughters to court him for various reasons. Ranma start banging his head on the table which makes Sasami giggle and Ayeka shake her head in resignation.

"Welcome back my guinea pig!" a voice said behind him stopping him from lifting his head up again from the table.

"Hello Washu-Chan" Ranmas muffled reply came with his face still on the table.

"I am still waiting to hear how the vehicles I made for you are working, I still have not received a report on how the one I made that flies has been working" she gives him a look that he knows means trouble when he lifted his head up and looked at her and realizing something is up as she is in adult form..

Standing up quickly scratching his head nervously" Well it ran great since I last used it, so its all good"

Washu gives him the your hiding something " Well lets go outside so I can do a diagnostic myself" she says as she grabs Ranmas arm and drags him outside followed by Sasami, Ayeka, Ryoko and the cabbits.

"Well you see its going to be difficult to do that as I left it back at my house, but I assure you its running perfectly fine" Ranma gets very nervous and is sweating as he slowly backs away from Washu.

Pulling out her computer Washu begins typing " No problem I will access the on board computer telling it to engage all ECMs then fly here so I can take a look at it"

Ranma gets pale and nervously looks around for a escape route and seeing very few options

"Well while you do that I need to take care of a few things so I will be back later" he starts to walk away when he is grabbed by the back of his pants

"Hold on there mister, according to my computer that vehicle has been offline for days now and according to the system logs from the black box I installed in it, there was massive damage done, hull breaches, ECM failure, multiple other systems damaged, and..." She got wide eyed at the last part as she looked at him.

"Get in my lab right now mister!" she gave him a very stern look that scared everyone as she points to the house while looking at Ranma.

"I really don't see why I need..."

"NOW!" she yells making everyone jump and Ranma disappears. She looks at Ryoko "You follow him and show him to the med lab and make sure he stays there or I will punish you as much as he will be.

"Washu what happened to uncle Ranma to make you so mad" Sasami asked who was standing slightly behind her big sister after Washu yelled like she did.

"What he did was his reckless flying damaged the ECM which failed when he got back into Japanese airspace the JSDF picked him up and they shot up the car and your Uncle took a bullet to his shoulder"

Ayeka and Sasami gasp at the news "Is Lord Ranma going to be OK Little Washu?" Ayeka asks

"He is OK for the moment, as for when I get done with him that remains to be seen, I will talk to you later" She ends the conversation and heads into her lab after placing a Do Not Disturb sign on the outside of the door.

"Oh dear I better warn Tenchi about this" Ayeka says as she heads to the stairs leading to the shrine leaving Sasami sitting on the porch with the cabbits in her lap trying to comfort the distraught girl.

Inside Washus' Lab

A angry woman is something any sane man would avoid at all costs, preferably by not making the woman mad at him in the first place and for Ranma he would rather face a hundred Akanes with mallets than the furious Redhead in front of him.

One would think that Washu was mad about the car she created being destroyed and Ranma hiding that fact from her was the reason, unfortunately for him it was not. The real reason is that he had been injured and she had missed out on taking care of him when she had the perfect nurses outfit for such the occasion. With a promise that next time he got seriously injured he would come to her for help and to let her run some tests on him later Ranma was allowed to leave the lab.

After leaving the lab Ranma decided to go visit Katsuhito up at the shrine to ask some questions about his mother and other family members, once he climbed the stairs he followed the sounds of someone practicing and came upon Tenchi and his grandfather sparing with bokkens, Watching them from the treeline he was analyzing each move they made as he usually does with martial arts breaking down the moves, looking for ways to counter them in armed and unarmed combat.

"That is enough for today Tenchi, time for your chores, I feel you uncle wants to talk with me" Katsuhito says as he looks to his left.

Tenchi looks as well "Uncle Ranma! When did you get here?" he greets with a big smile

"I arrived where I am currently standing a few minutes ago" Ranma responds in a playful manner making Katsuhito chuckle as Tenchi groans

"I meant when you arrived at the front gate to the property" Tenchi explains his question better.

"Oh, well that was a few hours ago, I would have been here sooner but between Ayeka and Sasami giving some interesting information about Jurai and Washu being mad at me took a while for me to get away."

Tenchi and Katsuhito gulp in apprehension at the thought of a pissed off Washu. "What did you do to make her mad at you?" Tenchi asks

Ranma scratches the back of his neck in embarrassment " I kinda damaged the Lamborghini systems making it seen by the military who decided to attempt to shoot me down."

"So Washu got mad because you car got shot up? She never got mad at Mihoshi for breaking her ship" Tenchi ponders aloud while scratching his head.

"Nope she was mad that I was injured and did not come to her to get fixed up, mentioned something about wearing a new nurses outfit, being strapped to a table and dew on a lily? No idea what the connection to those are" Ranma shakes his head in confusion not noticing Tenchi go pale while Katsuhito chuckles as he heads back to the shrine.

"What ever you do don't let get you into her med lab, trust me I have been there, if it wasn't for Mihoshi .." Tenchi body shudders

Ranma walks up and puts a hand on his nephews shoulder " I understand, I had times like that when I was in Nerima, and don't worry about Washu, you just got to know how to placate her."

Tenchi looks at Ranma and smiles "Thanks"

"Now you better get started on your chores before your grandfather gets cranky" Ranma says as he heads to the shrine.

"Come in" Katsuhito says in response to Ranma knocking on the sliding door he enters and sits at the table. "Tea?" Ranma nods his head, "I have some questions for you if its not to much trouble"

Katsuhito finishes serving the tea and takes a sip "Questions no doubt pertaining to what Ayeka told you about Jurai and your family."

"Among other things as well, like about this tree bonding she mentioned, what my status is back home what I will be doing if I stay there." Ranma finished while sipping some of his tea.

"Hmm well the tree bonding is a ceremony all Jurian Royalty go through, the tree is a sentient being that will become your partner, friend and controls and powers your own ship which has a huge subspace living area with trees, plants animals where you can have a house built"

"But I already have a ship I live on I don't need another and I have Kou for a partner so there's no need"

Katsuhito ponders this a moment before shaking his head " That may be true but considering your mother she will insist and believe me when she wants something done it happens, the more you fight it the worse she will be."

Ranma sighs, "I don't like it but Kou seems to from what I am getting from our link" he taps a hidden button on his bracer "Kiva did you catch all what was said?"

"Yes I did, and I have my doubts, what if you decide you like your new ship compared to me? Will I be mothballed or put in storage?" Kiva voices her opinion with a hint of sadness

"I would never do that! Besides Washu has a few ideas she will be working on about getting you a humanoid body until then she can at least download you to my bracer computer while she gives the Chimera a much needed overhaul." Replies back with a growling in his voice " I would never abandon you like that"

"Sorry Admiral, I guess I am taking the protective big sister role more now that you back"

"Its OK Kiva, we are family and we have been looking after each other a long time, is going to take us both some time to get use to not being alone anymore."

"Understood little Brother"

"I will be up later to get you situated into Washus subspace dry dock, to unload all supplies, and empty the remaining hanger of ships, before the overhaul and refit so have the droids bring a couple of storage lockers to my quarters for me to pack my stuff." Ranma terminates the connection before looking to Katsuhito.

"Sorry about that, so what is involved with the tree selection ceremony?"

Katsuhito sips his tea for a moment "You will be brought to the arboretum inside Tenju the largest tree on the planet and is also the Royal Palace where you will enter with three representatives of the Royal House as witnesses and you will be selected by one of the trees themselves to be partnered with."

"How is the selection done?" Ranma asks while taking a sip of his now cold tea with a grimace.

"One of the trees will call out to you using telepathy" Katsuhito chuckles at the look on Ranmas face.

"So not only would I have Kou but a sentient tree talking to me in my head?" Ranma slumps "And they say talking to the voices in your head is a sign of being crazy"

Katsuhito chuckles in amusement, "Considering your life till now did you really expect to have a quiet life?"

Ranma shakes his head, Not really, but I admit and will deny later saying this but I am scared of meeting my mother and sisters"

Katsuhito raises a eyebrow "There is nothing wrong with admitting a fear in something or someone but why would you feel this way about them? They are your family after all "

"They are my birth family yes but look at it from my perspective, I don't know them personally, the family I remember and grew up with and I am not referring to that bastard panda, the ones who raised me as their own son."

Ranma took a long sip from his tea that Katsuhito had refilled "The Katsus' were my family they raised and loved me as their own. I should have died with them the day of the fall but I was spared"

"What is my birth mother going to think of me? I am a bitter old soldier whose been on duty for thousands of years, I now can change sexes at will and thanks to Genma I am no longer fully Jurian."

Katsuhito rubs his chin in thought," You think all those things will make your mother not love you then you are wrong."

He raises a hand to keep Ranma from interrupting " From what I know your mother was devastated losing you, she had half of Jurai and the GP looking for you in the hopes of getting you back."

"But that was when I was a baby, before I became what I am today, she will probably disown me as her son just for what I did to the Amazons in China" Ranma slumps and covers his face with his hands.

"What did you do?" Katsuhito asked with concern plainly clear in his voice

"I tried to reason with them, but they were just so damn stubborn to the point of absolute stupidity that I had no choice!"

"What did you do?" was asked again by his host with more force in his voice

Ranma raised his head from his hands with glowing eyes "I wiped them out! The whole village is gone! They pushed me to my breaking point I just wanted to be left alone, I wanted nothing to do with them at all but to them I was already theirs, nothing but a piece of meat to use to make more arrogant Amazons!"

"Taking a life is never the answer for once you do there is no taking it back, are you sure you tried everything to reason with them?"

"They were as set in what their goals as Kagato was with his" Ranma replied with anger causing Katsuhito to jerk back in shock.

"Yes I know about him, I have read about him from Washus' files in her lab as well as talked to Ryoko, and the others about him. The Amazons were almost identical to him in tenacity of their goals"

"To the Amazons I was their Ryoko especially after Saffron, I was a weapon and they wanted my genes mixed with theirs to make themselves stronger, no matter what. They used pressure points, dangled useless cures for my curse, potions,threats and magics to get what they wanted, Me."

Finishing off the rest of his tea he continues "You saw how they acted on the ship that day, I revealed I was not even human and with the ship I have I could easily wipe anything on the planet out of existence and still they did not back off. From scrolls I obtained from their village they had planned on kidnapping people I cared about as hostages to get to me,if that had failed they were obstacles and they kill anyone they see that way since after I defeated Saffron."

Katsuhito pondered this for a time while Ranma sat with his eyes closed trying to calm down and failing, as he could not even use the Soul of Ice he was so upset.

Ranma gets up and bows to his host "Thank you for the tea and your time, I am feeling like being alone right now" with that he exits and walks into the woods in the direction of the temples tree.

From the bushes near by Sasami and the cabbits had been eavesdropping on the conversation and was saddened to hear her uncle in so much pain and loneliness. Tsunami thru Sasami was determined to help heal him.

For hours Ranma had been wandering around the woods walking, phasing through trees and occasionaly flying over the tree tops before coming upon the tree that he found out about from his nieces as being the tree that had belonged to his nephew Yosho. Being near the tree he can feel that it is watching him and slowly walks forward while closely watching for a reaction that does not come even as he is close enough to reach out and touch it. Minutes went by with him standing under the tree waiting before raising his hand towards the tree stopping just before touching it. Reaching out with his senses he detects no danger or emotion only a sense of calming peace, resting his hand on the tree he feels a surge of emotions.

"Whoa" he says removing his hand and steps back looking up into the tree top full of leaves before turning around with a sigh and decides to find Ryoko to spar with to improve his new abilities, not noticing the compact beam of light shoot skyward from the tree.

The next day after the Chimera was brought into Washus' subspace dry dock Ranma spent off loading everything not bolted down like the ordnance, ships still in the launch bay and supplies in storage. He was in his quarters packing his personal effects in his stuff space, while Washu was scanning the ship down to the wiring from the bridge using a combination of the ships and her labs scanners and between her and Kiva the assessment is not good. Ranma had just grabbed the last weapon off the wall above his desk when his bracer beeped.

"Whats up Kiva?" he responds as he puts the weapon in stuff space.

"Washu and I have completed the scans of the Chimera and the results are not good" Kiva answers in a despondent tone.

"I will be right there" Ranma says as he walks out and heads to the bridge in a fast walk with a sense of dread.

Back in Nerima

Kasumi, Nabiki, Akane and Nodoka was sitting at the table discussing what to do about Mr. Tendo.

"I still cant believe you wont get dad out of jail Nabiki!" Akane fumed while glaring at her sister

Nabiki just looks at her with a bored look "I will not waste any of my time or money getting our father out because he clearly broke the law trying to break Genma out."

"Its all that perverts fault daddy is in jail!'

"Akane!" Kasumi spoke with a hint of anger in her voice and frowning at her younger sister "Ranma had nothing to do with fathers behavior and he was never a pervert like you always claim him to be."

Akane just sits there looking at her older sister in shock

"Kasumi is correct, and it is unbecoming a lady to falsely accuse someone of perversion and wrongdoings without proof" Nodoka voiced her opinion of the situation.

"The first day he was here he saw me naked in the bathroom!" Akane answered smugly

"Oh my! I remember that day, we had thought Ranma was a girl and you walked in on her eh him." said Kasumi

"Before you go off on your whole boys are perverts rant all the other times that nudity was involved most of them was accidents,caused by the chaos that use to go on around here and I will admit some of those times was my doing cause it was fun" Nabiki pointed out

"Nabiki! That was not very nice thing to do" came from Kasumi

"I know, I already apologized to the big lug and he forgave me and everyone else but Ryoga and you Akane"

"Like I care what that jerk thinks besides Ryoga is a better man than Ranma at least he is not a freak and a pervert."

Nabiki looks at her younger sister in disgust " Your a real piece of work you know that?"

"Whats that suppose to mean?" Akane glared getting angry.

"Who saved you all those times you were kidnapped, what abot the Chardins, Taro, Happosai,the Eight Headed Orochi and lets not forget Saffron?"

"Hmph its all Ranmas fault those happened"

Nabiki throws up her hands in the air " You know forget it, your as stubborn as that pig Ryoga you are perfect for each other always blaming Ranma for your own problems"

"Stop picking on Ryoga!" Akane yells as she jumps up mallet appearing in her hands to hit her sister.

The sound of a blade being drawn from its scabbard is heard a second before Akane feels cold steel against the back of her neck.

"Auntie?" Akane squeaks out is surprise letting go of her mallet which disappears in to thin air.

"You will sit down and be quiet young lady, I will not tolerate your violent behavior or your childish opinions towards Ranma anymore. You and that boy Ryoga have brought shame and dishonor to not only your family but mine and Ranmas as well."

"Why do you care about Ranma, he is not even your real son, your husband killed him and used that imposter instead!"


Akane stands in shock and looks at the person who slapped her. "Kasumi?" she whispered

"How dare you say that!" she says in barely restrained anger and with tears in her eyes, "That man honors Aunties son, and even after everything that has been done to him he still cares about her like they are still family! And to speak ill of the dead is rude and disrespectful."

Akane looks at her sister before snorting in disgust " He is still a perverted freak that is not even human so I don't care I have Ryoga and with Ranma gone everyone will see I am the the best martial artist not him!"

Nabiki shakes her head, Nodoka rolls her eyes and Kasumi glares harder at Akane before heading to her room and comes back out holding a framed picture and sets it on the table for everyone to see.

Nodoka drops her sword where it imbeds into the floor a couple inches "Kasumi is that who I think it is?"

Kasumi with a genuine smile nods her head " It is, he dropped it by for me before he went out of town"

Washus Lab- Drydock Area

Ranma steps onto the bridge of the Chimera to see Kiva and Washu waiting for him near the Captains chair.

"Ok I'm here so whats the bad news?"

"You better sit down for this Admiral" Kiva gestures to his chair which he sits in.

Washu brings up a floating cushion and sits down then brings up her computer and starts bringing up floating semi transparent windows showing various parts of the ship and schemtatics.

"To start with the superstructure of the ship is warped and twisted, the worst in near the engines which is at 37% of tolerable safe conditions. The engines themselves have stress fractures around the mountings, One of your reactors is running at 25% power and needs to be replaced and 7 capacitors throughout the ship are burned out.

Ranma looks at her in resignation of the news " In other words the Chimera is finished and is to be mothballed"

"More than likely, the damage is to extensive to repair, I recommend a new ship which I can easily make for you with the practice I have had with Mihoshi crashing hers all the time"

"Is there any chance she can be restored?" he looks at Washu hopefully. Her heavy sigh is his answer

"What about Kiva? Can she be safely removed from the ship? Washu smiles at him

"For the Greatest Scientist in the Universe thats childs play!" she starts cackling in a egotistical way

Ranma and Kiva look at each other and sigh before Ranma turns back to Washu "Can she be transferred into my bracer computer as its AI?

Washu stops laughing and looks at him with a calculating and serious look."Yes I could do that, I could also transfer her to another ship as its AI or even build a body for her and she could be both!"

"There is just one problem" Ranma says as he looks at her impatiently.

"Whats that?

"I don't have a working ship anymore!" Ranma yells in frustration slamming his hand on the arm of his chair.

Washu pouts and looks at him teary eyed " You would yell at a child like that? I am trying to help you know"

"That wont work with me Washu, I know your not a kid so you can cut the puppy dog look

"True" she says as she morphs into her adult form and sits in his lap and says in a sultry voice. "There is other ways I can convince you to see things my way" she emphasizes with a wiggle of her hips making him moan. Kiva giggles at the scene.

"P-p-please get up W-w-Washu," Ranma stutters while getting flushed and clenching his chair tightly.

"But you are so comfy and I have been so looking for a good man and I think you are perfect for me" She wiggles her hips again, Ranma groans again and closes his eyes his breathing becomes erratic.

"I-i-i thought you were interested in T-t-tenchi" he tries to reason and is losing as his iron clad control of certain parts of his body is failing which is noticed by the woman in his lap who grinds her hips some more before she leans closer to him and whispers in his ear.

"That was a passing fancy, he was more a guinea pig then anything else, besides I wont poach from my daughter. You on the other hand are open season so to speak but unlike others I wont force you to do anything but I will let you know right now that I am very interested in you." She looks into his eyes for a second then leans forward and gives him a scorching kiss on the lips.

Next thing she knows Washu finds herself sitting in the chair minus Ranma who had used his abilities to teleport away as she was kissing him. Kiva just stands a few feet away laughing while holding her sides.

Ranma is walking so fast he is almost running as he makes his way to the door leading out of Washus lab and back into the Maski house. "What the heck is wrong with me?" he thinks as he passes the medical area of the lab "I have never had this reaction before in my life" By this time he is sweating profusely while slightly hunched over to hid showing anything embarrassing to anyone he might run into. unknown to him the Succubus Essence is starting to affect him and the symptoms have only started and will continue to affect his libido a little more each time he gets excited. He makes it out of the lab and to the porch before he is crashed into by Mihoshi and falls onto his back with her on top with his face buried into her cleavage.

"Sorry Ranma!" Mihoshi says as she tries to sit up and ends up sitting on a certain part of Ranmas anatomy. "What the?" she looks down then back to Ranmas face "Someone is being a naughty boy!" she singsongs embarrassing him as by now several of the house residents have come to investigate the commotion

"Mihoshi get off of Lord Ranma, it is impolite to be sitting on him like that!" Ayeka yells at the blonde

Ryoko walks up and leans over to get a closer look, "i don't know, looks like they might both be enjoying this I say we leave them be and let them...Ack!" A hand grabs the front of her shirt and pulls her down further as she ends up looking into slate blue cat eyes that were glowing.

"Throw...me..into...the...lake" Ranma says in a stern voice as he lays there sweating profusely his whole body is shaking.

"Huh? Is Ryokos response

"NOW!" he says with a cat like growl. Ryoko shrugs her shoulders "Ok" she grabs Ranma by his shirt lifts him up spilling Mihoshi off of him onto her rear and hurls him towards the lake where he splashes in the center

"Ryoko why did you throw uncle Ranma into the lake?" Sasami asked from the kitchen window

"He told her to throw him!" Mihoshi cheerfully answered as she got up and went inside. Sasami just rolls her eyes "Well someone should tell him dinner will be ready soon"

"I'll go do it" Ryoko says flying off "Hes at the bottom of the lake anyways. Good thing he wont drown" she chuckles

"Ayeka could you go tell Washu dinner will be ready soon?"

Nodding her head she heads through the door to Washus lab, Mihoshi sits down to watch TV.

Ryoko finds Ranma standing on the bottom of the lake with his eyes closed moving around in slow motion in some type of weird looking dance. She watches him for a few minutes before he comes to a stop and opens his eyes and gives her a questioning look. She mimics with hand gestures eating and pointed to the surface he nods his head as they head to the surface.

"What was that dance you were doing?"Ryoko asks while they were walking on slowly flying back to the house

"T'ai chi ch'uan its a martial arts style I use to meditate and find my center when I am troubled" Ranma answered with a frown

"What about having me throw you in the lake? I know Mihoshi can have a affect on people but most of the time its fear, yours was more like how I get with Tenchi" She smirked at the last part.

Ranma shuddered at the images still running through his mind " She is not that bad, trust me I have seen worse, but what happened earlier was something that worries me."

"What do you mean?" Ryoko looks at him worried for her friend

"I started losing control of … a certain desire I have been repressing for a long time." Ranma gets flushed and looks up to the emerging night sky.

"I thought Tenchi was bad, man you are even worse than him" Ryoko laughs slapping him on the back

Ranma just grumbles as they enter the house where everyone is starting to sit down for dinner, Ryoko disappears to reappear next to Tenchi. Kou starts to follow him but he shakes his head at her and tells her thru their link to say and eat.

"Go ahead and start without me, I need a bath after my dip in the lake and I am not hungry anyways" He lied on the hunger part but he needed time to himself right now and would get that with everyone eating. After getting his bathing supplies from his room and change of clothes he headed to the floating onsen.

After scrubbing and rinsing off and putting a towel around his waist, Ranma lowers himself into the hot water. After a while Kou phased through the door and came hopping up and jumped into the hot water and started lazily swimming around.

"Have fun today?" Ranma asked while watching his partner swimming around

[Yes! Me and big sis explored the area and she taught me more of the abilities I can do.]

Ranma chuckles at the images he received from Kou before frowning in thought for a minute before his train of thought was broken as Kou climbed up onto his shoulder and licked his cheek.

[Whats wrong?]

Ranma reached over and pets Kou before leaning back against the rocks behind him and lets how a long sigh

Aboard a GP satellite orbiting Earth

Kenneth Barl is playing cards with Rajau when the proximity alarm goes off alerting them to something nearing the moon, moving to the monitors both cadets see two Jurian tree ships approaching on a vector to orbit above the Masaki residence. Kenneth scans the vessels and identifies the ships making his eyes get big in shock.

"Rajau. Send a coded transmission to GP headquarters and notify them that the Mikagami and Kyouko have arrived at earth" he tells his partner without looking up from the terminal.

"Right" Rajau types the message on his terminal and hits the send key " Message sent, I wonder why they are doing here" the Wau wonders out loud while looking at the monitors again.

"From what I heard there is a rumor that Lady Setos long lost son has been found alive, apparently he has been living here on earth for sometime now." Replied Kenneth

"You think that huge ship we saw not to long ago is connected to all this?"

Kenneth shrugs his shoulders " Probably, we will have to wait and see considering the database did not come up with any known match, If the rumors are true then I feel sorry for the poor guy look what she did to Seina ending up with eight wives imagine what she is going to do to her son"

Rajau and Kenneth both clap their hands twice and pray for the soul of the son of Lady Seto.

Back in the floating onsen Ranma gets a chill down his spine even though he is sitting in hot steaming water making him shudder. Taking the chill as a sign he decides to get out,dressed and head back to Washus lab. Fate and Chaos decided to remind him that they still are a part of his life as after he dropped off his bathing supplies in Tenchis room were he had his stuff and would be sleeping, as he was approaching the last set of stairs that lead to the living room Kou went running up past him at breakneck speeds.

"Kou?" he says as she runs past him

[RUN! There is a scary woman who tried squeezing me to death]

Ranma watches her disappear up the stairs with one eyebrow raised {I got a bad feeling} he thought before turning back forward to come face to face with a woman with blue hair the same as Sasami with red eyes two green dots on her forehead between her eyes in a green robe that he deduced from what he learned was Jurian. What made him nervous was the look on her face that made him realize that this must be the one Kou warned him about.

"Umm Hello"

Next thing he knew he was being squeezed in a glomp that would put a Amazon to shame. Thinking quickly as his ribs started to creak he teleported out of her grip and reappeared in the rafters next to Ryoko who was laughing at him.

"Who the heck are you lady!" Ranma growled in a cat like way at the woman who glomped him

"Lord Ranma meet Empress Misaki your sister and our mother" Ayeka informed him from her place next to a women with Green hair and Red eyes in Jurian robes and a regal aura about her.

"My Sister?!" Ayeka nods her head. Ranma falls off the rafter but flips in midair and lands on his feet

Ranma looks over to the woman next to Ayeka "Would you happen to be Lady Seto I have heard about?"

The woman steps closer to him with watery eyes "Yes I am, is it true? Are you really my son?"

"According to Washu I am , plus When I was found I had this on me" Reaching into his stuffspace he pulls out the bracelet with Kimiki on it and goes to hand it to her. Just as she touches the bracelet it starts pulsing back and forth between Seto and Ranma for several seconds then stops as the Kimiki letters flash three times rapidly.

Everyone witnessing this looked at the two waiting to see what would happen next with mixed feelings. Those who know Lady Seto did not expect the reaction that happened next. She grabbed Ranma in a hug similar to Misaki and started crying and wailing.


Apologies for taking so long with this chapter, had a lot going on during the summer.

Next chapter Ranma meets Noike and Mayuka and takes a trip to Jurai to meet the rest of his family